The Young Bucks Met With Triple H Five Times Before Forming AEW

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The Young Bucks Met With Triple H Five Times Before Forming AEW

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Just a couple of short years ago, Matt and Nick Jackson were propelling Ring of Honor to new heights and having fun doing it. Their unaffiliated indie show All In had been a huge success and they were ready to renegotiate. Talking with Fightful, the pair revealed that a lowball offer from the company forced them to reconsider their value and that it was WWE sending Triple H with an offer that really showed them what they were worth.

Matt: “When the validation came, basically for us to know we were right and our value was right, was our first offer Triple H made us. That’s when we looked at each other and said “holy crap,” how long have we been worth this much? It’s was almost like we weren’t insulted, we were just like wow.”

At the same time that Hunter was courting the team, All Elite was already forming in the background, but Matt said that it was still a very real possibility that they could have packed their bags for Stamford right alongside Kenny Omega.

“The things he said, the ideas he had. At times I told Nick, “man, maybe this is something we should at least consider.” There was a time when me, Nick, and Kenny, the three of us were all like “holy shit, I think we’re going to end up in WWE.”

Ultimately, while Triple H turned on the charm during what they recall as five separate negotiations, The Bucks turned him down every time and instead went on to create WWE’s biggest rival since the 90s. The team holds no ill will towards either ROH or WWE, but the end result that is AEW speaks for itself.

For more from the current AEW World Tag Team Champions, check out their full talk with Fightful embedded below:

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