The Godfather Used To Knock Out Pimps By Slapping Them

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The Godfather Used To Knock Out Pimps By Slapping Them

the godfather

(Photo by Frank Mullen/WireImage)

The Godfather might have famously portrayed a pimp on WWE television but he didn’t like them in real life.

“Working at this club in the 90s, I was the manager from 5’o clock in the morning to 1 in the afternoon,” revealed The Godfather in a promo for Dark Side of the Ring’s Brawl For All episode. “I hated pimps. I’d say, ‘If there’s any pimps behind this bar they better not be here in the next five minutes because I will knock you off your barstool.’ I swear to you, I’d walk behind the bar, the pimp was sitting there and I’d just crack him as hard as I could. They’d start running. I used to be able to knock people out just by slapping them in their face.”

The Godfather used to knock out pimps just by slapping them in the face.

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— Dark Side of the Ring (@DarkSideOfRing) April 6, 2020

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