The Perspective of Jake Roberts on the Controversial Practice of Cockfighting

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Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently took to “The Ten Count” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including some of the strangest places he’s wrestled over the course of his career.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On the strangest place he’s wrestled: “Top of a department store in Tokyo. We were about 25 floors up, so it was pretty odd. To make it even crazier, there was only like 12 people there for a whole wrestling show. Then at the end of it, I found out that the owner of the building has requested a show for himself and family, and he paid for it, so they did it.”

On his other pick for the strangest place he’s wrestled: “I’ve got one more. It was in a cockfighting compound. Yeah, literally, whenever you came up on this place, it was out in the sticks. When you come up on it, there was a large crow’s nest with automatic weapons in it. It was well-guarded. Cockfighting is pretty crazy sh*t, man. It was really weird because at intermission, they raffled off a shotgun and shells.”

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Jake “The Snake” Roberts, a legendary professional wrestler, recently appeared on “The Ten Count” podcast and shared some interesting stories about the strangest places he has wrestled throughout his career. These unique locations provide a glimpse into the unconventional world of wrestling.

One of the most peculiar places Roberts mentioned was the top of a department store in Tokyo. He described how they were situated about 25 floors up, which made it an unusual setting for a wrestling show. Adding to the oddity, there were only around 12 people in attendance for the entire event. However, Roberts later discovered that the owner of the building had requested a private show for himself and his family, and he had personally paid for it. This unexpected turn of events made the experience even more surreal.

Another bizarre location Roberts wrestled in was a cockfighting compound. He explained that when approaching the venue, it was located in a remote area and heavily guarded. The compound had a large crow’s nest with automatic weapons, emphasizing the intense security measures in place. Roberts found it particularly strange because during intermission, they held a raffle for a shotgun and shells. This combination of violent entertainment and weaponry created an unsettling atmosphere.

These anecdotes from Jake Roberts shed light on the unconventional venues that professional wrestlers sometimes find themselves performing in. It highlights the diverse range of experiences they encounter throughout their careers. From department stores in Tokyo to cockfighting compounds, these stories showcase the unique nature of the wrestling industry and the lengths performers go to entertain their audiences.

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