‘The Survey Says’ Special: FTR On The Jim Cornette Experience Audio Review

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‘The Survey Says’ Special: FTR On The Jim Cornette Experience Audio Review

The Survey Says

Artwork: Bill Pritchard

On this special episode of The Survey Says, WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo breaks down the entire interview between FTR and the ever-polarizing Jim Cornette. The two parties talk plenty including:

  • FTR’s tenure in NXT and their chemistry with American Alpha.
  • How Vince McMahon would forget their promo ability.
  • Triple H wanting to keep them around.
  • Their budding feud with The Young Bucks.
  • What Cody Rhodes said that really pissed them off.
  • Their relationship with Tony Khan and their contract status.
  • The possibility of Cornette managing them for a time or two.

How much of it all was storyline based and what was legitimate? Where could this all lead to for some entertaining wrestling television? Tune into the full 30-minute recap to get Dominic’s take.

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WrestleZone · “The Survey Says…” Special: FTR’s Appearance On The Jim Cornette Experience

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