The Young Bucks Almost Waited Until Revolution For FTR Dream Match

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The Young Bucks Almost Waited Until Revolution For FTR Dream Match

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

In an interview on The Walkway to Fight Club podcast, The Young Bucks chatted up their recent dream match against FTR, specifically the timing of when it took place. Matt and Nick were initially hesitant to put on the match until fans returned, but as the global pandemic situation stretched on throughout the year, that seemed less and less likely to take place.

Matt: “Finally, it got to the point where it was like, ‘What are we waiting for? We can’t just keep waiting, and we can’t hold back. Because who knows, this can go another year. By the time we finally do it a year later, do people even care at that point?’ Do you know what I mean?

The call was Tony Khan’s to make, which led to the match occurring at Full Gear last month. The Bucks originally wanted to wait a few more months till Resolution and lengthen the build, but they were talked out of it, and for good reason.

Matt: “I think people will only remember the match for that, a love letter to tag team wrestling. You know, the build maybe could have gone a little bit longer (as) people said it was a little rushed. But again, I don’t think at the end of the day, nobody’s even gonna think about that. They’re just gonna think about the match. Nick made a great point. Nobody thinks about when Hogan and Rock wrestled (Wrestlemania 18), nobody thinks about the fact there was a diesel involved, and someone got killed. Nobody thinks about that. They think about the match they had. I’m not comparing our match to that match. I’m just saying two different matches, but nobody thinks about the delivery of the match. I think we stuck the landing.

Matt and Nick are the current AEW Tag Team Champions following Full Gear, and they’ll defend the championships against The Acclaimed this coming week at AEW Holiday Bash.

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Thanks to Steven Muehlhausen of Sporting News for the above podcast transcription!