The OGK On NWA Debut: We’re Tired Of ‘Forbidden Door’ Talk, We Demand Our Opportunity At The Tag Titles

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The OGK On NWA Debut: We’re Tired Of ‘Forbidden Door’ Talk, We Demand Our Opportunity At The Tag Titles

OGK NWA Powerrr

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The OGK has arrived in the NWA, and the pairing of three-letter parties simply makes sense.

Beyond this fitting match, in a post-match interview following the team’s debut at NWA: By Any Means Necessary, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett explained that they have their sights set on the gold. Taven noted that his “best friend” Billy Corgan, the president of the promotion, personally asked him to come to the NWA.

“Well let me introduce us,” said Taven. “You know for those who don’t know, he is I, and I’m him, and I’m Matt Taven, but more importantly, we are the OGK. And we came here for a reason. Because Billy Corgan’s my best friend, okay. I know we’re supposed to call him William now, I call him Billiam. That’s how we’re close. Neither one of us put our arms in our jackets when we wear them because we’re giant stars.

“Billy said ‘please, please Matt Taven, come to NWA.’ I said, ‘sure fine. Why not, I guess I’ll bring my friend with me. We’ll do our things that we do.’ We have been tag team champions in Ring of Honor, New Japan, we want to add another one to that list. We want to be the first team ever to hold tag titles in all three companies.”

Bennett had a heated message of his own; he described how he was tired of the OGK being overlooked in the current tag team landscape, so he and Taven want to remind everyone who the OGK is. He also dismissed any talk of the “Forbidden Door” because the OGK is here to do what it does best.

“What really started to piss me off — can I say piss, is that alright? If I piss everywhere, awesome, I’m gonna piss everywhere,” said Bennett. “Because what really started to piss me off was all this talk, all these forbidden door talks, which, I hate that term. There’s no forbidden door because all there is a door that we’re gonna knock down. I got sick and tired of hearing ‘this tag team is the best, and that tag team is the best.’ And ‘we love this tag team and that tag team.’ And every single time, you know who they didn’t mention? They didn’t mention the OGK.

“Ask your favorite tag team who put them on the map . Ask The Briscoes who put them on the map. Ask the Young Bucks who put them on the map. It was the OGK. So we had to do what we do best. We don’t ask for permission. No, we demand our opportunity. So when this arose, when this chance came up, we said the OGK and the NWA, let’s roll baby.”

Generally speaking, the OGK’s future is somewhat uncertain, the two men are currently under contract with Ring of Honor, but the promotion won’t be renewing the contracts of its roster at the end of the year. ROH will then go on hiatus while it “reimagines” itself in the first quarter of 2022. But for now, it seems like Taven and Bennett are here to stay in the NWA.

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The OGK and NWA⁉️

If you missed Pt.1 of BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, you missed the surprise debut of @MattTaven & @RealMikeBennett IN the NWA‼️🔥

They’re here for the tag team titles. Are the other tag teams in the NWA ready?👊

— NWA (@nwa) November 8, 2021