The Undertaker Calls Triple H The ‘Most Metal’ Wrestler In The Business

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The Undertaker Calls Triple H The ‘Most Metal’ Wrestler In The Business

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Photo Credit: WWE Network

The Undertaker recently spoke with Loudwire about a variety of topics including what wrestler is the “most metal.” His answer? Triple H.

“I’m gonna go with… which a lot of people probably don’t get… but I’m gonna go with Triple H,” ‘Taker said. “Especially now that he’s Mr. Corporate and all that, you kind of lose that, but he’s a big metalhead. Funny enough, we’d always talk a little bit about music. He’d always have really good stories about Lemmy [Kilmister of Motorhead] that I’d just laugh at. We’ve been friends for a long time, we’ve had lots of discussions about ring music and entrances and things of that nature. When it comes to metal, he’s definitely my go-to guy.”

He also discussed using Metallica during his Boneyard match:

It was pretty cool, man. I thought it was the perfect song for the perfect night. Obviously, we rolled the character back a little bit. Wasn’t completely back to American Bad Ass, so there were so many elements of the original Undertaker and American Bad Ass and Mark Calaway. They were all kind of rolled in together. I thought the song really put the bow on the whole thing, of tying all three together. It was definitely the right choice of music for that night.

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