The Fiend Wins His First TV Match Against Kevin Owens

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The Fiend Wins His First TV Match Against Kevin Owens

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Photo Credit: WWE

Tonight marked the first television match for The Fiend, and it was against none other than Kevin Owens, the man who he attacked last week after seemingly taking over Alexa Bliss. In his first official match in the ThunderDome, The Fiend took down Owens in another brutal showing, proving to the WWE universe just how powerful he can be.

During the match, Owens looked like he had a chance against The Fiend early on, but things quickly shifted in the other direction. After landing multiple powerbombs onto The Fiend and breaking the announce table, Owens still couldn’t land a count out, as The Fiend surprised Owens by popping up and locking in the Mandible Claw. Owens still managed to hit the Stunner on him, but The Fiend wouldn’t let go of the Claw, and Owens eventually passed out in The Fiend’s clutch.

#TheFiend PLANTS @FightOwensFight! #SmackDown @WWEBrayWyatt

— WWE (@WWE) October 10, 2020

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

The Fiend rolls out of the ring. Owens flattens The Fiend with a senton out on the floor. Owens gets back in the ring. The Fiend tries to get back in the ring but Owens superkicks The Fiend off the apron. Owens hits a frog splash off the apron. Owens popup powerbomb The Fiend on the announce desk but it doesn’t break. Owens powerbomb The Fiend again and the table breaks. Owens gets back in the ring. The Fiend pops back up and puts Owens in the Mandible Claw. Owens Hits the Stunner but The Fiend doesn’t release the hold. The Fiend slams Owens down to the mat. Owens passes out.

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