The Miz Says He Genuinely Thought He Would Turn Into A Pro Golfer

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The Miz Says He Genuinely Thought He Would Turn Into A Pro Golfer

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Photo by: Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The Miz sat down with the guys at Barstool Sports that host the ‘Foreplay‘ podcast to discuss him and wife Maryse recently joining a county club and spending a majority of their time on the golf course.

Speaking about his recent venture, The Miz said he thought he might be able to get good enough to turn professional. He said, “I honestly believed, truly believed, that I was going to be so good in one year that they might invite me to the tour. I thought I was gonna be Tony Romo good. I’m nowhere near where I thought I was gonna be a year ago. I am not even freakin’ close, and I have honed in, I have locked in. My right side of my lower back is always in pain because I am trying to hit the ball so hard.”

He then recalled a time when he played in front of numerous fans for a U.S. Open Pro Amateur Invitational. He said “I remember getting up to the third hole and it was a long hole. I was like ‘Alright, I’m gonna lay one out, like I’m gonna show these people like give them something to yell about.’ So I literally crank it back and just swing for the fences and I almost missed the ball, the ball didn’t go passed the ladies tees. You could hear the wind just go with my club and you are in front of all these people and there is nothing more embarrassing than hitting the ball 10 feet in front of you.”

The Miz was then asked about having cameras around him all the time, and if he has grown used to having this all the time. Miz said “Yeah I mean ever since I was on ‘The Real World’ in 2001. 20 years since I have been on TV when people said I was gonna have 15 minutes of fame and I turned it into 20 years. So yeah I mean its actually natural and normal. I’ve always enjoyed doing reality television especially now when I have control of it. With Miz & Mrs. this is my and my wife’s show, this is our baby. This is what we look at and we go, ‘What’s going on in our lives how can we showcase our real day to day lives behind the scenes and still make it entertaining, fun, and you know relatable for everyone to watch.’ I think we really do that.”

You can watch Miz sit down with the guys below.

Transcription credit to John Clark at Wrestlezone with podcast credits to Foreplay at Barstool Sports.

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