The ‘Old Bucks’ vs. Chiefs: Arn Anderson Gives His Super Bowl LV Predictions

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The ‘Old Bucks’ vs. Chiefs: Arn Anderson Gives His Super Bowl LV Predictions

Arn Anderson

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Arn Anderson sure knows what it’s like being a champion and is ready to see a new NFL team get crowned one tonight during Super Bowl LV. On the most recent edition of ARN with Conrad Thompson, “The Enforcer” gave his prediction as to who he thinks will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the evening.

“All indications point to Tampa Bay that this is just their year,” Arn stated, who believe there’s a lot more at play than just what’s going on between the sidelines. “I look at things differently. I look at the human side of things and I look at maybe God put everything, all the pieces together that this is just their year. It’s supposed to be their year, but when you got a guy like Tom Brady who switches teams after all the years and all the success that he’s had already. At this point in his career to make a move to Tampa and then them to put a couple of pieces down there that have kind of been under the radar, but Gronkowski’s a hell of an addition. That’s front page news and you have a coach that’s gonna give you the leeway that he’s given Tom Brady and to see him just settle in over the pandemic and be able to even spend any time with Antonio Brown and the acquisitions that he’s had and all the new players, that wasn’t possible.”

Being a the owner of six Super Bowl rings, Tom Brady sure gets a lot of fire thrown his way, but Arn believes many fans got to see more of the person behind the pewter helmet during these NFL Playoffs.

“The real tell-tale sign for me is everybody hates the winner: everybody hates the Yankees, everybody hates the Patriots because they just win all the time. People hate the guy that wins all the time. When Tom Brady took the time to stay in the Super Dome and wait for Drew Brees on what was probably and possibily (who knows) his last game and spend that time out on the field and throwing passes to his kids and all the things that humanized Tom Brady in a level you’ve never seen him before.

“All the things that lead for you not liking him for me, he became a human being that day. And you may never ever in the history of sports have two pro quarterbacks who have enjoyed the careers that he and Drew Brees had to share a moment like that and they probably knew that that would be the only chance too.”

“If you know what you’re looking at, I’m sorry, it’s just meant to be this year,” Arn continued, but he does have some shine for the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs.

“I like to see Kansas City play. They are exciting, they do some of the damndest things you have ever seen at some of the most in opportune times.

“They’re a team that can go into halftime losing 42 to 0 and at the end of the game, they won 56 to 45. They’re just that kind of team. They can take over a half, they can take over a football game anytime at any point and they’re just exciting to watch.”

Anderson has his ties to North Carolina which in turn makes him a Carolina Panthers fan when it comes to the NFL, but the Enforcer is an overall fan of good pigskin play on the gridiron.

“So the best thing I’m hoping for that since it can’t be the Panthers, I’m not pulling for either team other than just a little bit (and I know there’s so many Tom Brady fans out there that wishing this would happen and it won’t bother me), but I’m kind of pulling for the Chiefs. And just being able to have hell of a football game. Competitive.”

“I’m pulling for Brady, but I think the Chiefs are gonna win,” Conrad adds.

“I think it’s Tom Brady’s year,” Arn closes out with. “He’s gonna prove a lot of guys that it wasn’t the system that got those six Super Bowls. Lot of that was Tom Brady leading the team.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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