The Garcia Twins Express Their Sadness at Not Being a Part of WWE

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The Garcia Twins’ new reality show, Twin Love, debuted on Friday on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee.

In a recent interview with People, Nikki and Brie Garcia discussed their life after WWE and how they are currently focused on themselves.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Nikki Garcia on changing their stage names: “We were representing our Italian roots for so long, and now we get to represent our Mexican, Latin roots. To be in the Garcia chapter, in God’s way, was the perfect time and path.”

Nikki on parting ways with WWE: “There was a moment where her and I looked at each other and kind of felt, ‘You know what? We’re all not seeing eye to eye any more.’ We didn’t even have to say it, we could just look at each other and feel it.”

On having more freedom outside of WWE: “We get sad at times to not be a part of what the women are doing over there, and we will always support our women of the WWE, but it’s been amazing to be in meetings or have these opportunities and be able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for yourself, and not to have to go and ask, ‘Hey, we really want to do this opportunity, can we?’ We’re in this place of reclaiming our power and making our own decisions and not having to ask permission. It’s crazy to feel that at 39.”

Brie Garcia on their new reality dating show Twin Love: “We felt all of their pain. When you’re a twin, you are born with your soul mate. So the need to find a spouse or a loved one isn’t so important, because you have someone there every day. It took us a while, but we did figure it out. We feel like we’re still learning and our husbands remind us of it.”

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The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie Garcia, have recently opened up about their life after leaving WWE and their new reality show, “Twin Love.” In an interview with People, the sisters discussed their journey and the freedom they now have to make their own decisions.

One significant change for the Garcia Twins is their decision to change their stage names. Previously known as Nikki and Brie Bella, they now go by Nikki and Brie Garcia to represent their Mexican and Latin roots. They believe that being in the Garcia chapter of their lives is the perfect path for them.

Parting ways with WWE was not an easy decision for the twins. However, there came a point where they realized they were no longer seeing eye to eye with the company. Nikki mentioned that there was a moment when they looked at each other and felt the disconnect. They didn’t even need to say anything; they could feel it. Despite the sadness of not being a part of what the women in WWE are doing, they are grateful for the freedom they now have outside of the company.

Having more freedom means being able to make their own decisions without having to ask for permission. The twins expressed how amazing it feels to be able to say “yes” or “no” to opportunities without needing approval. They are reclaiming their power and enjoying the autonomy that comes with it. It’s a significant change for them, especially at the age of 39.

In addition to their new ventures, Nikki and Brie are also starring in a reality dating show called “Twin Love.” As twins, they understand the unique bond that comes with being born with your soul mate. They believe that finding a spouse or loved one isn’t as important for twins because they have each other every day. However, they did eventually find their own partners and continue to learn and grow together.

The Garcia Twins’ reality show, “Twin Love,” premiered on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee. It gives viewers a glimpse into their lives and the challenges they face as twins navigating relationships and personal growth.

As the Garcia Twins embark on this new chapter of their lives, they continue to support the women of WWE and remain connected to the wrestling world. Fans can stay updated on all wrestling news on or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Overall, Nikki and Brie Garcia’s journey after leaving WWE is a testament to their resilience and determination to create their own path. Their new reality show, “Twin Love,” provides an intimate look into their lives and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.