The Explanation Behind Pat McAfee’s Absence from WWE RAW

The Explanation Behind Pat McAfee’s Absence from WWE RAW
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In the most recent WWE RAW episode, Pat McAfee, a regular color commentator paired with Michael Cole, was noticeably absent.

Cole informed viewers at the start of RAW about McAfee’s non-attendance and urged them not to overanalyze this. He said, “Don’t read too much into it.”

McAfee’s commentator seat was taken by The Miz shortly after McAfee had an interview with Triple H on his show “The Pat McAfee Show” podcast. In that dialogue, WWE CCO Triple H offered his insights on a range of subjects including WWE’s shows on Netflix and wrestlers like Jacob Fatu and Roman Reigns.

During the RAW show, Nikki Cross handed Cole a present intended for McAfee. This was after the Wyatt Sicks had unleashed their chaos last week.

While elements related to the Wyatt Sicks group have been incorporated into McAfee’s podcast, seen by last week’s feed disruption and the subsequent broadcasting of “You Lied” signals, McAfee, a former NFL player, has dismissed any rumors of a connection to the group.

PWTorch reported that McAfee was absent because of an unexpected and pressing family matter.