The Godfather Says That WWE Almost Brought Back Papa Shango In 1997

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The Godfather Says That WWE Almost Brought Back Papa Shango In 1997

the godfather

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The Godfather was the latest guest on Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions and a variety of topics were covered during the show.

There was a lot of time spent talking about the Papa Shango gimmick. When the Papa Shango character was introduced, Vince McMahon had some interesting things to say according to The Godfather. The gimmick was used in 1992-1993 when Papa Shango would cast spells on opponents to cause them severe pain. Godfather recalled, “Vince said, ‘We’re going to hire you,’ and here’s the part that nobody knows, they hired me and he says, ‘We’re going to put you on payroll.’ He says, ‘You have the body of a monster, but you have a baby face.’ He goes, ‘We got to figure out something to do with your face.’ A couple months later, they called me and said, ‘Hey, go rent the movie Live and Let Die.’ I already knew the movie. He says, ‘We’re going to do a voodoo character off of the guy,’ and that’s where it came from.”

It was revealed that the company almost brought back the Papa Shango gimmick again in 1997. Godfather said, “This was going to be less comical, a lot more serious. I show up to TV, ready to go. I’m in really good shape here. I worked out hard, I’m like, ‘We going to have some fun now, I’m going to be a lot more serious this time.’ I was probably 285, I was in really good shape. I show up to TV, took these pictures, and they say, ‘Vince wants to talk with you.’ I was like, ‘Cool! I want to talk with Vince!’ I go in there, right, and Vince was like, ‘Charles, change of plans. We’re going to put you in the Nation of Domination. You and Farooq are going to wrestle Undertaker, and you’re going to go over.'”

This was the introduction of Kama Mustafa and alongside Farooq, Mark Henry, D’Lo Brown, and eventually Owen Hart. Check out a clip below where The Godfather talks about this.

Thanks to both Fightful and Wrestling Inc. for transcriptions.

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