The Godfather on The Undertaker | Cucumbers, Fights, Jack Daniels & Wrestler’s Courtroom!

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The Godfather on The Undertaker | Cucumbers, Fights, Jack Daniels & Wrestler’s Courtroom!
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Here’s any other superior wrestler and grappler! The final time you're on wwe tv we're celebrating with the undertaker and i used to be hoping you'd eradicate me to the day uh you already know from beginning to whole uh what used to be your role in it or used to be there any completely different plans occurring and you've got to expose me about the after occasion as neatly .

Nicely mean that that you just can presumably presumably already know we got there the same day then we the fight used to be in actuality inappropriate on the time it exact tranquil is so vince had rented out like three or four floors of the hotel and to be on those floors you needed to be covet-tested so there used to be no person allowed on any of .

The floors there's no followers there's no nothing it used to be exact us attributable to the quilt and so we uh taker had to attain some kind i guess he did one thing with snoop dogg or one thing that day he had to attain some form of podcast with snoop so we were ready for him to uncover up and he confirmed up about 10 o'clock to the .

Bar and we had began a bit early with out him but by the purpose three four o'clock rolled up within the morning we had drank four bottles of jack daniels and likely i don't know how many pints of beer uh it used to be like archaic times it used to be archaic .

Instances of the truth that me and taker had to build them all to bed like we faded to so we had to ride them the total rooms making positive to gain to the rooms after which uh it used to be a exact night the subsequent day on the constructing we were all even taken everyone used to be feeling it a bit bit taker's wife and even told me .

That marky told her exact like archaic times man exact being papa pretty a whole lot of of us call me papa he acknowledged me and papa put of us to sleep but um exact day i don't in actuality designate what they had us attain there that didn't fabricate grand sense to me but you already know customarily you're exact .

Greater off doing what you're told uh what they did for him with us exact used to be more or less i don't know for many who've seen it did you seek it yeah i mean the hannah had us all we all got an entrance i got an intro after which it went to a b-roll after which we were all gone so i don't .

Know what since that made i exact did we now private a community known as bsk that taker's a section of and uh we had our salute occasion the night previous to so what they did on tv didn't topic uh attain you already know i in actuality spoke to savio vega a pair of months within the past and i requested him the same demand and i used to be like who .

Used to be final man standing and he used to be like oh i don't know man i don't want to instruct which form of to me sounded prefer it with out a doubt wasn't him i don't endure in mind striking savio to bed i i do know he used to be under the impact of alcohol but i don't i don't you already know me and eradicate her continuously within the final minute standing .

Handiest no person for you uh estabio sabio don't drink like we drink but he used to be a trooper man he's a exact dude you already know he's section of bsk did you ever gain into the uh gargling of the jack thing i i don't know if that used to be a exact for positive for positive .

Uh we gargled on the uh podcast the day before on the original time and told of us why of us don't know who began that that used to be kurt jennings that used to be a fresh healing thing what used to be the uh what used to be the rationalization for it used to be it so he may maybe maybe presumably conceal that we couldn't we we couldn't conceal we were talking .

About that the day before on the original time and like why did we attain it i don't designate it used to be exact he made you gargle it and it exact became a thing gargle your jack you already know so i i why i don't know i continuously express i'm positive you drink it i i need to no longer private any belief why that that you just can gargle it but it used to be became a thing .

Yeah that used to be exactly that used to be exactly what my theory used to be so that that you just can presumably presumably conceal that you just didn't attain the archaic ric aptitude you already know over the shoulder more or less thing which after you already know 10 15 shots you already know you're inclined to attain neatly yeah two for me i've in actuality performed that as neatly after a 2nd one i used to be .

Prefer it's gone i i love i told everyone the day before on the original time i don't drink but it doesn't mean that i will't drink i exact i don't glean to drink but you already know i'm a limiteless hashish smoker i'm rather more into that than i’m drinking i i would even gain to the smoking in a .

Bit but there's one demand i've got to request you and the truth is because you brought up the damaged faculty courses i guess it’s um the undertaker used to be on no longer too prolonged within the past and he told the parable the build you and he nearly came to blows uh even as you assume you were touring in memphis and it used to be a bit of a snowy evening now .

We've heard his model of the parable i'd adore yours it's exact like he acknowledged simplest thing i don't agree with him on is when um i took over the auto after he drove for it's a three-hour drive from nashville to memphis .

Memphis and nashville uh it used to be like he acknowledged it used to be a blizzard open air man and uh i used to be exact positive to drive my automobile and he tried to chat me out of it acknowledged dude he calls me endure he's like endure don't you don't know straightforward drive the snow you are living in california or by no technique by no technique drove within the snow in my life .

You know but i had to drive and i'm form of dude in particular support then that you just couldn't expose me sufficient you told me no after which i used to be resolute to attain it so i'm like no it's my automobile i'm gonna drive so it used to be me him dirty white boy dirty white girl and um her name used to be kim and he used to be tony .

Anthony his accurate name used to be tony anthony and so uh i i took over the auto taker says that i got like 10 feet and i put the auto exact into a fling and put us exact into a ditch i disagree i guess i went a minimal of 10 yards .

But yeah man but we we didn't nearly attain to blows on that that one which we we went to blows on used to be after we were stopping over one in all these hats i don't know for many who heard that no i've by no technique heard of that one slip forward please that used to be on the first on the first stone frigid podcast with him he talked .

About me and him getting exact into a fight an right fight over a hat after which on the 2nd one he told the uh snow myth i guess or vice versa oh so so what used to be the hat used to be it exact he wished that form of hat first uh i had i've been wearing these hats .

Without raze and uh i had sold one which used to be a stetson it used to be more of a riverboat you already know reasonably than godfather style it used to be riverboat it used to be flat on the head and uh we faded to present every completely different i mean he'd give me this rolex to find i'd give him this he'd give me .

That we'd continuously give it support so one i acknowledged he tried on my hat and i'm like bro it looks greater on you than me and he's like now i'm taking the hat and i'm like no you're going to eradicate the hat and he's like no i'm no longer going to eradicate the hat so he goes within the loo locks the door and going to the loo .

And i i mean you in actuality want to transfer on the podcast and seek it because it's you designate it's intelligent and they also put stuff to it and so i customarily broke down the door and we open stopping and we were stopping in entrance of pretty a whole lot of of us you already know and uh neatly previous to that after i broke down the door he's like oh yeah he .

Took the door and put his head thru the door after which he went open air thru the the door we're on the 2nd flooring like down to the parking lot after which he came support in that's when i attacked him and however the factual to the parable and i'm like i acknowledged you in actuality want to explore it up .

It's a lovely exact myth the factual to the parable is he took the hat and he even says it on the you already know right here he goes i i took the hat though i've got it i'm going to request you a pair more hasty undertaker questions first and one thing that came to mild about a years .

Previously used to be the cucumber thing please uncover the cucumber thing with undertaker that's exact so queer to me um all i learn about it this is all i learn about he don't like cucumbers you don't want him on his food he don't snatch to hunt him you don't snatch to the touch him i by no technique ribbed him about it um it used to be by no technique a limiteless deal more of us fabricate .

An unlimited deal out of it than me i don't know if the parable is someone ripped him or one thing but it's i've known him since 88 1988 and he exact for some motive he don't like adorable covers but like i acknowledged i by no technique ripped him like put cucumbers on his bed or any of that stuff .

I by no technique did that so there's a legend to it i don't designate it i do know that he does no longer like cucumbers neatly clearly a exact friend as neatly for many who're no longer gonna uh i'll expose you what and clearly someone who knows who the deem is customarily going to be on wrestlers court as neatly .

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah they don't private that anymore i don't assume no attain you uh attain you ever endure in mind getting taken to wrestlers court or attain you endure in mind any exact tales support within the day of uh anyone who has tried for one thing i took dilo to wrestlers court one time um this is over hashish we were in .

Chicago dealer used to be from that house and he's like dude after we slip to chicago don't inconvenience about it i got you coated i'm going to gain you the fire it's going to be the finest you ever i'm like okay man so i expose my of us no no i don't inconvenience about it i'm coated see you later myth short dilo involves my room .

With the worst taking a ogle it seemed like a catch of weeds and so because it used to be presumably 12 o'clock at night i couldn't gain any that night and i want it and so the tv i used to be going to eradicate him to court for misrepresenting exact weed and so he settled out of court with me .

Because he knew taker used to be going to build it to him and uh he settled out of court with me but dude there used to be pretty a whole lot of wrestling court tales um it used to be a limiteless thing support within the slack 80s and early 90s i don't endure in mind them all but there used to be dude there used to be pretty a whole lot of it used to be .

A weekly thing and the thing that used to be chilly about it there used to be no office of us allowed for many who weren't a wrestler you weren't allowed in you
Here’s the adorable prowrestler ever%sentence_ending

The Godfather on The Undertaker | Cucumbers, Fights, Jack Daniels & Wrestler’s Courtroom!

The Godfather on The Undertaker | Cucumbers, Fights, Jack Daniels & Wrestler's Court!