The Miz & John Morrison Defeat New Day To Win The SmackDown Tag Titles At WWE Super ShowDown

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The Miz & John Morrison Defeat New Day To Win The SmackDown Tag Titles At WWE Super ShowDown

John Morrison

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The Miz and John Morrison are back once again with gold (in this case silver) around their waist. “The Dirt Sheet” stars just defeated Big E and Kofi Kingston at WWE Super ShowDown to win the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. The win was not without controversy however as Morrison utilized a chair shot to help Miz roll up Kofi for the tainted victory (who also used Kofi’s trunks for leverage). Read WrestleZone’s Colin Tessier’s recap of the match below:

Big E and the Miz start the match. Big E tosses Miz and locks him in an abdominal stretch. He spanks Miz and drops him with a shoulder block. John Morrison gets suplexed and Kingston uses Big E as a springboard to hit him with a clothesline. Morrison sends Big E crashing to the outside. Miz hits him with a cheap shot and Morrison dives onto Big E outside the ring. Miz and Morrison double-team Big E and Miz rocks him with a kick.

Miz kicks Big E’s knee and double-teams him with Morrison, who nails Big E with a springboard kick to the face. Big E rallies and slams Miz. Kingston and Morrison tag in. Kingston hits a series of strikes and gets a two count after a running stomp. A Boom Drop igives Kingston even more momentum. Miz distracts Kingston. Morrison dodges counters Trouble In Paradise and gets a near fall after a running knee. Kingston gets a near fall after the S.O.S. Kingston hits a diving stomp on Morrison while Big E has him in a powerbomb position. Miz sends Kingston crashing into the barricade. A DDT on Big E earns Miz a two count. Morrison and Miz double-team Big E, who dodges Starship Pain. Kingston tags in and double-teams Morrison with Big E. Miz breaks up the pin attempt and Kingston sends him crashing to the outside. Miz dodges a diving Kingston outside the ring and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Big E for a near fall.

Miz hits a few running knees in the corner but Big E dodges one. Kingston tags in and reverses a Skull Crushing Finale into a roll-up for a two count. Morrison hits Kingston with a chair and Miz rolls Kingston up, using the tights for leverage, to win the match.

Winners and NEW WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions: John Morrison & The Miz

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