The Godfather on Tammy “Sunny” Sytch HEAT, Paul Bearer’s Hidden Expertise & MORE! | FIRING LINE

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The Godfather on Tammy “Sunny” Sytch Warmth, Paul Bearer’s Hidden Expertise & MORE! | FIRING LINE
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I cherish wrestling match, on memoir of they’re glamorous! Um enact you know all moral i'm gonna throw some names at you uh i name it the firing line so i'm gonna fire a pair of names at you and uh you represent me if they're frigid you represent me uh what you suspect of them in most cases i indicate you affirm everybody's frigid on memoir of you're factual cherish the nicest dude on this planet uh but in case you've acquired a joke to .

Throw at me on the identical time please be at liberty and the first one is tiger ali singh didn't know him that whale gave the look to be a fab dude i worked with him a pair times but i didn't know him that successfully but he looked i beget he became from canada he looked cherish a kindly guy .

Or what enact you are seeking to sigh frigid or now no longer frigid no in case you've acquired a joke i'm now no longer no i'm now no longer telling you in case you don't cherish him or cherish him and you affirm whatever you desire about that successfully i worked with him a pair times but you seem cherish a fab dude jamie dundee jamie dandy broad killer .

Let me let it crawl that broad killer the the the field's toughest smallest man and the toughest smallest guy on this planet broad killer paul bearer oh yes uh correct joint roller manny i wasn't awaiting that he wrote the finest joints bro he wrote .

Suited joints mentor don't didn't take note him too remarkable i didn't hang out with him what became this steady title i don't um i factual take note didn't know him that successfully ample uh sunny #1 hoe on this planet finest hoe on this planet .

Nastiest hoe on this planet let me help going yes this piece of on this planet you are seeking to retain going yes you know piece of ample talked about ample talked about uh chief jase i indicate she's doubtlessly in penal complex now moral i wager you she's in penal complex i'll wager you any amount of money moral .

Now she's in penal complex uh i in actuality spoke to johnny candido um chris's brother and god he had so remarkable to sigh about her as successfully so she became factual novel on my suggestions she's factual she's factual she's in actuality factual a bit of uh chief jay strongbow .

Prefer i’d luxuriate in listened to him extra when i first broke in correct guy in actuality correct guy he tried to present me some advice that i shied from and to on the present time i desire i desire i’d luxuriate in listened to him jim cornette uh jim cornett frigid dude been around wrestling a truly long time acquired no .

Considerations with jim cornette frigid dude uh kerry von erick ah man unhappy memoir correct guy sizable wrestler tremendous dude this mabel um mabel is that which technique visceral mabel yeah viscera mammoth daddy v mate yeah nelson frazier uh became nels became mammoth daddy became mabel .

Yeah um what became completely different guy's title maybelline completely different guy but anyway correct dude mr i wrote with him loads spoke with him loads he in actuality stayed at my residence at one other residence that i had a pair times when he became here um correct guy i rode with him loads he .

Taught me roll a block yes in actuality he taught me roll a e book factual represent me i in actuality wrote this i didn't indicate it to rhyme i've talked about mabel sable sable became frigid uh i became i wasn't around deborah remarkable greater than stable but sable became frigid i didn't state alongside with her remarkable she roughly .

Didn't in actuality hang around but i'd watch deborah mcmichael we did cardio within the morning your full times me her and teddy long and we state your full time factual frigid in actuality tremendous particular person uh uh stable correct girl wasn't doing cardio you would possibly perhaps perchance presumably't represent me he became doing cardio clear daddy long is the .

Cardio champion of the field in actuality no one would possibly perhaps perchance enact extra cardio than teddy long hear to me uh he crawl two hours on a treadmill working wow and he's cherish 70 something years mature i i feeble to secure i'd smoke within the morning we smoke within the morning and then we'd crawl enact cardio and if it .

Wasn't whatever but we'd continuously enact cardio and to on the present time i could perhaps perchance enact an hour of cardio it is now no longer main what i could perhaps perchance enact an hour i could perhaps perchance crawl over there moral now and enact an hour cardio on memoir of i did so remarkable with teddy i don't know the place i acquired to soundless cough from i did so remarkable with teddy that you simply be taught .

breathe and while you be taught to breathe cardio is easy cherish something uh akam albrecht i beget he became brachus he became the bodybuilder the german guy raucous wasn't he lukewa borga no that became tony halm he became um he became the nordic geezer yeah brock i don't take note barakas i .

Keep in mind the title uh nails correct guy what from that minnesota that minnesota crew correct guy you know uh uh don't snarl you with that you simply had been you within the uh area when the throttling factor came about it came about within the locker room i became .

There i became i became there successfully you had been in actuality watching them enact it i became there i didn't watch it happen but i heard it happening but i became there i've acquired a pair of extra king kong bundy king kong didn't know him successfully um but he became a correct guy he became coy he's funny he became continuously he's a funny guy .

Uh marty jannetty soundless residing the dream puny one martin j daddy soundless residing the dream god bless you man he's going to grasp on to the end he's going to exit partying puny one so he's the identical as he became 30 years within the past so god bless him i beget he factual had an operation on his .

Leg i beget so i desire him successfully but he's soundless he's soundless that 1980 marty did you ever rock and roll with him on a night time out or now no longer it is miles a must favor to luxuriate in completed um he he would represent up on the strip golf equipment every so frequently but he wasn't fragment of the e book that we had cherish i talked about bsk became our community that's who .

We hung around uh one extra owen heart ah this correct dude sizable dude sizable wrestler correct honest appropriate friend i i i furthermore wrote a e book uh cherish collating all of owen hart's ribs and i take into memoir cherish 160 of them and it's cherish a huge e book as successfully and i don't think there became .

I ever chanced on one from you uh enact you’ve got any that came about to you or that you simply had been around if owen ever ripped me i don't know about it most folks i don't i never acquired ripped now no longer on memoir of i'm tricky or now no longer i factual people that rip me i don't i'm you know i don't think they had been apprehensive .

To inch but marty oh that's moral marty jannetty tried to rip me as soon as and oh kurt kenny kurt hitting tried to rip me as soon as that's moral uh but marty genetics became seeking to place a lock on my locker moral and scott hall or someone came and talked about howdy marty's in .

There placing the lock to your locker so i went there caught him crimson-handed so uh and then it became a scott hall uh kirk hitting crimson but it became it wasn't on me it became in actuality on scott on memoir of me and kurt roughly you know double dipped on so what became the uh curt hendergon .

I don't take note oh it had so i don't take note and it became a factor it became a factor the place kirk became cherish doing commentary so he became roughly within the characteristic of job and it became something about kurt became gonna carry me and y'all it became something it became funny .

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The Godfather on Tammy “Sunny” Sytch HEAT, Paul Bearer’s Hidden Expertise & MORE! | FIRING LINE