The Potential Link Between Pre-Match Eating and Heart Attacks, According to Jake Roberts

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On a recent edition of his “The Snake Pit” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts discussed his preparation for matches, the career of Terry Taylor, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his preparations before matches: “I didn’t eat before a match. That’s very dangerous. You can have a heart attack that way. Oh, yeah, that’s why they tell you don’t don’t swim after you’ve eaten. It’s not that you’re going to drown because you’re tired or anything. It’s because if you eat, blood goes to your stomach to help digest it. So it’s pulling blood from there. So now you don’t have enough for your ticker? That’s how Ted Dibiase’s dad died. He’d eaten a heavy meal. And he went into the ring and died. I’ll usually smoke a cigarette.”

On why Terry Taylor never got the right opportunity: “Yeah. I don’t know, man. Attitude? He’s got a pompous attitude that comes across that way.”

On Taylor allegedly leaking information to the dirt sheets: “I don’t doubt it. I mean, what the hell? Somebody’s gotta do it.”

On whether any journalist has asked him to leak information: “No. To kick their ass the next time I see them, just for thinking that I would do it [his reaction to them if they did]. How far does that take you? [leaking information].”

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In a recent episode of his podcast “The Snake Pit,” WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts shared insights into his preparations before matches, discussed the career of Terry Taylor, and addressed the topic of leaking information to wrestling dirt sheets.

When it comes to his preparations before matches, Roberts revealed that he would not eat prior to a match due to the potential risks. He explained that eating before physical activity can divert blood flow to the stomach for digestion, leaving less blood available for the heart. Roberts cited an example of Ted Dibiase’s father who tragically died after eating a heavy meal and then entering the ring. Instead of eating, Roberts admitted that he would usually smoke a cigarette as part of his pre-match routine.

Moving on to Terry Taylor, Roberts expressed his thoughts on why Taylor never received the right opportunity in his wrestling career. He suggested that Taylor’s attitude, which came across as pompous, might have played a role in limiting his opportunities. While Roberts didn’t delve into specific incidents or examples, he hinted at Taylor’s attitude as a potential factor.

Roberts also addressed rumors of Taylor leaking information to wrestling dirt sheets, which are publications that report insider news and rumors within the industry. Although he didn’t confirm the allegations, Roberts didn’t doubt the possibility either. He acknowledged that someone has to leak information, implying that it happens within the industry.

When asked if any journalist had approached him to leak information, Roberts responded with a firm denial. He expressed his disdain for the idea and stated that if anyone were to ask him, he would react by wanting to “kick their ass” for even thinking he would participate in such activities. Roberts questioned the effectiveness and value of leaking information, suggesting that it doesn’t lead to significant benefits in the long run.

For fans interested in hearing more from Jake Roberts, he shared a link to his podcast episode titled “The Snake Pit Ep. 49: Ask Jake Anything 13.” The episode can be found on YouTube, where Roberts answers questions from fans and provides further insights into his wrestling career and experiences.

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In conclusion, Jake Roberts’ podcast episode covered various topics including his preparations before matches, Terry Taylor’s career, and the possibility of leaking information to wrestling dirt sheets. With his experience and perspective as a WWE Hall of Famer, Roberts provided interesting insights into these aspects of the wrestling industry.