“The Million Buck Man” Ted DiBiase IYH Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Usual air date : July 17, 2008

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That is one other unbelievable grappler. all americans’s got a tag for the also can honest one other man even as you would possibly per chance per chance per chance pick to compile your money’s fee cease best likely right here cuz you’re paying consideration to on your head online.com alright and we’re aid and we’re joined by the million greenback man ted dibiase when welcome yoots on your head about tremendous to be right here guys what’s up no no longer grand honest accomplished studying your e book no longer too lengthy ago all americans can take a look at that out two million greenback man ted dibiase and now you guys picked up pleasing grand all around the put i heart of attention on oh yeah i heart of attention on wherever you run best likely that sells books now you know you can’t run the total plot down to the liquor retailer and employ up the e book you can have interaction it worship Amazon or any situation sells books it’s essentially best likely why did you utilize to worship write a 2nd e book uh smartly the first e book I wrote basically my non secular race versus our wrestling fable and I’ve had lots of questions and over the course of the years from varied other folks that are basically wrestling followers and saying we’d pick to know extra about about you know your raise out are making an try to hear your fable but one and we’re making an try to hear about you know your your existence in wrestling versus honest your non secular stuff and so I acknowledged you know what I’ll him the WWE approached me and acknowledged you know we’d pick to who would pick to compile even as you too can compile your e book on the market so I acknowledged okay let’s raise out it become once there the relaxation in suppose on this 2nd e book that worship WWE wasn’t chuffed and not utilizing a no longer to my my working out they were they were comely with the total e book mm-hm very fully chuffed with it are you teach material with the accomplished venture yeah yeah I heart of attention on one of the best criticism I’ve had is from other folks that need grime best likely you know and and generally you know I’ve got lots extra class than that if they strive and read you know if they strive and read grime they’ll run the total plot down to the you know the xxx uh retailer they’ll have interaction trim magazines but I’m no longer gonna I’m no longer going to write a e book and extinguish the credibility of any individual else or you know honest you shall be conscious of it’s honest such as you know I heart of attention on notion to be one of many failings become once smartly you discuss you know your failures and you know and then committing adultery and all that stuff it’s worship they wished they what they wished to know your complete dirty shrimp print and it’s honest worship I told the publisher I acknowledged if my companion didn’t deserve to know the dirty shrimp print I acknowledged the relaxation of the enviornment doesn’t even know me there but there are lets all americans know there are lots of best likely tales in there worship some roads tales and rib tales with other folks so that you just know you compile lots of though-provoking tales notion to be one of many guys in the e book you discuss lots about is a dick murdock and there’s worship some essentially funny avenue tales with you and dick best likely yeah you discuss him is such as you know an early mentor of yours worship what would you say it become once worship one of the best part that you just realized from dick murdock III don’t heart of attention on there’s nothing you know I don’t heart of attention on there’s any one part that I’m in a position to also that I’m in a position to also put my finger on and say smartly right here’s the finest part I realized from Murdock the part that become once distinctive about dick murdock become once that i heart of attention on the part that fascinated me about him become once his he become once essentially in how I don’t heart of attention on I don’t heart of attention on that dick has ever gotten the credit rating for his capability that that he’s essentially deserved ample and I heart of attention on probably because he become once this form of fast-witted joker I indicate you know the cause that dick murdock become once by no manner the enviornment’s champion become once that you just by no manner the promoters by no manner knew which dick become once going to video display up you know is you know is he gonna be excessive in the topic he’s gonna exit there clown spherical stalkers in general cases he even when he become once wrestling he would possibly per chance per chance per chance be he would possibly per chance per chance per chance be though-provoking the boys and it’s kinda worship Dennis the Menace but his work become once so best likely and straight forward I indicate I don’t know the plot to video display this to you but we are in a position to also very smartly be in a match and the americans after they had the gang about to riot and he’s in the ring cutting again jokes and it’s honest I’m in a position to’t describe it to you I indicate where lots of guys deserve to essentially heart of attention on oh you know you know your complete time it honest came to him so so so without considerations and and easily he he become once only a essentially he become once a natural there’s something I continuously notion he threw best likely punches and that’s something I’ve acknowledged on the video display about I continuously notion you threw worship notion to be one of many perfect punches in wrestling and cases after I look guys who also can raise out worship lots of flashy moves if they throw a substandard punches he roughly leaves me out of wrestling must shock if that become once something you worked on namely become once you know throw worship practical punches in wrestling smartly I’ve worked on every little thing my total perspective in the direction of the commerce become once and again it’s something that as I you know reveal to to my teens who’re getting the commerce now and to and to varied guys entering into commerce I acknowledged the total part about how sub wrestling is a sport soap opera I acknowledged it’s at it’s at your athletic and actress is what you shall be I acknowledged even as you run to a movie what compels you you know what what and what attracts you to one of the best movie stars and why raise out you run to their motion pictures it’s because they became the persona and since they plot you in and even even as you know you’re sitting in the movie theater they got they compile you forward and for that two hours it becomes real to you and they’ll originate you chortle they’ll originate you you know you such as you know if it’s or if it’s a essentially total lot you despise his guts I indicate you originate it real and that’s what I attempted to raise out is I strive and you know I grew up having you know teens in college you know you know originate wisecracks about you know I fought for the commerce as a child in college you know I got I got have got yeah smartly you at wrestling’s phony and run essentially you know and I gallop it wouldn’t you know worship gape what he faced phoniest you know worship oh uh hi there let me put a sleeper on you oh you can’t put me to sleep and I put him out you know simply to easily to video display a degree you know so with that perspective after I got into commerce I acknowledged you know what they also can they also can heart of attention on every varied match they gaze tonight is no longer real but I’m gonna originate a bleep mine and with that perspective that’s the plot I worked mm-hmm no you know you grew up in wrestling and you you know you discuss you shall be conscious of it’s one to originate it gape real and every little thing even as you run to worship the fan fests and every little thing become once it ever laborious to worship discuss overtly about wrestling no I indicate no any other time once what’s the enviornment you know dude I indicate what’s you know we’d blueprint out you know and then the total enviornment understands you know whistling right here’s video display commerce but unruffled it’s an artwork manufacture it’s roughly worship I had some guys over right here the varied evening and a bunch of oldsters my dwelling for a for a aim image they were all talking about uh every little thing and they’re out his his this first major of that best likely on imperfect and so they wished to gape it in characterize you’re searching at it you know I went to my buddy acknowledged that and he acknowledged you know raise out they speak out they know the day script that all out in rehearsal I acknowledged no none of it I acknowledged that’s the artwork of wrestling I’m in a position to also honest unruffled they’re calling it and they run mmm I acknowledged one of the best part they know is dwelling Canadian and that’s the artwork manufacture of wrestling and even as you essentially even as you essentially became a effective wrestler a effective employee then that’s that’s what you raise out it’s roughly worship for so many guys worship after I after I become once an agent for a whereas it become once very laborious for me because these manufacture of younger guys about a of us are beginning to compile and compile it now and and and what they’re getting is which you would possibly per chance well’t honest exit there and plot out a match from bell-to-bell and then originate it and originate it gape real the part that makes a match real is is even as you name on the lie and you feel and as you raise out it it’s something that’s very laborious to video display but that’s you what I did I by no manner knew what I become once gonna raise out till I did it and you know after I did interviews I had an view where I become once going but I didn’t I by no manner had a script ever to any interview that I ever did I had an view and what you know I wasn’t obvious I become once gonna say till a digicam came what raise out you heart of attention on the the younger guys now the cause it’s also can very smartly be tougher manufacture because there aren’t the territories spherical for them to learn their craft sooner than they plot to positively precisely precisely they deserve to became college students they deserve to acknowledge they deserve to acknowledge that movie we deserve to acknowledge total suits and all wrestlers you know you know gape at the guys that were essentially best likely appreciate now and and then and and then to one of the best of their capability you know you know and I repeat you I would favor one of the best soft that the WWE is made is established in the college of Florida and the americans that they’ve in the college in Florida steep earns you’re essentially best likely Tom Prichard is tremendous you know having dusty roads down there to relate FCW is best likely you shall be conscious of it’s you shall be conscious of it’s it’s going to be critically better than obw because OVW even supposing it become once a heroic effort it wasn’t tear by other folks that had ever made it wrestling wherever mm-hmm you realize what I’m saying yeah you know the americans responsible we’re best likely other folks I indicate I you know and I worship them but you know you purchased to have other folks that you just know responsible which were there and other folks that bear in mind that the the the essence of what wrestling is today time we got a bunch of callers so let’s compile to some them we got a andre on the line okay hundred you too can honest have got a requirement best likely hearing he needs to know how about how Vince McMahon came to you about the Million Buck Man gimmick but I say Ted essentially covers that wall in the e book yeah I indicate it become once it become once this view I indicate essentially the major our major view become once become once become once Vince’s pet venture I’m generally you know I become once told by Pat Patterson that events also can or were to ever became a persona right here’s the persona that he would became and after I left that’s what he did yeah I are making an try to place a requirement to them about that because I’ve continuously cherished read rumors online that they had each the Million Buck Man gimmick in worship the Red Rooster gimmick at the same time and there become once continuously a rumor that worship they weren’t obvious which guy become once gonna compile which one and each you and Terry Taylor came in all around the same time did you ever hear the relaxation about that no that’s that’s that’s entirely untrue the Red Rooster part came up grand lighter as a topic of truth Terry Terry Terry Taylor will repeat you I indicate he campaigned for a essentially very lengthy time to plot to the WEF and and they didn’t they didn’t speak even they didn’t speak him and then I essentially went to that point and told of the bringing then bear in mind that neither notion to be one of us had any theory that they were going to blueprint up with that that become once your view best likely now after they after they did five of it worship they had an view for you because he say in the e book such as you know they wouldn’t even repeat you over the phone become once there ever worship something your suggestions smartly I’m hoping it isn’t something such as you know essentially comic strip right here essentially something I honest don’t are making an try to raise out smartly you know I by no manner anticipated that best likely I indicate I become after I become once a I become once a stable heel and I figured there wanted to be something that they notion would possibly per chance per chance per chance be something that I’m in a position to also raise out by advantage of what they’d already look me doing in varied phrases mm-hmm they were searching out for a persona a heel persona who become once brash and arrogant and roughly you know regarded at his nostril in any admire americans and that’s where I become after I include hmm thanks for calling in Andre we also oh we got lots of oldsters right here man sorry man I’ll compile jaw right here on the line I’m mr. Diddley I look I raise out that I’m going to positively w4 a in Georgia in that phone college yeah and I wished you to resolve on it you know what I I’m no longer real acquainted with the college in Georgia one of the best I indicate OVW become once the college in Georgia that become once WWE sanctioned and now it’s long gone and now the one of the best college of the WWE sanctioned is the one in Tampa Florida which is FCW now for a championship wrestling and you know I told your complete guys that which have aspired to became wrestlers irrespective of where you run in varied phrases even as you’re even as you’re gonna even as you’re going to compile into this commerce there’s one situation you too can honest have got to sooner or later be and that’s that is that that’s at the college in Florida because till you run their take a look at they’re no longer going to raise out the relaxation with you and the varied part that I would indicate the guys that are making an try to compile into this commerce is you too can honest have got to originate particular the man who’s taking your money and practising you to battle is conscious of what he’s doing I indicate I wouldn’t I would I would no longer give my money to any person that become once by no manner a longtime wrestler and I’m you know I indicate I don’t care even as you know I don’t care you know what he’s carried out on the indie circuit to the indie circuit there’s no comparability but there’s there’s there’s no there’s no indie wrestling that even comes shut to what would possibly per chance per chance per chance be anticipated of a WWWE indispensable person and so unless unless the man that’s working the college it’s worship for instance when my boy started and he wished battle I acknowledged okay I didn’t essentially are making an try to ship him to to OVW because I wasn’t essentially crazy about who they had working the part and and you know okay I are making an try to ship you to any individual I know is conscious of a commerce I despatched him a Harley Depart I despatched him to an eight-time world champion and he stayed there for a year in Eldon Missouri and then he went to Japan for 2 trips they cherished him in Japan WWE got wind of it and the next part he knew he become once he become once in the he become once in Tampa Florida so even as you’re gonna even as you would possibly per chance per chance per chance pick to compile on this commerce you know don’t let some shyster who honest needs to resolve your money and says they’ll you can originate your wrestler you know run to run to a credited college okay in one extra demand I saw URF video you talked about even as you sever aid yourself and you took aspirin sooner than it raise out they unruffled raise out that today time uh smartly I wager varied guys raise out varied things but I honest know that’s notion to be one of many things that’s one part that works thanks Connie Judd okay I’ll tuck you laid yeah thanks man along those lines are each you and Ivan Koloff in each of your your e book you discuss hiding the blade worship on your mouth and I each you guys acknowledged he by no manner had any considerations with that did you ever tear in any one that did or ever any accidents with any individual who put them in their fingertips no I know some guys dig Murdock huh mountainous Murdock become once put the blade on his fingertip and he acknowledged occasionally as a rib he he’d he’d open the part up and it’s why she kind some song taking half in in the background ah the callers we got a quantity 9 to 5 to region code on who you shall be all best likely best likely demand yeah first off how you doing gbesi agreeable are you man I’m best likely my demand is even as you introduce the Undertaker and stone cool steve austin on television on paper even as you bellow you ever you know have an view of how thick of the celebrities they would became best likely you know when i launched uh undertaker no I you know I didn’t you know label essentially essentially blossomed but when when uh when Austin after I become once managing him uh yeah I saw I saw the capability best likely away and as a topic of truth I I gave him some best likely advice to Steve that he took even supposing there were lots of agents at the time making an try to attending to raise out lots extra flying spherical and you know they were telling him you know worship he’ll you know he become after I don’t know he become once you know he become once honest he become once he become once a stable aggressive on the plot you know kicking butt guy so I heart of attention on these agents wished him to be you know what extra motion extra motion extra motion so generally what I told him become after I acknowledged don’t change the relaxation I acknowledged because what you’re doing makes you varied it makes you varied from all americans else and I acknowledged it’ll resolve you longer to compile over and then became established I acknowledged no whenever you compile over your over for best likely and then you can raise out whatever you shall be making an try to raise out precisely what he did gallop that’s so I will discuss that then you duvet that in the e book ted dibiase million our man from once uh resolve that up okay best likely analytics yeah okay all best likely obviously you know twenty years ago become once the unhappy extinguish of bruiser Brody raise out you too can honest have got any recollections of bruiser Brody how smartly you know how smartly manufacture you know him I heart of attention on I didn’t Brody totally Brody is assumed to be one of many wrestlers worship myself who came out of West Texas Snarl College Brody and Stan Hansen were agreeable traffic and they were tag-crew partners and down right here in in the mid-south where I started they were tag crew partners down right here and then you know then they finally became tag crew accomplice he’s over in Japan and where they were notion to be one of many hottest tag teams ever in Japan if I’d won uh notion to be one of my first avenue trips in Internet Southwest wouldn’t wit become once with with with Brody and so that you just know I knew I knew Frank this his real title I didn’t Frank for a essentially very lengthy time I identified from the very you know June 1975 after I came down right here broke in and the man become once a first rate guy he become once a person’s man you know he didn’t resolve it he didn’t resolve any crap and sooner or later you know because he become once a person’s man and known as a spade a spade and he sooner or later known as a spade a spade you know any individual and it you know the man misplaced face over the deal in ninety you know I indicate I heart of attention on you know all americans is conscious of the fable so that you just’re the tragedy it’s Connie dicks thanks thanks lots yeah uh you know buck you’re on the line yeah hi there mr. DiBiase Amen all best likely first of all I honest are making an try to relate I heart of attention on you were the finest heal of all time and I honest are making an try to place a requirement to what become once your notion of the first equipped out that you just did commentary on Dane Jeff funny fable pay-per-seek I hated it I despise it after I did the commentary with Bischoff mm-hmm it become once corrupt I indicate that become once that become once the longest three hours of my existence since you know I become after I become once such as you know you know I become once no longer a play-by-play guy I become once a color I’m a color commentator that’s the roughly commentating I did after I become once with you know after I become once with a WWE doing the wrestling disaster and and all those varied shows with Gorilla Monsoon you know one guy calls the match in and and again the the play-by-play guy the plot that commentating works he units up the color guy he units him up and so that you just know he had me and Bischoff and and we didn’t discuss any of it you shall be conscious of it become once worship I’m gonna repeat you the WCW become once the most unorganized group I ever worked for in my existence the truth that they were ready to compete with Vince for as lengthy as they did is entirely fabulous because they had one view and in actuality is they they they they had a nice best likely tear for approximately a year year and a half whatever it become once two years and they did it with skills that this McMahon created Eric Bischoff by no manner created one megastar maybe Goldberg would possibly per chance per chance per chance be it if he I wager he also can resolve credit rating for Goldberg Goldberg become once one other guy who you know become once only a flash in the pan even as you were there did you look worship any one that become once worship beginning to desire on and they honest by no manner pushed to the highest and become once it worship worrying where you know WCW who acknowledged such as you by no manner created stars but there were guys there that they probably also can have created two stars worship they started catching on but they by no manner essentially but at the time that I become once there it become once you know all americans become once jockeying for situation you know he had all these egos course I wasn’t wrestling anymore but you know you had you had Hogan and you had you know Kevin Nash’s Scott Corridor and and you know all americans become once you know you know all americans no person needs to be the job and all americans needs to be the mountainous megastar and you know then some on the varied hand runs a tight ship and you know you know who you shall be you know what your job is and and you run raise out it you know what you repeat alternatively it become once worship it become once fabulous I indicate there were there were nights when we would possibly per chance per chance per chance be going on the air alive and they unruffled didn’t know how that shows them in that evening best likely it become once honest it become once nuts but in terms of other folks they’ll the one guy that I saw there that you just know I saw had lots of attainable but become once it you know wasn’t being utilized and the course wasn’t you shall be conscious of it become once it hadn’t essentially blueprint into his possess yet become once a essentially Mysterio when he become once segment of the Luchadors mm-hmm you know and after I saw ray after coming aid to the WWE I acknowledged you don’t are making an try to acid last time I saw you you you honest need those excessive-flying guys who you know you’re doing all your complete same moves I acknowledged but none of them AZ says that now you can learn to work yeah you know you even realized the plot to originate it to commit you indicate something I mature to despise to gape those guys compile in the ring and run entirely it became my belly I acknowledged this appears to be worship a flying flea circus best likely oh the last caller brought up you worship being notion to be one of many finest heels of all time and bear in mind that I’d deserve to accept as true with that raise out you heart of attention on later on in wrestling they roughly the heels you know they in its put of being a heel they strive and compile cheered and what raise out you heart of attention on worship raise out you heart of attention on there’s any worship real heels left in wrestling yeah I heart of attention on that occasionally the followers raise out it I heart of attention on occasionally it’s honest you know society part that the one the one roughly heel that the tans are continuously gonna despise into the one I name that I name him the rooster shitheel best likely and today time probably notion to be one of many perfect that that is JBL GBL is that this tremendous mountainous guy who and he also can knock your head off and you know he he’s a most recent day version of my gimmick yeah and and bear in mind that you just know he talks real mountainous and then and then after I kiss best likely now raise out it you know you know you look you know with with stone cool you know confronts him or any one confront look now you look that that gape on his face altering and you look the dread and he hears worship but you mountainous blowhard yeah you know that’s a roughly heel but you by no manner compile bored with seeing him compile beat up so yeah JBL I’m you know I’m and I’m hoping that as time goes on that that my son develops into that very same manufacture of you yeah that originate you proud you know seeing your son on WWE TV is extraordinarily grand you know so a long way so best likely and you know again your complete the total suggestions that I’ve been getting from the guys that are there and in the know is all extraordinarily obvious mm-hmm every little thing that I know you know that I’ve viewed as a long way as you know I’ve been impressed with raise out you worship that he’s Ted DiBiase no longer Ted DiBiase jr. occasionally the communion also can originate someone seem you know shrimp younger smartly that yeah it’s comely with me I indicate that become once notion to be one of many stuff you know I know the guidelines Vince didn’t need bidding you know Vince McMahon is a junior and I wager honest hated it too so he’s the one have any one known as fury cuz it you shall be conscious of it makes you sound worship a child or something yeah and it become once either it become once either naming something else or simply calling Ted DiBiase and I acknowledged that’s his title I acknowledged that’s comely with me I acknowledged you know obviously all americans’s gonna know the adaptation best likely we got a caller right here el santo hi there how are you miss ya pleasing best likely I’m from your wallet man I grew up searching at it over right here the total part to know Civic Center you know with you mountainous battles against junkyard dogs you know I wanna know how I become once out working with us don’t you dogs Jackie Mitch it become once tremendous you know what lots of oldsters didn’t know is JYP become once notion to be one of my simplest traffic simplest man at my marriage ceremony and you know we had we drove up and down the avenue lots together you know JYP become once a range of guys dogs become once no longer essentially he become once no longer a effective technical wrestler he worked out he had he had a effective body when he become once in his prime and and the part that he had greater than any one I’ve ever viewed become once charisma he become once notion to be one of many most colourful guys I indicate and he appealed to all americans you know and you know you know you know I’m down right here in the deep south and he peeled the sunless other folks he filled a white other folks all americans cherished the dogs and I mature to tease him since you know his suits were by no manner very lengthy and I acknowledged you know and I’d exit there and I dressed for 20 30 occasionally 40 minutes you know and he’d exit there for ten minutes and you know they’d play his song and he got there and he’d howl and shake his rear and compile in the ring and tenderness later it’s over and I acknowledged man I acknowledged I acknowledged you don’t deserve to faux this tonight you’re making your complete money so something’s got to give right here and and I acknowledged I acknowledged he is conscious of it you know and I jokingly acknowledged I acknowledged gallop one of the best manner for me to uh you know to compile in that pool is to uh mr. Russell you because again he became a phenom them down right here in the person and I indicate at one point he become once extra current in Recent Orleans better than warlin Saints they didn’t they did a watch in him and the published ruled and they asked the college students you know what celeb would you most are making an try to gape and hands down become once junkyard dogs yeah so after I became on on Dogg and have change into a villain hell no person also can heart of attention on it you shall be conscious of it’s worship oh my gosh you know I became on his simplest buddy and we made lots of money together me and JYP he’s a effective guy I also say technically it’s over Recent Orleans and a Bourbon Avenue in the e book I forgot it become once worship time ago I’ve by no manner viewed your brother he become once doing some promotion right here in the city off and on for that become once in the title I heart of attention on the younger brother there’s no longer been any nothing any one in my family promote the relaxation to Orleans someone mature to compile my title and name himself after I become once a child grew up searching at in doctors all americans up gallop pressing to faithlyn when dim a smartly precisely came up there but but man I worship it man I’ll be having a heed forward to read the e book thanks man oh thanks thanks for calling in when someone remembers something that you just manufacture you know even sooner than I went to WWE and does it originate you feel worship soft along with your profession that you just know essentially performed something something smartly I indicate you shall be conscious of it’s obviously it’s best likely to know that you just related with the americans and I indicate that’s what it is it’s about though-provoking other folks and and even as you originate that connection you know the head bear in mind that as a heel it’s hoist it’s extra fun since you know you’re raise out no longer essentially being yourself and smartly most guys aren’t any man ample and you know you you know you’re going out of your manner to originate other folks honest despise you guts and it’s funny even supposing even supposing run bawl and bawl at you you know and even throw things at you at the sector and then you know 15 minutes later when the video display’s over you know they pick support in the resort foyer or or our cease and lift out a support in the frail days manner to cease in city the rug you know to compile a sandwich or something and then the same child that become once you know screaming profanities essentially walks up to you with it with a with a pen and a half of paper says can I essentially have your autograph smartly all americans know too you can essentially going to be at the NWA Legends fan fest that’s gonna be August 14th of the 17th we met you there last year and we’ll be there again this year and that Sunday I heart of attention on you’re going to be taking situation and the in the they’ve worship the indulge in best likely yeah smartly you’re gonna be there with Thunderbolt Patterson you’re gonna be a reveal of the indulge in provider I endure in suggestions notion to be one of a few years about a years ago sooner than I am going into it they had a mountainous gathering you lad raise out that now honest questioning even as you had any recollections you wished to half with uh on the mountainous cat I love dirty lat Ernie Ladd become once mattifier it become once already Ladd who I went to after I made up my suggestions that I wished to be a heel it become once Ernie’s door I knocked on when it become once they were having a heed spherical and I acknowledged Ernie I realized your heel I realized any individual who wrestled jyb and he acknowledged Who I acknowledged you’re having a heed at him and I’m his eyes got real mountainous and he starts shaking his finger and I acknowledged yeah that’s best likely who would every little thing got became on him so but yeah I exhaust an attorney become once an encouragement to me and continuously a only a real best likely buddy you know made lots of trips with Ernie too you know and he become once practical you know he become once practical beyond his years and he essentially understood the psychology of wrestling yeah that’s why Bill had him in the head oh yeah and they booked her aim right here in Hidden mid-south when he become once right here oh yeah best likely man and you don’t are making an try to resolve worship me he uh you know he has he had his dim days and then the you know he gave his heart to the Lord and it become once devoted to the Lord and to his family you know if there had been latter years of his existence uh and were a an excellent deal revered him for that as smartly oh we are in a position to also honest unruffled name you in the line Jason hi there mr. DiBiase best likely man how are you I’m doing all best likely I essentially have a requirement probably two if that’s okay with you obvious my first demand entails a nice indispensable angle for mid-south interesting yourself dick murdock lots of blood and ric flair I become once habitual even as you can run understand behind the scenes shrimp print of it maybe give a tiny perception smartly the the that the total angle become once carried out because I had been a heel and the angle become once carried out to indicate me babyface to indicate me aid to the babyface to best likely guy to a fan-favorite and the part become once space up to where you know acknowledged there had been supposedly you shall be conscious of it came the total plot down to who become once the #1 contender the #1 contender to face the enviornment champion become once me and we went on the market and and then Dick Murdoch best likely sooner than this you know Aptitude’s in the ring I’m in the ring and and you know right here comes Dick Murdoch who all americans knew from the previous had been roughly my mentor and my buddy and he came down and generally acknowledged you know hi there child you know you too can honest have got to step aside and you know you we’ve been traffic a truly lengthy time you know that I deserved this this shot and got out of that that’s after I acknowledged hi there wait a minute wearisome guy acknowledged your your time has passed right here’s my time and then he jumped me and he posted me and and uh you know I got the color and course this become once sooner than the match ever essentially started and even as you raise out that it’s very laborious because even as you’re in a match for 15 or 20 minutes and you you purchased your heart pumping and you’re sweating and and every little thing and and then you you know you you you uh you blade yourself then the blood comes real straight forward but even as you’re cool when even as you haven’t essentially given your body time to compile to getting warmed up and every little thing it’s very laborious to raise out so again I had I had taken an aspirin I heart of attention on worship a shot of brandy which which it honest ship your blood and honest so I knew that I become once gonna deserve to compile it best likely they essentially compile juice you know cool worship that and whereas that’s what I did and you know so to raise out it best likely I went your complete manner to the and I sever support in the arteries yeah so at any time when my heart the at any time when my heart pumped this dude would possibly per chance per chance per chance be that’s this tiny fountain this tiny squirt of blood that can honest run flying out at the highest of my head and it become once funny because they took me aid an address room and I essentially needed to essentially put a compress on there and and wrap my head up you know and and so after I went aid out to you know you know worship me now if there wasn’t going to be a match and then I came down worship the heroic guy I’m gonna run forward and combat them combat and let’s work we’re gonna have this match one manner or the varied smartly sooner or later of the course of that match that bandage came off and become once honest flying all around the put and I become once essentially having fun with it then I told Rick I acknowledged I acknowledged you know I’m in a position to also honest unruffled you know put my head over the highest rope and choke me smartly when he locations his head over after I locations my head over the highest rope you know I’m facing the gang and then blood become once squirting on top of my head and hitting the ladies but yeah it become once you know that angle became me aid from being healed for years became me aid babyface and I essentially you know that dla I you know I I went for a first rate evening you know my frail finisher become after I’m doing I honest spinning toehold and oh thanks for worship locking as I went for it flair kicked me off and I took him up over the highest rope from the ground and then I honest couldn’t solution the bell worship I counted out and then Murdoch comes out drops me on my head offers me a brain buster on the ground which space up a tear with dick and alternatively it became me tiny one-faced and you know for the cease of my tear and then child and then I heart of attention on finally then after that I teamed up with dr. death and he and I had a essentially best likely tear as a tag crew become once the varied demand there Jason you know I’m no longer gonna put a requirement to one other demand that become once honorable honest put a requirement to mr. DiBiase about that so every little thing honor to debate with you and I worship very grand you that man you wager let’s name him man yep someone is conscious of I continuously are making an try to know become once did sergeant slaughter ever worship have heat with you for the exhaust of the million greenback dream bear in mind that no longer you know I indicate Jeff a brand new Below the Sun you shall be conscious of it’s uh there’s lots of there’s simplest so many holes you can put on the body best likely you know there’s you know all americans takes something and they originate it they’re either rename it or they originate it they speak out the same part they speak out it a tiny bit varied you shall be conscious of it’s honest such as you know walking with my son no you know he’s the exhaust of the same frail but you know he he does the pick of him he’s worship the scientist approximation Russian for worship candy you know and so that you just know no you shall be conscious of it’s honest uh no heat there all best likely he also does the the fist fall I’ve heed which is de facto cool resolution yeah smartly you shall be conscious of it’s funny I become once worship I entirely gonna dance and I’m I wager I’m reliving my profession doing because I look an abominable lot of me lots of my frail gaze which manner my teens alright I look lots of my mannerism in any work and he feels pleasing rattling best likely punch positively I honest wished to know to raise out you know where the Nikolai Volkoff take care of become once become once going to nothing I’m unruffled anticipating worship the payoff to the nickel and dimed Volkov I heart of attention on that become once honest something to give Joe something to raise out best likely yeah yeah it become once funny Joe’s a first rate guy oh we got a rye best likely right here on the one best likely evening mister DiBiase how you doing this I’m roughly the embodiment of what you were talking about earlier with followers who railed against you and then off to place a requirement to for your autograph since you’re notion to be one of my all-time favorites and I hated you as a child thanks very grand thanks they’ll pick the tapes I had off of worship the frail VCR honest thanks where raise out you chortle worship that in real existence and if no longer worship there did that best likely address blueprint from you shall be conscious of it’s funny I you know we we mature to raise out when we would raise out television we would raise out every three weeks we would raise out two days of TV taping somewhere in the country and we would essentially resolve three weeks of television in one evening two days in a row and so in a whereas sooner or later of that two days they lived they would have these tiny sound proof proof rooms space up so your complete wrestlers you know we mature to raise out our you know in its put of worship today time you shall be conscious of it’s a are residing video display or it’s broadcast nationally and aid then it become once it wasn’t you know unruffled it become once it become once you shall be conscious of it become once unruffled going to varied networks and it become once on at varied cases and so the interviews that you just did you manufacture you know for person markets so anyway I become once doing interviews and he honest came about to full an interview with that cackle that laughs and this came about to be walking by after I did it and he stopped and he stuck his head in the door and he regarded at me and he acknowledged Ted that’s it the Million Buck Man he acknowledged at any time whenever you raise out an interview at any time when he started interviewed at any time whenever you accomplished an interview don’t are making an try to hear that laughs and that’s that’s how it became a segment of me but you know I wager I chortle worship that a tiny bit but no longer to that stage best likely raise out every little thing else imperfect honest habitual I know your son worked in Pro Wrestling NOAH over in Japan I become once habitual what you heart of attention on American wrestlers who’re increasing can learn from excursions out of the country from what from lots you know wrestling in and in varied countries smartly you learn a gallop vogue you know you know you learn simplest but you know you honest honest it honest offers you a extra smartly-rounded you know and it’s roughly such as you by no manner know where you going to employ up something that matches you as an person and that’s what I’ve told my son to raise out I acknowledged you too can honest have got to gaze guys and I acknowledged that’s what I did I indicate you to be a student of the commerce and gaze guys and gaze moves and even as you feel worship raise out something you don’t sell but even as you feel such as you purchased something to strive it if it’s tremendous you purchased something that that’s no longer you’ll comprehend it I acknowledged but that’s that’s how you’ll make your possess repertoire and I acknowledged you know by going into varied countries and seeing what lots of these varied guys raise out you know you know there’s some things that you just too can make and again it’s honest it’s only a first rate skills to compile a to compile a feel for a gallop vogue and it is a long way a gallop vogue over there grand varied you know a nice region I indicate they’re they’re about about a 3 quarter shoot you know their Heaps differ in to me about a of that also can very smartly be a tiny bit too coarse there’s simplest so many bumps in the body you can resolve you know but I heart of attention on the skills for him become once best likely and positively because I know that after the first outing over there they cherished him ample to invite him best likely aid and and that’s when the that’s what the W he got wind of it the next part I knew he become once he become once on his manner to Tampa TED talks lots about Japan and the e book Ryan and you’re wrestling there and the varied the varied uh followers you know how they don’t know they honest clap for the mountainous moves yeah even working uh it’s it’s it’s unruffled that manner I indicate mountainous you know as time has passed by you know they’ve became a tiny bit extra westernized in terms of their response but you shall be conscious of it unruffled it’s unruffled essentially irregular to run over there and you know over right here every varied cheering and chant and going and going and and over there then you sit down very quietly and you know occasionally they’re best likely one of the best response you compile of them will be a essentially you know very light applause all best likely become once that become once that worship a you know irregular to compile mature to at the start put yeah yeah it’s honest odd since you shall be conscious of it’s such as you shall be conscious of it’s laborious to then gauge the gang it’s compile you shall be conscious of it’s worship is you know even as you work my vogue and you work it’s you feel the gang and you feel the interview the gang is such as you know what to raise out or when to raise out something in accordance with crowd response it’s laborious to raise out that when he’s no longer getting a grand crowd response best likely demand from the message board damage oh gallop we essentially have some look rocky he needs to know why didn’t you cease a manager longer oh smartly I because I came into that I got out of the I would favor a left one other CW and I started into the dentistry that I’ve been doing them for all these years honest simplest private resolution I after I left the WCW I pleasing grand become once disgusted that become once wrestling but with every CW you know and I you know I after I left the WWE our WWF at the time you know I I honest it become once a range of things such as you know I had been thru a cosmopolitan time in my existence for my fragment striking my marriage aid together spending overtime at dwelling with my family and that become once all realizing agreeable as lengthy as I become once managing and commentating but after they took me out of the commentating sales region at the WWE and they put me aid on the avenue and I went aid on the avenue become once Sid Vicious and the existence on the avenue it’s honest something that I wished to handbook sure of because I wished that I wished to handbook sure of the temptations of the avenue and that’s essentially why I left the WWE and I didn’t leave because I become once sad I left because I didn’t are making an try to be on the avenue your complete time and so in my three years with WCW is over I honest acknowledged you know what I don’t you know I’m gonna this varied part become once beginning to happen with my you know my going out as a speaker and as a minister and it become once it’s very historic previous’s been very gratifying it’s unruffled very gratifying in my existence and uh and I become once honest facing those things it become once uh it become once honest uh you know all of us have seasons in our existence and I spotted that my season as a an arrest studying manager become once uh become once passed and I become once onto something else I indicate again I’m I love the firm I essentially have continuously been grateful for my years of w/e and even now I’m you know I’m segment of the Ambassador Program of notion to be one of many guys that as a topic of truth uh I heart of attention on he’ll I heart of attention on every week from Sunday Howell will be and in somewhere in the Recent York region and a celeb softball game I heart of attention on manner to be laborious for making look for the firm an match this to raise money for autism and then I heart of attention on Monday we’re going to DC washington DC and discuss over with the the troops you know in the clinical institution you know the guys aid from Iraq on behalf of the WME so that you just know I love the firm I love the commerce in and again you know now my you know I’ve got one son that’s in there now and one that’s in practising down in Tampa who’s conscious of don’t gape a comeback but you know that’s no longer to relate that that you just too can no longer look me at ringside again sometime yeah when we had Magnum TA on he essentially talked about he wasn’t worship prepared to be a commentator didn’t heart of attention on he essentially gave it us all because he unruffled wished to be in the rain since it become once best likely after his accent it did you ever feel the relaxation worship that even as you started going to the commentary no no you heart of attention on is you know maybe since you you performed lots and you’re on your profession yeah you know I I felt worship I’d had a first rate profession and you know I didn’t feel worship I needed to video display the relaxation to any one else and I become once prepared yeah I would say you essentially it’s no longer I don’t are making an try to relate worship it comes off worship an ego but you undoubtedly have lots of self assurance and your abilities you can repeat that on your e book and lift out you heart of attention on that’s why I know worship Bill Watson and the e book that um that you just weren’t selfish in any admire in the rain raise out you heart of attention on that become once worship a mountainous cause cuz you were confident you know on your possess abilities you you didn’t deserve to be selfish in the ring smartly yeah that’s it I indicate you know even as you know the plot to work even as you’re confident on your job and your head capability you know and that’s again that’s something I’m making an try to run along to as you know an instructor to my possess son and saying gape you know what you shall be making an try to learn to raise out is be the final on the market since you know any individual on the market that rings got a lead and you know you shall be making an try to be the man lead the part and when because even as you allow it you’re you’re the one orchestrating every little thing and you know he can originate any individual gape essentially best likely at you can originate him gape essentially substandard that’s honest commerce but I become once confident in my capability and you know I continuously wished to I continuously wished to raise out what become once best likely for commerce because I knew that sooner or later that become once going to that become once going to be what become once going to income me the most understand yeah it’s worship okay I’m in a position to exit right here no but the shocking worship okay the location of work needs me to originate this guy as stable as I’m in a position to thanks smartly I knew the plot to raise out that without killing myself in varied phrases I’m in a position to also exit there and originate jyd a killer and at the cease that mass that americans would unruffled are making an try to blueprint aid subsequent week and look him kick my butt again cuz I would I would I would I would put him over yet I would leave with my with my heat and and that’s honest something that you just learnt the plot to raise out but sooner or later is such as you shall be conscious of it’s better to raise out that than to be selfish and honest strive that you just know cuz we yourself is sooner or later even as you’re continuously selfish then you’re no longer you’re no longer accomplishing what the what the location of work needs is sooner or later who’s paying you the location of work so anyway we got a pair caller notify compile to them fast we got a L Kirti from from Portugal al karima a offending DDS hello there mr. DiBiase I’m doing comely as smartly um I got two fast demand because I know we have lots of colors right here tonight my first demand is what is their ever support in the day even as you were wrestling that you just regarded at a guy and notion this guy is no longer a effective wrestler but then even as you battle against him your notion about him modified fully oh right here’s roughly worship a complex demand but I worship this you know I’m in a position to’t heart of attention on any one off and I indicate there’s you know there were varied guys that I knew weren’t wrestlers but they were best likely characters again jyd become once a range of you know he become once no longer a effective technical technician wrestler but he become once a effective persona what it become once one guy that I regarded at and acknowledged he become once corrupt and he lived up to his fat reputation become once healthy gape warrior there you know you know right here’s a guy you know I honest can’t pick I’m in a position to’t pick from beating that drum right here’s a guy I indicate together the man disgusts me because he has entirely no admire or regard for any one in our commerce he he he mature it become once all it become once your complete wrestling commerce become once to him become once a style to an cease he had revered he didn’t regard it he didn’t worship the guys and right here’s the part about that guy I indicate I indicate any one that ever watched even meeting I’m in a position to also put a requirement to you best likely now okay what okay what did the Final Warrior’s match consistent basic who’s working to the ring shaking the ropes clothesline shoulder address splash every little thing else resolve every little thing else he did wanted to be spoon-fed to him and yet right here’s a guy that has has long gone on and he so arrogant in his self-serving this honest unbelievable I indicate uh you know one of the best part that guy ever had become once a body and he become once obviously very disciplined that realizing and make it in his body but you know that’s any person that you just know that’s any person that I care does he ever again essentially gallop I honest say didn’t desire his comeback match no longer too lengthy ago in Spain why he honest had a comeback match only a pair weeks ago in Spain with who equipped I don’t be indicate or the relaxation but uh now that he’s older and he can’t essentially tear totally for the ring it roughly takes away lots of essentially what essentially what’s the mess that you just had against Final Warrior I ended Tokyo time I don’t know even as you endure in suggestions that match and uh I gape at your facial choices and you uh if I’m in a position to also honest if I’m I say you regarded moderately pissed I become once a pretty pissed gallop since you know I I had I had a essentially best likely reputation in Japan sooner than the WWF I had constructed a reputation in Japan and now I become once coming over there and I knew what I become once supposed to raise out in that match and we exit for this match and you look that’s the part about the Japanese followers they don’t care who you shall be you know right here’s the man that these launched he’s the he’s the enviornment champion the WWE or WWF champion honest beat Hulk Hogan and the americans were chanting my title and the you know and smartly I’m gonna repeat you what came about what I what I become once pissed about become after I I made him gape worship King Kong and then it become once time for me to compile mine it become once time for me to compile my heat and riders it become once time for me to compile my heat I got the cue from the relaxation it become once they acknowledged run dwelling compile it shortened so generally I ended up doing a squash job for him in Tokyo yeah I wasn’t so chuffed about it yeah that’s essentially lined in the e book because Ted says I become after I heart of attention on he says it become once one of the best match he ever had that he worship came out of enraged yeah that’s manner since you essentially essentially were furious sooner or later of the match one other hiss one other demand is extra of a tougher demand it deals with a extra excessive self-discipline there right here’s a two-segment demand alternatively it’s a essentially essentially best likely demand about Virgil support in the day even as you had that angle where you equipped virtual first segment demand is raise out you heart of attention on that that angle become once racist and – raise out you heart of attention on that aid on your day even as you were though-provoking wrestler there become once lots of racism we didn’t repeat you them gallop no I don’t I don’t heart of attention on it become once in any admire you know honest you know if the guys got the skills they’re gonna you know that’s one part I essentially wish to relate about our commerce is that you just’re no longer gonna originate money in wrestling even as you’re no best likely mmm I indicate you’re either a you’re either gonna you either deserve to be a effective wrestler and a first rate talker and even as you’re gonna and even as you’re gonna lack one you know you know as lengthy as you’re a first rate persona you purchased to be a first rate persona and even as you don’t even as you can no longer exit in the ring and venture a persona you’re no longer gonna originate any money you’re no longer gonna be featured and you’re no longer gonna and you’re no longer gonna last very lengthy so I don’t I don’t know I don’t heart of attention on there become once any racism you know in any plot I don’t there’s there’s no person that I’m in a position to heart of attention on you know and speaking about Virgil you know Virgil’s real title is Mike Mike Jones Mike’s a real tremendous guy but Mike become once by no manner ever a effective wrestler yeah and you know and I’m you know and I’m honest saying you know he what he become once he become once very coachable he continuously listened to me I indicate you know you know I had I had a Wrestlemania match with with Virgil and it become once probably notion to be one of many hardest suits I’ve ever had because I needed to spoon-feed him every little thing you look even as you realize what I’m saying yeah yeah yeah you know worship it’s funny because about a of my traffic acknowledged after I came out of the ring they acknowledged you know we continuously notion you too can work with a brush we exhaust bruises so and this stuffing is mr. Farris you know and and Mike understood the total game beckymike understood the total deal about you know being the bodyguard and every little thing and you know I indicate he had the gape and every little thing and he become once paid totally you know and uh you know I indicate you know he become once by no manner the total point of him being the bodyguard it become once worship a mess away came off I ran my mouth and then he become once the man with the muscle and bear in mind that I mistreated all americans along with him and bear in mind that the payoff one that become once you know we knew from the first day that we started the part that you just know a pair years down the avenue Virgil become once gonna sooner or later compile bored with taking my crap and you know and became a run back and forth and he did for a whereas Mikey become once scorching no no I didn’t I didn’t you know there’s there’s I I’m in a position to’t no I don’t I don’t know I don’t ever bewitch there ever be a case of any any roughly racism in wrestling and there were a number of guys that were tremendous Abdullah the Butcher become once a effective sunless wrestler I’m no longer essentially a effective wrestler brawler I’m being very convincing very believable crazy vogue but that made lots of money you too can you know even as you too can compile over there gonna exhaust your her knee lad you know the guys that you just know any sunless guy that didn’t originate money in our commerce didn’t originate money because he wasn’t any best likely raise out you heart of attention on that’s why that worked so smartly is since you didn’t he didn’t accepted didn’t switch on you best likely away it become once worship worship oh yeah oh yeah it become once worship it become once years and years and years ever now and you know we raise out something tiny one you know we did we did one vignette where I become once laying on a I become once laying on a part and you know he’s supposed to be giving me a rubdown smartly I’m cutting again the interview and I told him I acknowledged no omit the toes man compile the toes you know I know that has a digicam pans over and you can honest look this gape on his face such as you know I’m in a position to’t seem but he’s having a heed at me such as you idiot yeah I’d pick to you know sever your throat but honest know all those tiny video windows over you know over the course of time and yeah what he sooner or later got bored with it it become once it become once a mountainous pop oh positively we got one extra caller right here in region code nine eight nine who’s that this time in Michigan hello hi there thanks for taking a name yeah I even as you were to endure in suggestions grateful 1983 I saw your ruffled Tommy filthy rich in person and it become once yet a angle going where become once they I become once best likely sooner than he did it worship a loser leaves rustling and originate things worship a Christmas light or some at the Omni you wrestled him and you wish and he came aid about a weeks later as mister are below a cowl yeah endure in suggestions that endure in suggestions that and now yeah who become once your feeling on that program yet with county smartly you know if that become once the it become once it become once it become once that become once the cop I become once a duplicate of the same program that I did with a junkyard dogs in Louisiana in the mid-south look aid then it become once worship mid-south become once is in one territory you know Georgia Championship Wrestling is one other territory and you shall be conscious of it become once the same deal because I did the part with jyd you know I beat him illegally and he came aid below a cowl and they known as him slip Lee and all americans knew it become once him and I knew become once him but bear in mind that you just know you needed to video display it there so yeah you shall be conscious of it become once fun I loved it it become once a effective strive endure in suggestions the originate the avenue where’s Russell Brett and buzz attorney and that simcard and that become once uh I loved there that become once a first rate best likely territory pac-man thanks man got a picture taking my automobile yeah yeah oh only about a Barbie I positively raise out notion to be one of my favorite moments in wrestling historic previous and it’s roughly a odd when fascinated by its wrestling alternatively it become once the vignettes that you just did where you commissioned a million greenback championship and this honest there’s one scene where you honest burst into the jeweler’s carrying a cape and the cake followers out it’s the finest entrance proper into a room ever and no longer honest attention-grabbing but ever were they lots of fun to raise out yeah that become once lots of fun if he’s lots of fun it become once it become once a blast all that stuff become once fun to raise out you know he the first did gallop I did coming in you know you know kicking uh you know kicking a basketball the tiny boys rebel in the basketball and that’s after I compile asked about your complete time you know I’m kickin a honeymoon couple out of their suite and all that stuff you know your complete it become once yeah bear in mind that you just shall be conscious of it become once all it become once all fun we’ve ever frightened carrying the million greenback belt spherical because I realized out essentially on your e book that had some real diamonds in it oh yeah smartly you shall be conscious of it has real fee I indicate it’s estimated it’s estimated fee I heart of attention on at the time it become once made become once forty big and I don’t know if I told that fable in the e book or no longer but we almost misplaced it and I heart of attention on I did repeat a fable oh smartly we flew to Atlanta and I would I would continuously raise that I continuously carried the belt but I carried it in a Halliburton briefcase and we went the total plot down to baggage reveal then I space the briefcase down because we were anticipating the bags smartly Virgil you know in persona he loaded he continuously took your complete bags and loaded him he loaded them to been loading it in the car and a number of stuff so we compile to we compile to the resort in Atlanta and I’m searching out for the briefcase and I acknowledged you purchased the briefcase best likely Virg and he goes no you purchased it I acknowledged no I space it down you you loaded with the bags best likely and he goes no I didn’t you shall be conscious of it become once that it become once that that gape we were having a heed at every varied it become once worship two two deer in the headlights worship oh my god and we jumped in we jumped on this uh this dis limousine and I told this limo driver I acknowledged I don’t care I acknowledged I acknowledged even as you compile a designate hi there I’m in a position to also honest unruffled but you kicked aid to the airport as expeditiously as you can and so we went flying aid into the airport and went to the carousel I indicate Atlanta Airport mountainous Airport man and and it wasn’t there it wasn’t it wasn’t where we had been so I went to the Delta baggage reveal and I acknowledged I’m in a position to also honest unruffled please repeat me that you just too can honest have got a gold halliburton briefcase aid there that any individual became in and he or she reached down below the counter and he or she acknowledged you don’t know how lucky you shall be and I took that briefcase and open it and I acknowledged no ma’am you don’t know how lucky I am hoping that the shoulders she went oh my god oh I’m in a position to also honest unruffled raise out have one extra name right here it’s an region code five away who’re you give a title name her what hello I wager they were honest too frightened I talking to Ted DiBiase so that you just purchased too frightened and I know all americans gape best likely now they’ll take a look at out Ted DiBiase restful and they’ll fetch it worship some appearances and one of the best part you’re up to take a look at out the e book positively Ted DiBiase Million Buck Man you too can compile in hardcover or it’s out in paperback now and last year when we met you at the fan fest and again you’ll be there this year August 14th of the 17th and all americans take a look at out NWA legends con that’s link best likely on our web put of dwelling and unlike we raise out tiny caricatures and a number of the americans signed them and on your suppose one you signed at Matt 1626 I honest are making an try to know if smartly worship the private significance of that is to you okay smartly generally it’s a Bible verse Matthew 16: 26 and what that Bible verse says that Jesus is quoting Jesus acknowledged in that verse therefore what does it income a person if he set the total enviornment and lose his soul what were they given has modified for his soul so right here’s the million greenback man who acknowledged every little thing become once about money and yet the defining scripture of my existence becomes that one for what does it income a person if he beneficial properties every little thing loses his soul you know what you can have your complete money and success and standing on this planet but even as you don’t have Christ on your existence you purchased nothing that’s what which manner so anyway it’s uh as one other one other upcoming megastar says essential smartly I’ll be in search of a Ted DiBiase he’s already Tag Team Champion he’s making his father proud and that’ll be a liberator no 17th August 17th on that Sunday at the fan fest that you just and Thunderbolt Patterson will be doing the indulge in provider and all americans be having a heed forward to that you just know essentially are making an try to we worship approaching tonight all best likely they worship hi there don’t miss out cease become once carried out to death on your head on the Internet notion to be one of many perfect radio you can hear to on your head
That is the elegant shooter and wrestler ever%sentence_ending

“The Million Buck Man” Ted DiBiase IYH Wrestling Shoot Interview