The Good Brothers Take The Young Bucks To A Nude Beach on BTE

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The Good Brothers Take The Young Bucks To A Nude Beach on BTE

The newest episode of Being The Elite takes the series somewhere that it’s never gone before — a nude beach.

That’s right. On “Being The Elite” episode 242, The Good Brothers meet up with The Young Bucks on a nude beach.

At first, the Good Brothers were by themselves, and they were signing about Karl Anderson’s “meat hook.” “Machin Gun” delivered a song about sucking his meat hook, and the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions got a “Hung Bucks” chant going when the AEW Tag Tea Champions arrived. The Jacksons critiqued the Good Brothers’ off-putting antics, and Anderson responded by hinting that people take them too seriously.

“Who really wants to f*** a deer?” asked Anderson.

Likewise, Doc Gallows pointed out that they’re talking about the hung bucks, not the bucks in a forest. Still, the Jacksons emphasized that it’s not 2013 anymore, and they’re executives now. The Good Brothers apologized, but Anderson accused the Young Bucks of being embarrassed by them.

At this point, Matt Jackson asked his two friends why they were completely naked. The Good Brothers started dancing and swinging their hips, as they explained that Anderson’s grandma loves when he “helicopters.” Gallows then sang a song about having intimate relations with Anderson’s grandma. The Good Brothers left, and the Young Bucks realized that they’re out of control.

Finally, the Jacksons realized that they were at a nude beach.

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