The O.C. Beat The Vikings Raiders In Competitive Tag Team Match

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The O.C. Beat The Vikings Raiders In Competitive Tag Team Match

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

At WWE TLC, the Viking Raiders defeated the O.C. and Karl Anderson blamed the loss on the KFC table at ringside. On WWE Monday Night RAW, the two teams met in a rematch. During the O.C.’s entrance, Karl Anderson reminded everyone that he and Gallows are the only team who has defeated the Viking Raiders. Gallows and Anderson initially took control but the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions overpowered “Hot Karl.” Erik slammed Ivar onto Anderson and dominated the match. Gallows countered a dive from Erik with an uppercut and slammed him into the barricade. Gallows isolated Erik and grounded him. The O.C. ganged up on Erik and maintained control.

The #RAW #TagTeamChampions @Erik_WWE & @Ivar_WWE are taking it to a FIRED-UP @LukeGallowsWWE & @KarlAndersonWWE in a mammoth-sized tag team encounter!

— WWE (@WWE) December 17, 2019

Erik managed to tag Ivar, who cleared house. Ivar dropped Anderson with a clothesline but a neckbreaker took the big man down. The OC. hit a backbreaker/neckbreaker combination. Ivar took both men down with a back handspring elbow. Both Viking Raiders dove onto their opponents outside the ring. The O.C. regained control but Erik rallied. He rocked Anderson with a stiff knee to the head and slammed Ivar onto Gallows. Gallows pulled Anderson out of the way of a moonsault. The O.C. pinned Ivar after they hit the Magic Killer.

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