The Luchador: 1000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte Audio Drama Series To Premiere On 10/5

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The Luchador: 1000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte Audio Drama Series To Premiere On 10/5

The Luchador: 1000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte

Photo Credit: The Luchador: 1000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling as well as a fan of drama, you’re in for quite the treat with Dan Valero Fletcher’s new podcast.

Creator Dan Valero Fletcher announced that his latest creation ‘The Luchador: 1000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte’ will premiere on Tuesday, October 5.

A synopsis for the series can be seen below:

“The mighty lucha libre champion of Mexico City does battle in and out of the ring with deadly vampires, dangerous mobsters and the ethical complications of maintaining a rigid moral philosophy. A biweekly fiction adventure series created by Daniel Valero Fletcher, starring a Latinx lead cast and special guest stars from the real world of professional wrestling.”

The series features Luchasaurus, Raven, Effy, Danhausen, and Colt Cabana all on board as voice-over talents.

The full press release is below:

LOS ANGELES – A fresh action-adventure audio drama featuring some of the most recognizable and eclectic voices in professional wrestling makes its in-ring debut across every major podcast platform on Tuesday, October 5th.

The Luchador: 1,000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte is set in a supernaturally charged world of Lucha Libre and Mesoamerican myth. The show follows the story of the “Champion of Mexico City”, the heroic yet often ethically perplexed El Fuego Fuerte. Season one finds Fuerte confronting an Aztec vampire menace on a rampage to corrupt and enlist Mexico City’s finest wrestlers into their undead army.

Colt Cabana, well-known wrestler seen in both AEW and WWE, joins the cast as a guest star right from Chapter One. Cabana summed up his interest in the project, “After wrestling around the world for the past two decades, I have never seen Lucahdores fighting vampires. It must be seen… I mean… heard to be believed.”

Another wrestler who’s built a loyal fanbase through his online presence and work in Ring Of Honor, Danhausen, weighed in with his experience on the show in his own inimitable style, “Danhausen had a great time on The Luchador because it allowed him to do a whole new role. Danhausen’s character he played was very bad, very evil! Much different than very nice, very evil.”

The five-episode debut season goes on to be filled with more guest stars every major wrestling fan will know and love including Luchasaurus (AEW, Lucha Underground), Effy (Effy’s Big Gay Brunch), and Raven (ECW, WWE).

Show creator Daniel Valero Fletcher drew inspiration to create this fresh take on the beloved pastime of Lucha Libre from his long-time love of professional wrestling and desire to bring inclusive representation of Latinx/e voices to noir storytelling. Valero Fletcher states, “I hope this show is a gateway that inspires people to go and watch some of the amazing films made in Mexico in the 1960s and 70s. Lucha Libre stars like El Santo and Blue Demon really inspired this podcast. In a lot of ways, The Luchador is me honoring a part of my culture that I’ve always wanted to feel closer to.”

Episodes will be released biweekly beginning October 5th through November 30th. Fans can listen and subscribe on nearly any podcast platform. Learn more at this link.

More About the Creator

Daniel Valero Fletcher is a writer and producer living in Austin, Texas. A graduate of the Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television MFA Screenwriting program, he focuses on creating imaginative genre content wherever he can find an audience. He previously turned his day job as a self-taught coder into a successful four part web series where greek gods run a tech start up (The Pantheon.) The Luchador: The 1,000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte is his first podcast and a celebration of his Mexican-American heritage and lifelong love of professional wrestling.

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