The Dutch Mantell-Ric Style Fight Continues– Information

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The continuous fight in between Dutch Mantell and Ric Flair resides on.

For those uninformed, this all began when Mantell required to his podcast and slammed Flair’s last match. This led to the Nature Boy reacting by calling Mantell a ” unpleasant old wrestler.” Previous ROH President Cary Silkin just recently chimed in on the matter, siding with Mantell. Silkin likewise declares that Flair still owes him $41,000 for not satisfying 4 ROH looks back in 2009.

Dutch Mantell has actually now fired back on Facebook, difficult Flair to dispute him on a Zoom call with all of the earnings going to charity. Mantell states he ‘d like to have an “Actual Debate” through Zoom, charging $1 for fans to see it.

You can take a look at some Dirty Dutch’s most current post listed below:

Ric … simply could not leave well sufficient alone could you? Simply got ta get in that last parting shot. Parting shots ought to indicate that the recipient runs out to state. Unfortunately, in this case, you might do that every 3 days and there ‘d still suffice of the trashy Ric Flair to cover every post.

I didn’t even listen to your last podcast BUT YES, you can thank me for providing you a subject. The factor I do not listen is I like to listen to individuals who make good sense and the host being midway meaningful. You’re beyond that. Ric, there’s a big distinction in between us and prior to you get to just how much cash you made vs. me, I’ll yield that point. Yes you made a helluva lot more $$$ than I did. I believe along the method, I’ve never ever been implicated of:

Lying, not paying taxes, borrowing obtaining cash friends good friends pay said stated and not paying them back, being millions of dollars in debt financial obligation being sued taken legal action against settlement in non-payment actions plus arrested apprehended domestic violence. Just seriously hollow individuals do that. It would appear that after all this you must’ve found out something however alas, not.

Ric you’ve even reached to implicate a few of your ex-wives of beating your ass. Why didn’t you use that notorious Figure 4 to them? In some way, someway,,, I in addition to countless other males have actually never ever implicated a partner of beating the crap outta them or attack and being hurt by a lady. Just the bad, underappreciated Ric Flair can do that.

Ric, you’ve constantly fasted to slam and blame however really sluggish to take claim over them. Like the Good Book states, John 8 7, “Let he who lacks sin, cast the very first stone.” I understand that you’ve been standing there because 1972 with a brick in your hand however someway, you can’t provide it the old TOSS”. I understand you’ve never ever checked out John 8-7 and I question you can even see how it uses to you. Folks, this is not me comprising all these claims as they are openly readily available all day on our fantastic good friend, THE INTERNET.

If any person does not think the rap sheet on Flair holds true … Google it and see what turns up.

I’ve tagged you in this Ric … so let your Social Media Manager understand about it due to the fact that I understand you can’t compose worth a damn. And to be truthful, he’s not that great either. If you desire, let’s have a “ACTUAL DEBATE”

by means of Zoom about you and me and your past. We’ll charge a dollar a view and contribute it to charity. Let’s discuss the truthfulness of your life rather of simply your viewpoint on individuals, like me critiquing your LAST MATCH which by the method hasn’t altered. Prior to I go Ric … I’ve got to thank you for making me a larger existence on Social Media than I was. My Twitter, Facebook and IntaGram has actually gotten a lot more fans.

Have a fantastic day, consume about 12 beers, struck a couple of Tequila shots and see some old videos from Jim Crockett Promotions when you were really excellent about 40 years earlier. One concern … what does it seem like to actually take $300,000 from wrestling fans on your LAST MATCH?

One fan asked another fan, “Did you see Flair’s last match?” The other fans responded, “I f’ ng hope so”. See you Naitch. No tough sensations Ric however the realities are the truths. Make sure sir. I still like you Naitch !!”

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