The Undertaker Reflects on Dream Match with Sting: Discusses Intense Competition and Potential Outcome

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The Undertaker is very confident that he would have defeated his fellow WWE Hall of Famer Sting if the pair ever competed against each other.

On a recent edition of the “Wrestle Binge” podcast, the Phenom was asked what he thinks would have happened if he and the Icon ever went one-on-one. He said,


“I’d have killed him. He’d have got a Tombstone brother, he’s going out after I’d planted him.”

The Undertaker was also asked about Sting’s impending retirement and had nothing but praise for the Stinger. He said,

“Sting, congratulations man, on just a spectacular career. I mean just one true icon of our industry. He’s done everything, and like I said just the longevity of that character, just well done, and congratulations. I hope retirement is everything that you want it to be and you deserve everything you have.”

Sting and The Undertaker would never face off in WWE, but the pair did face off one time in WCW when the Deadman was working as Mark Callous.

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The Undertaker, one of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling, recently expressed his confidence in defeating fellow WWE Hall of Famer Sting if they ever faced each other in the ring. In a recent interview on the “Wrestle Binge” podcast, The Undertaker was asked about his hypothetical match against Sting and responded with a resounding assertion of victory.

“I’d have killed him. He’d have got a Tombstone brother, he’s going out after I’d planted him,” The Undertaker confidently stated. The Tombstone Piledriver is one of The Undertaker’s signature finishing moves, where he lifts his opponent upside down and drops them on their head.

Despite his confident remarks about defeating Sting, The Undertaker also had nothing but praise for his fellow wrestler’s impending retirement. He congratulated Sting on his spectacular career and described him as a true icon of the industry. The Undertaker acknowledged Sting’s longevity and the impact he has made throughout his career.

Although Sting and The Undertaker never faced off in WWE, they did have a match in WCW when The Undertaker was known as Mark Callous. This encounter remains a memorable moment for fans of both wrestlers.

The Undertaker’s comments have sparked discussions among wrestling fans about the hypothetical outcome of a match between these two legends. While it is impossible to determine the actual result, the speculation and excitement surrounding such a dream match continue to captivate fans.

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In conclusion, The Undertaker’s confidence in defeating Sting in a hypothetical match adds an intriguing element to the ongoing discussions among wrestling fans. While the match may never happen, the excitement and speculation surrounding it continue to fuel the passion of wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.