The Street Profits’ Year Was One Big Fun Blur: We Got That ‘Ninja Turtles’ Swag On

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The Street Profits’ Year Was One Big Fun Blur: We Got That ‘Ninja Turtles’ Swag On

Street Profits Montez Ford Angelo Dawkins

Photo Credit: WWE

The Street Profits have found their swag after some very intriguing hijinks being a main focal point on RAW, but now they have basically one year of main roster madness under their World Tag Team belts (whichever brand that may be under).

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins both spoke with Ryan Satin of FOX Sports about their wild and crazy year as part of the red brand. Some quotes from the interview are below:

RS: How have you felt about your first year on the main roster?

MONTEZ: It’s been undescribable, man. Absolutely.

One of the main things we always talk about is we just thank God for the fact that we put in so much time and work to really see it relish right before our eyes and everything.

Also to go through the journey together. That’s a-whole-nother concept in itself. Yeah, the first year has just been wild.

And even now, with Survivor Series coming up, with us facing The New Day, it’s just all these opportunities that are being presented for us to really show the world who we really are.

For us, that’s been a blessing in itself.

So yeah, the first year has been wild, man.

DAWKINS: Yeah, the first year has been one big blur. One big fun blur!

RS: I can imagine. You guys have been there during one of the craziest years in WWE, obviously, because of the pandemic and crowds vanishing. Even with that happening, though, you’ve continued to have a great year. Dawkins, how do you feel you’ve grown as a performer in that time?

DAWKINS: Honestly, I just loosened up and gotten out of my shell a bit more.

I’m always laid back, but sometimes my laid back-ness can kinda take over a little bit more. Which is kind of a bad thing for me. Now I just kinda take it up to one-hundred.

Even though I’m laid back, I’m much goofier now.

I feel like I’m just hitting a stride.

I don’t know if you guys noticed on Twitter like last month, I was on a big Clippers slander spree. So I was like all on that. I just started clowning around and doing what I usually do outside of here.

Even though I know I’m laid back always, but I just had to get out of my shell a lot more now that we’re being seen by a bigger audience and stuff like that. I don’t have to be as hidden.

RS: Another thing you guys had happen during your time on Raw, that I feel like fans were kind of split on, and that’s a lot of the stuff you guys did with the Vikings Raiders like your match at Backlash and the “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” series. What did you guys think about all of that?

DAWKINS: Man, that was fun.

MONTEZ: That was fun to us. We had a blast.

Those are our guys, man. Those are our boys. The fact that we were able to still provide entertainment under the harshest conditions, that in itself was like … wow!

The fact that we were able to still create magic in like the harshest conditions, I’m blessed and fortunate that we were the ones able to do that. That’s another opportunity me and Dawks talk about.

Here’s the opportunity to take everybody’s mind off everything during these times, during these events. And we took full advantage of it.

We had a blast. The decathlon. Everything.

DAWKINS: C’mon, man! We fought ninjas!

RS: I was gonna get to the ninja part because that was definitely wild. What were your reactions when they first told you about the whole ninja motorcycle gang thing?

DAWKINS: When they brought it up to us, I was like, “Oh yeah. I’m about to get my Casey Jones on real quick. We bout to get that Ninja Turtles swag on real quick.”

It was funny cause when that happened, right before that I freaking speared Ivar through the glass window in front of the PC. Which I was looking forward to!

But yeah, getting to fight some ninjas though?! C’mon man! We got to show off our little version of Avengers: Endgame. Our little Ninja Turtle game going!

RS: You guys just got drafted to the A-show, SmackDown on FOX. When did you find out this was happening and what were your initial thoughts?

MONTEZ: Was it day of, Dawks?

DAWKINS: Day of, yup.

MONTEZ: Yeah. Day of.

The first thing we were thinking was like, hey, what’s gonna happen with the tag team situation? Because when you get drafted as Raw Tag Team Champions, so now you go to SmackDown. So what’s gonna happen with that?

It was cool just going through the process of, like, what’s really next?

DAWKINS: What was funny was when they said we were going to SmackDown, I was like, “Oh, so we’re gonna have to go up against New Day for the Raw Tag Team Championships and we gotta go up against New Day for the SmackDown Tag Championships?”

Lo and behold, a full circle, two weeks later …

It was inevitable.

RS: What were your thoughts regarding swapping the titles? I feel like a lot of wrestling purists were against it.

MONTEZ: What the hell they think happened with Ted DiBiase when Andre the Giant won the title for him? What’s the difference?

Andre the Giant pinned Hulk Hogan, then said, “You know what? Ted DiBiase is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Boom.”

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