The Miz Dishes Out His Eating Habits While On The Road

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WWE star The Miz recently replied to a fan question on TikTok about his eating habits and how he’s managed to stay healthy while being on the road. You can check out some of the highlights below.

On the difficulty of eating healthy: “Well, travelling is very difficult to find healthy food. And you really have to concentrate. Especially with these live events that we have, whenever you have a WWE live event, it usually starts around 7:30, 8:00. We’re done by 10:30, out of building by 11:00. And we start driving, three [or] four hour drive, so you don’t want to sit down and eat. So if you want to sit down and eat, the only things that are really open are like a Denny’s or an IHOP. But mainly, the #1 thing that’s always open is a McDonald’s.”

On what he does to make sure he stays healthy: “But lately, I’ve been doing meal prep. And how I do my meal prep, you’ll be like, ‘Well, which meal prep?’ Any meal prep. I switch all the time, because I get bored. So I do 2300 calories, 240 protein, 120 carbs, and 80 grams of fats. So I’ll calculate four meals, I’ll do a shake, and that’s how I stay healthy on the road.

“And lately, honestly, I’ve been eating later. I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee during the morning, coffee and water. And then I’ll start eating at about 1:00 and stop my eating around 8:00. So it’s almost like intermittent fasting, I guess you could say. I’m just trying to trim up a little bit. It’s WrestleMania season.”


Replying to @williamy662 Always changing up my meal prep, but it’s #WrestleMania season so we’re getting trim 💪 #mealprep #travel #WWE #wrestlers #roadtowrestlemania

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