The Young Bucks Beat The Inner Circle, Retain Tag Titles At AEW Revolution

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The Young Bucks Beat The Inner Circle, Retain Tag Titles At AEW Revolution

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Young Bucks kicked off AEW Revolution by defending their AEW World Tag Team Championship against Chris Jericho and MJF of the Inner Circle. The match was the culmination of a heated feud in which the challengers beat up “Papa Buck.”

With so much bad blood between the teams, it wasn’t surprising to see the Young Bucks immediately take the fight to their challengers.

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But the Inner Circle took control and grounded the champions for a few minutes. They isolated Matt Jackson and maintained their advantage by double-teaming him. But Matt rallied by dropping both men with a DDT. Nick tagged in and cleared house. He flipped off Jericho and took both challengers down with a bulldog/clothesline combination.

Later on, the Young Bucks paid tribute to the Motor City Machine Guns with a double-team neckbreaker. In one turning point, Jericho dropped Matt with a Tombstone and locked in the Liontamer on Nick. He locked Matt in the hold when the other Jackson tagged in, but he still couldn’t get the win.

MJF took a little too long to gloat, and it nearly cost him when Matt nearly put him away. In another near fall, Wardlow hit Matt, and MJF dropped the champion with a Heatseeker. For their part, the Jacksons nearly won the match at several points, too, and they finally pinned Jericho with the Meltzer Driver to retain the titles.

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