The Identity of the Mystery Talent Signing at AEW Full Gear Has Been Reported

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Earlier this week, AEW President Tony Khan announced the addition of a new star to AEW on a full-time basis would be signing their deal this Saturday at Full Gear. Khan’s tweet worded it as “one of the world’s best wrestlers” who is “known + respected by virtually every AEW fan.”

While no specific details were provided, there has been speculation about potential names.


On the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian reported today that he was told it would be Will Ospreay, which would be a significant signing for AEW, considering he has interest from WWE.

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AEW President Tony Khan recently made an exciting announcement that a new star would be signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on a full-time basis at the upcoming Full Gear event. Khan described the wrestler as “one of the world’s best” and someone who is highly respected by AEW fans.

Although no specific details were provided, there has been speculation about who this new signing could be. According to Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast, he was informed that the wrestler in question could be Will Ospreay. This potential signing is significant for AEW, considering Ospreay’s interest from WWE, one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world.

Will Ospreay is widely regarded as one of the top talents in professional wrestling. He has gained a reputation for his incredible athleticism, high-flying moves, and technical prowess in the ring. Ospreay has competed in various promotions around the world, including New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), where he achieved great success and became a fan favorite.

If the rumors are true and Ospreay does sign with AEW, it would be a major coup for the promotion. AEW has been steadily building its roster with top-tier talent, and Ospreay’s addition would further solidify their position as a serious competitor to WWE. It would also provide fans with dream match possibilities, as Ospreay could potentially face off against AEW’s current roster of talented wrestlers.

AEW has been making waves in the wrestling industry since its inception in 2019. The promotion has gained a loyal fan base and has been praised for its innovative storytelling, exciting matches, and focus on showcasing a diverse range of wrestling styles. With the addition of a star like Will Ospreay, AEW would continue to raise the bar and deliver thrilling content for fans around the world.

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In conclusion, AEW’s upcoming Full Gear event promises to be an exciting night for wrestling fans. The announcement of a new signing has sparked speculation and excitement within the wrestling community. If the rumors are true, and Will Ospreay does join AEW, it would be a significant move for both the wrestler and the promotion. Wrestling fans will be eagerly watching to see what unfolds at Full Gear and how this new signing will impact the landscape of professional wrestling.