The Wrestling Community Honors Eddie Guerrero on the 18th Anniversary of His Passing

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Eddie Guerrero tragically passed away on November 13, 2005, from acute heart failure due to underlying atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Monday marked the 18th anniversary of Guerrero’s passing, and several wrestling stars took to social media to pay tribute to the late WWE Hall of Famer.


You can check out some of the tribute posts below:

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Eddie Guerrero: Remembering a Wrestling Legend

On November 13, 2005, the wrestling world was devastated by the tragic passing of Eddie Guerrero. The beloved WWE Hall of Famer died from acute heart failure caused by underlying atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. This year marked the 18th anniversary of his untimely death, and fans and fellow wrestlers took to social media to pay tribute to the legendary performer.

Known for his charismatic personality, incredible in-ring skills, and his catchphrase “Viva La Raza,” Eddie Guerrero left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling. His legacy continues to inspire and influence wrestlers to this day.

Wrestling stars from various promotions shared their heartfelt tributes on Twitter. WWE on TNT Sports tweeted, “18 years since we lost Eddie Guerrero… Missed every single day. Viva La Raza.” This sentiment was echoed by many, highlighting the impact Guerrero had on their lives and the wrestling industry as a whole.

Bully Ray, a former TNA wrestler, shared a photo of the wrist tape he wore in tribute to Guerrero after learning of his passing. He wrote, “RIP and sigue caminando con dios mi amigo,” which translates to “Rest in peace and continue walking with God, my friend.”

Marc Mero, another former wrestler, remembered Guerrero as “one of the greatest” and shared a video of one of his favorite matches. He wrote, “Remembering the great Eddie Guerrero who passed on this day in 2005. One of the greatest! Forever missed.”

David Penzer, a wrestling announcer, reminisced about the road trips he shared with Guerrero. He described him as a fantastic guy with a fantastic heart and praised his wrestling skills, calling him one of the best of all time.

The Monsta, a wrestler known as Steve Mack, shared an emotional tribute. He expressed gratitude for the times he interacted with Guerrero and how much he cared about what he had to say. He ended his tweet by saying, “I wish he was still here.”

These heartfelt tributes from fellow wrestlers and fans alike demonstrate the lasting impact Eddie Guerrero had on the wrestling community. His passion, talent, and dedication to his craft continue to inspire new generations of wrestlers.

18 years may have passed since his untimely death, but Eddie Guerrero’s legacy lives on. His contributions to the world of professional wrestling will never be forgotten. As fans, we can continue to honor his memory by celebrating his accomplishments and cherishing the moments he shared with us in the ring.

Rest in peace, Eddie Guerrero. Viva La Raza!