The Undertaker Reveals The Meaning Behind ‘The Unholy Trinity’

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The Undertaker Reveals The Meaning Behind ‘The Unholy Trinity’

The Undertaker, the star of WrestleMania 36’s memorable Boneyard Match, took to Instagram Live recently to talk with the owners of Nine Line Apparel, a clothing company he has ties to. They talked at length about many topics, including his unique contest at WrestleMania 36. Before the Boneyard Match, Taker told opponent AJ Styles that he was bringing the “Unholy Trinity” to back him up. Since Kane and the ghost of Paul Bearer didn’t show up, he obviously wasn’t being literal, but that statement did have a meaning, and he talked about it during the sitdown.

The Unholy Trinity that I referenced was The Deadman, The Badass, and then the man himself, Mark Calaway. It was the unification of all three entities into one person.

So, we didn’t exactly see the return of the American Badass in the Boneyard, but an amalgamation of all of Undertaker’s previous personas. I’ll leave Bray Wyatt and a future Firefly Funhouse to untangle what that means in terms of kayfabe.

You can see the full Undertaker interview in the unofficial archive video below:

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