The Undertaker On His Relationship With Vince McMahon, Why He Never Left WWE

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The Undertaker On His Relationship With Vince McMahon, Why He Never Left WWE

The Undertaker says he has always enjoyed a good relationship with Vince McMahon and it’s one of the reasons he never left the company, even in the lean years.

Undertaker was the guest on Sunday night’s debut of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions and was talking about his loyalty to McMahon and says they started as employee / employer and it grew to a good friendship. Undertaker says Vince trusted him a lot with creative aspects of the character despite it being a Vince creation.

“It was originally his creative vision, but he gave me a lot of creative liberty with it. He trusted me when I felt like I needed to turn into the American Bad Ass,” Undertaker said, “he obviously must have felt it too. We’ve butted heads and things have been rough, but at the end of the day, our passion is the same. We want to put out the best product possible.”

The Undertaker also said he never thought of himself as a locker room leader, but it “just kind of happened” in a sense. He said he was there for everything, and Austin asked why he never left the company even when he might have had a chance to do so.

“I never forgot who gave me my first opportunity, and that was Vince. It’s probably not the most sound business decision,” Undertaker said, “but that’s who I am and if that ship went down I was going to go down with him. But I knew eventually it would turn.”

Check out the full episode at this link.

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