The Latest Ratings Report Reveals the Viewership Numbers for This Week’s Episode of Impact Wrestling

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Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV brought in 97,000 viewers, with a 0.02 rating in the 18 – 49 demographic. The numbers are up 12.8% and even with last week’s 86,000 viewers and 0.02 demo rating. The viewership was up to a five-week high.

The demo rating has remained the same for three weeks in a row now.


In 2023 so far, Impact Wrestling is averaging a 0.017 demo rating and 107,000 viewers.

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Impact Wrestling, a popular professional wrestling promotion, continues to draw in viewers with its latest episode on AXS TV. The show garnered 97,000 viewers and maintained a 0.02 rating in the coveted 18 – 49 demographic. These numbers represent a 12.8% increase in viewership compared to the previous week and mark a five-week high for the program.

It is worth noting that the demo rating has remained consistent for three consecutive weeks, indicating a stable and engaged audience. This consistency is a positive sign for Impact Wrestling as it demonstrates the promotion’s ability to retain its viewership and maintain their interest.

In terms of overall performance in 2023, Impact Wrestling has been averaging a 0.017 demo rating and attracting an average of 107,000 viewers. These figures highlight the promotion’s steady presence in the wrestling industry and its ability to attract a dedicated fan base.

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With its consistent viewership and dedicated fan base, Impact Wrestling continues to make its mark in the world of professional wrestling. As the promotion moves forward, fans can expect more thrilling matches, captivating storylines, and exciting moments that keep them coming back for more.