The Undertaker’s In-Ring Days Are ‘Done,’ Would Support His Daughter Wrestling

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The Undertaker’s In-Ring Days Are ‘Done,’ Would Support His Daughter Wrestling

the undertaker

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Undertaker has been a legend in the world of professional wrestling for many years now. However, he says that he’s now pretty sure he’s finished with any in-ring performances.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview to discuss Escape The Undertaker on Netflix, the superstar was asked about whether or not he would be stepping back into the ring anytime soon. In perhaps a shocking answer, he said that he believes his time in the ring is over.

“As of this moment, yeah, my days in the ring are done, and it’s not because I don’t want to be in the ring, I mean, that is where I’ve spent most of my adult life, my whole life, really,” said The Undertaker. “More than half of my life has been spent in the wrestling or sports entertainment ring. So, in my mind, I still can see everything and, in my heart, you know, I want to be out there, but it’s just at a point where my body can’t deliver what my mind and my heart see. My body can’t deliver that and I just don’t want to cheapen the legacy of that character and I’d hate for people to pay money to see me work and be disappointed.”

The Undertaker was also asked about his nine-year-old daughter, who he said has the most love of wrestling out of all of his children. This resulted in a question about his daughter wrestling being asked, to which The Undertaker said that he would support her, but that they were some time away from ever having to think about it.

“I tell you what, I don’t know, I mean, if it’s in her heart and that’s what she really truly wants to do one day, I’ll do my best to coach her up and obviously her mom will too, but yeah,” said The Undertaker. “We’ll see what happens. We have a long way to go before actually worrying about that.”

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