The Undertaker Exposes Why He Picked To Stay With WWE Rather Of Signing Up With WCW

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Throughout the mid-nineties, WWE experienced a loss of skill as lots of stars left for the greener pastures and decreased schedule of WCW. Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ted DiBiase, Sean Waltman, and Roddy Piper were amongst those who made the relocation with differing degrees of success. When asked by Ariel Helwani for BT Sport if he ever thought about signing up with the exodus, The Undertaker confessed that he did consider it due to the “outrageous characters” that were being showcased in WWE at the time. He stated,

” Yeah, type of through Kevin Nash. We remained in this time period where we had, and this type of amusing for me to state, however we had all these absurd characters. WCW was doing all this advanced things, however I believe, to address in the brief, no. Did I believe about it? Yeah. Did I have a chance to? Yeah.”

” My offer would have been turning up, however it was more disappointment with what we were presently doing, and simply seeming like we were stagnant and behind the times, and we were so kid-driven. Our market was nine-to-twelve-year-olds, and their market down in WCW was 18-34, 18-36 market, doing so a lot more advanced things.”

The Undertaker eventually chose not to leave WWE. He exposed that the words of previous WCW booker Ole Anderson contributed in his choice to remain. Anderson had actually informed The Deadman that he would never ever draw cash in wrestling as long as he was with WCW. This stuck to The Undertaker and sustained his decision to show Anderson incorrect.

” That was attractive, however there was never ever … despite the fact that it was totally various individuals, it was WCW that informed me that I ‘d never ever draw a penny in this organization. As much as I utilized that for fuel, as unbiased as I believe I am and as I’ve grown, you would believe like, ‘Okay, do not be foolish. Take the cash.’ That constantly hung out there. ‘You’re an excellent professional athlete. Nobody will ever pay cash to see you battle.’

” Thank goodness [they were incorrect] That was fuel, guy. That was fuel for me to offer whatever I needed to what I most likely believed was my last genuine go at something. I’ve had a couple of doors knocked in my face, however that a person truly stung since that’s where I wished to be. I wished to remain in WCW when I went there as Mean Mark, and after that to be informed, ‘Nah.’ Okay. Next action.'”

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