The Undertaker Discusses His Squash WrestleMania Match With John Cena

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The Undertaker just recently appeared on the Insight with Chris Van Vliet podcast to talk about a vast array of subjects, including his loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, and more.

You can take a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On his loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33: ” Yeah, so I was very batter. And, you understand, I had actually dabbled the concept of hanging it up. I understood it that year when I got to the Rumble, I wasn’t going to be all set, I wasn’t gon na be prepared for Mania, however I ‘d currently dedicated to the program. Didn’t understand that, didn’t understand what we were going to do yet, I felt in one’s bones that I was going to deal with Roman, and we arrived that day, and I resembled guy, I understood I remained in bad shape. And my hip, my best hip, which I had surgical treatment right after that, to have it, a Birmingham hip resurface done after that. You understand, it was simply the ideal thing to do. Not understanding if I was going to have the ability to return once again, and work any longer. There I was, he was on the, you understand, he was coming up, and he was going to be the face of the business, and it was the best thing to do. And I didn’t, you understand, I ‘d currently [lost], the streak had actually currently been beat, so it was the best thing to do organization smart, due to the fact that I didn’t, like I stated, I didn’t understand that I was going to return once again. I suggest that all that hat, the hat on the coat, all that being positioned in the ring was 100% genuine. At the end of it, I was done, which was my method of biding farewell. And yeah, it wasn’t, it wasn’t a strategy or staged thing. And after that I get my hip repaired, I get a call, and they desire me to deal with Cena. I’m like oh crap, guy. I trained, I understand I’ve offered you more than you asked for, however it was like, Okay, this is my possibility for redemption. Due to the fact that I was so simply, if you viewed The Last Ride, you understand how dissatisfied I remained in my efficiency, which I put myself because circumstance due to the fact that I simply could not physically get to where I required to be for Roman, and how essential that was. And simply as tough as I attempted, I imply I trained like a like an animal, however I suggest my hip simply, it simply, it held me back and I’m not making reasons, however that’s, that’s the degree of it. Now I’ve got a brand-new hip, and I’m like oh man, and it’s Cena and I was like, oh crap. Vince called me and stated what do you believe? And I resembled I do not understand, I do not, I have not actually, I’ve rehabbed my hip and I’m exercising once again, however I had no strategies of returning in the ring. Therefore, I stated, provide me, provide me a couple of weeks. I get a ring delivered down here to Texas, and I lease a location and I construct this, I put the ring in this structure, and I begin training and lo and behold, I can move once again. Most likely the hardest that I’ve ever trained, not ever I trained, however the hardest I’ve been able to train in most likely 10 years. And I was prepared, guy. I was, my cardio, I trained for like a 45 minute [match]”

On the John Cena match at WrestleMania 34 being much shorter than he believed it would be: ” Yeah, I didn’t understand it was gon na be brief till I arrived that day. I’ve trained for a 45-minute war, right, and all right, here’s redemption. I’m gon na, guy, I am going to light this put on fire, I felt great. And Vince calls me into his workplace and he goes fine, he states it’s simply gon na have to do with 5 minutes, you understand, you’re gon na squash him. I’m like, what? What? And, you understand, Vince, he simply believed that was the funniest [thing], due to the fact that he understood how tough I ‘d been training. I imply, he, and I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I stated, I’m going. I stated, I’m doing 30 or I’m not heading out. And he’s like, Mark, that’s not what we require. And I’m like no Vince, I resembled, Where’s John? Where’s he at? John comes in he goes, Oh no. He goes I talked mad smack about you dude. Yeah, you require to beat me fast and get this over with. I’m like are you joke me? It’s like we’ve never ever dealt with pay-per-view are you [severe] And this is WrestleMania, provide me a break here. And they both, they joined forces against me. I was lastly, I tossed my hands up. I resembled, I can’t think [it], and Vince simply believed that was the funniest thing since like I stated, I trained like an animal, I was so intolerable in your home. I suggest, as far as my diet plan and the training and simply all my procedures of you understand recover, rehabilitation, I was a headache. I arrive and yeah, 5 minutes. And it resembled that was it.”

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