The Young Bucks Defeat FTR To Become AEW Tag Team Champions

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The Young Bucks Defeat FTR To Become AEW Tag Team Champions

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Young Bucks came into their match tonight against FTR with a potential final shot at the AEW Tag Team Championships. In an incredible match between two of the biggest and best tag team duos in All Elite Wrestling, the Young Bucks came away with the win, finally taking down FTR to capture the titles.

Should The Young Bucks have lost tonight, they would have forfeited the chance to challenge for the belts again, but it never came to that. Late in the match, it came down to both Matt and Cash in the ring, and Matt was able to avoid a big springboard 450. Afterwards, Matt landed a huge superkick on Cash, knocking him down and out long enough for the win.

Both athletes are fighting through the pain all for the AEW World Tag Team Champions! #AEWFullGear

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) November 8, 2020

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Nick dives onto Cash on the entryway as Matt locks in a sharpshooter. Dax goes for the ropes but Nick kicks Dax’s hand. Nick locks in a sharpshooter on the outside on Cash. Matt’s knee finally gives out. Dax goes to tag Cash but he’s not in the corner. Bucks go for More Bang For Your Buck, but Dax frees himself only to be ganged up on further. BTE Trigger on Dax. A three count almost gets administered, but Wheeler rolls in for the save. Cash gets sent to the outside and Nick does an escalara dive onto hi. Matt slides in with a chair and Dax begs hi to hit him. Matt doesn’t but sets up for a Meltzer Driver. Cash breaks it up and powerbombs Nick through the doctor’s table. Dax hits a piledriver and covers, but Matt gets a foot on the ropes.

Soon after, Matt is locked in a Dax figure four, but Nick saves him with a 450 splash. Cover by Matt, but only two. A superkick by Cash.

It’s down to a bootless Matt and Cash. He downs Matt and Cash goes for a springboard 450 but Matt rolls out of the way. He hits a superkick and gets a pinfall to become the new champions.

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