The Good Brothers Found The Humor (& Opportunity) In WWE Releases: ‘Probably The Greatest Call I Ever Got In My Life’

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The Good Brothers Found The Humor (& Opportunity) In WWE Releases: ‘Probably The Greatest Call I Ever Got In My Life’

Good Brothers

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

The Good Brothers are undoubtedly entrepreneurs and they spoke with Kenny Herzog of Entrepreneur about all their business ventures in and around wrestling. Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson talked plenty of shop on such and it all began with their releases from WWE.

“The day of that [WWE] release, I was sitting in my sauna,” said The Big LG, “And I hung up the phone and I went, ‘Well, being bitter is what everybody expects, and I don’t feel bitterness in my heart.’ You have to find the humor, and you have to express it through entertainment and through art. And that’s where Talk ‘N Shop A Mania came from, because we lost this amazing multimillion-dollar deal, so why not turn it into something that’s positive for our brand? Why not make it brand-building and generate some revenue for ourselves and our company? And I’m damn proud that we were able to do that.”

Anderson added: “That call was probably the greatest call I ever got in my life, because [we were] able to reinvent and create Talk ‘N Shop A Mania and and go to Impact. And we’ve got Talk ‘N Shop: Full Keg about to come out, and that’s something that we’d been pitching to the WWE network since we started there, and they just would go, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Now the businessman stuff is really coming out because we got Talk ‘N Shop LLC, and we’re getting big checks coming in for this and that, and we’ve got to figure out the taxes from this stuff. That’s all some real shit that we’ve got to learn, but the business side of these last six months has been a lot of fun.”

Anderson did admit that he was just all ready to collect a paycheck from WWE, but the release and the opportunities that opened up because of that gave him a rock solid wake-up call.

“I’m not gonna lie: I was kind of ready to rest on my laurels and just collect that massive check from WWE. And so when we finally did leave it gave me a nice slap in the face and got me ready to jump back into this business world. ”

“There’s a lot to what we’ve got going on, and hopefully those of you who aren’t wrestling fans will know of us sooner rather than later,” Gallows said.

Plenty more from this interview which you can read more about right here.

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