The Undertaker Says He’s One Of The Original Paul Heyman Guys

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The Undertaker Says He’s One Of The Original Paul Heyman Guys

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Photo Credit: WWE Network

The Undertaker has made a lot of headlines lately, as The Phenom stated he has no desire to return to the ring. In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, The Undertaker reflected on his lengthy career. In the lengthy conversation, The Undertaker discussed Paul Heyman’s influence on his career and stated that he’s one of the original ‘Paul Heyman Guys.’

“Being a ‘Paul Heyman Guy,’ I’d heard that for years but never thought much about it,” said The Undertaker via Barrasso. “One day I realized, ‘Well shoot, I’m a Paul Heyman Guy.’”

The Undertaker recapped his work with Heyman in WCW. “First I was with Danny Spivey in WCW and we were the Skyscrapers, and Teddy Long was our manager,” said The Undertaker. “Danny left, and it was just me. That’s when they brought Paul into the company and put him with me. We traveled together and made all the towns together, and Paul really came to be a beneficial part of my career. Paul was friends with Bruce Prichard, and those two opened up a line of conversation about coming to the WWE.”

The Undertaker described how Heyman played a crucial role in his jump to WWE. “‘Paul played a pivotal part in keeping the lines of communication open with WWE,” said The Undertaker via Barrasso. “Paul was talking to Bruce Prichard, and Bruce was talking to Vince. Paul pushed Bruce, and I finally got that meeting with Vince. So hindsight being 20/20, I am one of the original ‘Paul Heyman Guys.’”

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