The Street Profits Discuss Their Upbringings, Their Journeys To WWE And More

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The Street Profits Discuss Their Upbringings, Their Journeys To WWE And More

On the most recent episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, former NXT Tag Team Champions the Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) discussed their upbringings, their journeys to WWE and more.

Angelo Dawkins on his long stay in NXT:

Dawkins: “Watching people that came in 2015, 16, 17, go straight up to RAW, the majority of those dudes have been doing this for a while, like before they even got here. They’ve travelled the world, they’ve wrestled countless, like a bunch of matches, they have all this experience and everything, they already kind of got it figured out, so when they got here, they were like, ‘oh yeah, y’all are ready to go up.’ It was like, they have that experience for a reason and they see that in them for a reason. Me, anytime that happened and I saw it, there would be people who would get mad but me, it kinda sucked but at the same time I was like, yo, they did all that. The furthest I ever travelled was like Arizona for a bowl game so…I always had to put things in perspective because if you don’t, it’ll drive you crazy around here.”

“Granted, I’ve been here longer than everybody here at the PC, going on seven years…the day before we go live. Crazy part about it was, I didn’t really start actually doing mediocre okay until [my] fifth year here because I was still learning and I’m still learning now but I’m a lot more comfortable doing everything than I was when I first walked in. ”

Montez Ford on his relationship with Bianca Belair

Ford: “It’s everything, it’s like we’re going through the same experiences together, the same successes together….It’s amazing. I’m truly blessed. She’s amazing. She even made this gold cup for me, the gold glove that I wear, she made that. She does it all… She’s the best. I love her to death.”

Dawkins on their team dynamic:

Dawkins: “It’s just the rapport, we’ve already been cool for so long that it was pretty easy just to mesh. Now, finding moves that correlate , that’s a little bit different. But us talking, very easy. But our movements are very different, I’m athletic but he can out-jump me in any aspect possible.”

You can listen to the full episode below:

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