The Miz: John Morrison And I Probably Won’t Split Up For A Long Time, He Should Be A Main-Eventer

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The Miz: John Morrison And I Probably Won’t Split Up For A Long Time, He Should Be A Main-Eventer

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Photo Credit: WWE

The Miz is currently recuperating after he was attacked, and seemingly eaten, by zombies at WWE WrestleMania Backlash. He also reportedly suffered an injury at the show, so “The A-Lister” might be on the shelf for a while.

If that’s the case, his tag team partner, John Morrison might get the chance to shine by himself. Even before the injury, some fans wondered whether it’s the right time to break up the popular duo.

In an interview with Alfred Konuwa of Forbes, The Miz explained that he thinks he’ll continue to team with Morrison for a “very long time.”

“I don’t see myself and John Morrison splitting up for a very long time, if ever,” said The Miz. “I don’t see that happening. We’re too connected, we have too much chemistry and we still have more to go. John pushes me more than anybody else in WWE.”

The Miz also praised Morrison’s skills as a performer and argued that “The Shaman of Sexy” should be chasing a world title in WWE in the near future.

“Right now, he is just absolutely incredible, he is on a tear, and I think if he’s not in the main event scene going for the WWE or Universal Championship in the next year I think this is something we’re missing in WWE,” said The Miz.

Throughout his career, The Miz has garnered plenty of criticism, particularly when he has reached new heights. Earlier this year, his second WWE Championship win received a lot of negativity. In the interview, The Miz commented on this common reaction, and he also explained that his successful show, Miz and Mrs. is one of the few things people seem to universally like.

“With Miz and Mrs’ success…Top 5 in cable [last] week, our ratings are through the roof!” said The Miz. “I think USA is absolutely happy with our show and everything we’ve been doing. It’s a great show.

“Honestly, it’s the only thing I get on the internet that is absolutely positive 100%. With Miz and Mrs, people seem to really gravitate toward that, and our fanbase is only getting bigger.”

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Whether he’s recuperating from the reported injury or the zombie attack, hopefully The Miz will have a smooth, quick recovery.