The Rock Arrives At The WWE Performance Center For The First Time (Video)

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The Rock Arrives At The WWE Performance Center For The First Time (Video)

The Rock

(Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for HBO)

The Rock wanted to make certain that WWE trainees were “clangin’ and bangin'” and putting the work in. WWE just shared the video of “The People’s Champ” showing up at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando to check in on the status of his newly recruited daughter, Simone and to instill some sage wisdom to the other wrestlers while he electrified his home state of Florida. The Rock talked about stepping foot for the first time in the facility and how rewarding it was to see the desire in his daughter’s eyes as well as the other students and wrestlers in attendance.

“I had not had the opportunity to come down to the Performance Center before. I remember talking to Triple H years ago when the brainchild of this whole thing was being put together and he was so excited about it then as the company obviously was too as well, so it’s very gratifying for me to come and see not only the Performance Center, which is really spectacular, but also, it’s really gratifying to see a lot of the young men and women here who are really putting in the hard work to succeed in a business that is in my blood and that I love.”

The over two minute video is below.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has finally arrived at the WWE Performance Center. The Rock had the opportunity to spend time with his daughter, new WWE PC recruit Simone Johnson, and speak to all of the NXT Superstars.

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