The Dream Team: Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake – Stout Shoot Interview

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Journey Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake (aka The Dream Team) on this absorbing unique shoot interview from Title Match Network.

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Produced by us in Feb 2021, right here is the first ever fats size shoot interview from both Valentine & Beefcake. As The Dream Team, the duo had been WWF Imprint Team Champions and one in all the first teams to ever headline World Wrestling Federation PPVs & events.

00: 03 Intros
00: 42 Origin of The Dream Team
06: 42 US Notify – Barry Windham, Mike Rotunda
12: 37 Dan Spivey replacing Barry Windham
14: 38 Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff
19: 14 Wrestlemania 2 vs British Bulldogs
21: 38 WWF Colossal Event vs The Fabulous Rougeaus
26: 18 Rowdy Roddy Piper
31: 45 Wrestlemania III
36: 07 The Dream Team breaks up (Brutus becomes the Barber)
41: 36 Don Muraco, JYD Fired from tour
45: 01 More British Bulldogs
48: 36 Haku & Tama – The Islanders
50: 46 Wahoo McDaniel
53: 30 Can-Am Connection (Rick Martel, Tom Zenk)
54: 50 Wrestling who tumble from grace
57: 28 Appearances on A&E Hidden Treasures, Biography
59: 56 Bret Hart, Stu Hart
1: 03: 27 Trump Plaza – Wrestlemania IV
1: 06: 50 Greg Valentine House Tour

Title Match Network asks the total questions you main to know in regards to the WWF mark team scene between 1985-1987.

We hope you secure pleasure from this absorbing unique shoot from Valentine & Beefcake, the normal Dream Team!

That is one fine wrestling! it essentially is brutus the barber beefcake and my partner greg the hammer valentine and what we are going to likely be on title match network that's magnificent coming right soon in actuality so soon it'd be love a jet airplane out of vegas we're doing this from las vegas from my .

House the dream team together as soon as more and we're going stronger never will struggle any individual quiet so command up and spot us on the title match network where became as soon as the first time you guys met and the top possible intention did this friendship originate smartly i mediate i mediate bruce came over to .

My home magnificent yeah he came over to my home north carolina and we smoked a joint and we had been chums forever he's a correct mellow man you bought to understand him you mediate he looks to be like correct now he looked essentially correct help then the total females had been chasing him and uh .

I became as soon as jealous about that nonetheless i bought these that bounced off of them so i'm good kidding all the issues's kidding magnificent right here nonetheless uh yeah i met him so i mediate in 1977 at my home and then he became as soon as interior and outside of the mid-atlantic and i bumped into him as soon as more in uh in long island when i i mediate it became as soon as .

Spherical 84 85 and he came in as brutus butte cake and i didn't even know that he became as soon as within the tip of 83 k it became as soon as early early i didn't know who you had been though yeah smartly due to i modified my life you told me and no-one knew who i became as soon as due to you had been dizzy hogan sooner than then .

Precisely final time i became as soon as viewed in that home i had an extended uh no longer an extended i had a beard blonde hair and a beard you gotta come all over at me as soon as more you come all over love you walked off the quilt of some males's magic when i when i went help to florida to cook dinner up bruised beefcake deal .

I dropped love 30 kilos love in love 5 weeks six weeks bam i slash my hair right immediate dyed it jet shaded and due to i lost weight my face looked diversified every and i went to long island and walked into the office folks's they had been love who’re you .

I'm no longer strolling with hogan i walked in with hogan to the vince's [ __ ] around the autos the office guys even the folks that knew me couldn't imagine it they couldn't smartly that became as soon as that became as soon as a enormous giving he comes in love that you don't even understand it's the same .

Man and then he gets he gets a correct push and he begins working in opposition to hogan bruised beefcake the [ __ ] [ __ ] bought over man then we twisted up later on so did you guys belief on this sooner than you positively came together no it's good love what it's .

Valid a correct thing to happen due to uh at the 2d i moved from charlotte to florida and i became as soon as magnificent down there by him so we had been chums anyway and then when they place us together on the avenue sooner than the dream team title came out or the relaxation love that they place us together loads and that became as soon as a form of .

Fun due to we had the coverage to secure secure the rent of autos together and run lift out the object and hover on the airplane together and you understand it became as soon as correct so it became as soon as a correct relationship and it helped to be chums and it helped that shall we smoke a joint together and furthermore .

Helped it he cherished the same extra or much less tune i did classic rock and all these and all that it good ought to you're smartly qualified to that that’s that's the predominant thing and one more thing became as soon as i've been i became as soon as had been within the .

Industry loads longer than him by that time likely i had 10 years on him within the industry so he he respected seven years he respected my thought he respected my opinions loads oh yeah that's magnificent he let me lead rt that's an invinci .

We no person lives nonetheless at the starting regularly nonetheless love he's announcing regularly there has to be an working out and it be crucial to love a mindset and and it be crucial to head with that mindset ought to you bought two two folks [ __ ] you bought ric aptitude and hulk hogan within the ring you're gonna like any additional or much less continuity .

To [ __ ] the relaxation due to you will likely be in a position to have the selection to't each person's egos are tripping over every diversified's egos no person wants to you bought to love a partner you understand it good works greg and i greg don't are attempting to work in opposition to every diversified i watched someone had wrestling when i became as soon as a little one when i became as soon as with aptitude we had a mark team .

Belts three or four diversified instances nonetheless he would secure in there and struggle and struggle and i run when's he ever going to mark me in so that became as soon as me and him wasn't a mark team and greg and i went in there we fought we annihilated teams .

Attributable to we we we tagged interior and outside interior and outside and cyber web we good we secure them break them and mark to secure them into the break and we good beat them and growth them break them and growth and bang in distinction due to we didn't come all over love every diversified and there wasn't two blondes .

That became as soon as a stereotype of mark teams they’d to come all over you guys weren't within the same home attempting to come all over love we didn’t come all over love every diversified at all that's what made it work it's love a yin yang extra or much less thing it became as soon as exactly that and regularly it's reverse to plan yeah .

We're fully reverse of each diversified and when they place us together growth straight away folks responded we had jimmy hart with us we had uh johnny heroic the late enormous johnny heroic so it became as soon as all correct stuff it became as soon as pure and i i mediate it's due to we are chums already .

And george scott i'm gonna give a shout out for him he became as soon as a correct booker in there came in from charlotte and he extra or much less had this imaginative and prescient that he main to place when bruce became as soon as accomplished with hogan he main to place us together due to i’d be accomplished working with tito the total .

Time so it became as soon as we good meshed together it became as soon as quite thick just a few instances smartly yeah they main to know the intention it worked they salted into the to the highway up right here and there a couple just a few reveals folks saved announcing love why are they inserting greg and brutus .

Yeah together and i gotta quilt uh then pick it out folks couldn't pick it out and then rapid growth and the american team or whatever they're called the all-american team london and nintendo yeah they’d some gimmick it became as soon as came out hulk hogan tune and stuff .

Yeah same same extra or much less tune same extra or much less thing and the folks farted at it no essentially we would favor made a form of money if they would favor hadn't gotten i mediate smartly due to barry william bought angry we had a six-month assured flee all around .

Return suits sellouts all over shall we even give the secure spectrum nonetheless it became as soon as higher with the heels having the belts with all their faces chasing the total time due to you bought hogan has a little one face with a belt and you bought it on a mark team hundreds of dollars a complete bunch of hundreds of .

Bucks lost since the fellows good they good the man one in all the fellows good said i suspect immoral for the diversified man mike uh nonetheless the diversified man good walked out didn't uncover any individual and uncover us good left didn't command up next couple days later where i became as soon as very females .

Yeah very powerful good good barry's a chum i esteem him and you worked with them sooner than yeah we know all that there wanted to be some underlying thing one thing up there we never knew about it i will't imagine good the evening sooner than why would you lift out that to .

The place folks are name your mates we had been taking half in bumper autos downtown baltimore i grew to alter into around someone bumped my automobile and it's it's uh mike rotundo and barry went and bubbled my we had lincoln's that we rented and if i love god man they're tousled so i drove away and in command that they bought away from .

Them and the following day barry bought on the airplane and flew dwelling and stop good love that one thing snapped no reason could well had been a girl thing it could well had been whatever acw hired him magnificent away so he knew he could well possibly run someplace nonetheless it extra or much less tousled our deal that's when .

He created nonetheless we created with the advantage of uh i mediate george scott the british bulldog the bulldogs had been the younger up-and-comers team coming in nonetheless they weren’t ready for prime time nonetheless we made them television .

Nonetheless it surely took six months to secure them ready in six months growth and now by the purpose we bought them ready then they we needed to place their asses which became as soon as a mistake due to then that all the issues the the bulldogs couldn't lift out an interview they’d to love captain the captain became as soon as within the left .

Area he couldn't lift out it both so and and let's face it the folks the folks at dwelling are attempting to understand the qualified guys beating the immoral guys and winning the belts they don't are attempting to understand the qualified guys with the belts combating for their lives from the immoral guys and winning by the skin of their teeth .

Or whatever every evening they are trying to understand the qualified guys beating up the immoral guys and with us having the belts they would well beat us up every evening magnificent and then nonetheless on a technicality we saved the yeah we sneak out and so you executed .

Many issues that by doing you could well possibly possibly send the folks dwelling ecstatic at the command due to they bought to understand the qualified guys beating up the immoral guys nonetheless the immoral guys didn't prefer to prevent the belt so yeah and we live to fight one more day and the following day and the following day and .

The next day you're talking to two guys that essentially esteem the industry no longer good esteem the money i esteem the money that's for sure this kind of astronomical motivator nonetheless we essentially esteem the industry and i esteem being on the avenue i esteem going available within the market the rock and roll band love a rock roll band good protect going .

Going and going we'll come help dwelling and all live to florida or charlotte one in all these areas and take a seat down for 3 days and you'd be gone as soon as more nonetheless for 3 days you could well possibly possibly barely relax due to you good that that became as soon as such piece it's love the rock and roll thing it's good love man you're on tour you good protect going .

Most efficient thing is ours and ours became as soon as a never-ending tour we wrestled at thanksgiving we wrestled on christmas yeah in sure seasons on um every week on the matinees don't saturday sunday saturday sure i already obtained it .

For obvious magnificent and then on television days we're going in between four suits a day two days in a row every two weeks we did television doing eight suits in two days and we'd be flying with logan one and then growth bam we're all smoking the same weed we .

Didn't sleep powerful for a couple years there and a cigar now and then and some cognac purple wine you mentioned earlier about how when barry windham left that issues had extra or much less uh modified loads lift out what the plans had been going ahead for the dream team at the moment what you guys had laid out .

Sooner than this occurs i know dan spivey became as soon as place within the gap i became as soon as going to know the intention that extra or much less modified the chemistry for your suits smartly down's a enormous man and and we love danny yeah he's a tamper boy i uh he became as soon as he became as soon as in a immoral space he he became as soon as k nonetheless he i mean they main to .

Watch barry and he became as soon as thrown in there and he looked love barry and each person is conscious of he's loads more difficult and barry this [ __ ] became as soon as stressful oh he's a batman i mess with him and i don't understand it began getting over nonetheless then they switched it rapid i don't know someone said hiya .

Let's run a definite route let's seize these two bulldogs and then so we place them over on television on nationwide television nonetheless it became as soon as a non-title match and he did this spectacular thing with they they place beefcake within the airplane trudge and in command that they backed him up and the one man jumped off or no it became as soon as .

It can well had been me in right here nonetheless whatever they double thing off the end rope beat us one two three nonetheless they didn't engage the belts and captain lou became as soon as the manager and it took off and and the folks believed in it due to this loopy thing you did i likely bought some movie .

So now we're going all over and we're selling out all over for the area mark team championship no no mark team had ever accomplished that sooner than we had been selling out with out hogan being on a card or a macho man or any individual is utilizing it they mediate a single main occasion outdraws .

A mark nonetheless on this case we did the same or higher we sold out all all over canada anyplace anaheim california we sold out the disaster anaheim keeps coming up yeah one time they place us in opposition to sheik and volkov and it made us love little one fish yeah and we slept we had been infants .

Twice with two human beings you bought two hail denims yeah she she bought me in there i began selling i became as soon as freaking down on the bottom the crowd went loopy crowd what exploded within the astronomical cities they esteem the dream team these exiguous hit towns they likely didn't love us nonetheless .

The astronomical metropolis folks love the dream team especially long island and l.a the total correct areas since we since you introduced them up and you guys like any correct uh i know you've likely been on the avenue with 1,000,000 million instances nonetheless each person looks to love an iron sheik legend you guys like correct instances with .

Them on the avenue too or how became as soon as your relationship i i had a enormous you understand it became as soon as all fun and games with him and ought to you i let me we had a he would uncover each person he goes let me introduce you to greg valentine he's the one who taught me easy techniques to smoke .

Dope and lift out the cannabis and lift out the total hors d'oeuvres and all the issues greg confirmed me easy techniques to protect out that over right here love what the hell are you announcing i didn't care astronomical deal nonetheless she stop loopy uh yeah he became as soon as he became as soon as wild the iron sheep i'll good uncover you one .

Myth right here is basically humorous we we're drunk as hell and i'm on some diversified [ __ ] and we're going to denny's and we're attempting to secure served and within the end it took goodbye they confirmed up with the sheets pancakes and whatever he had he took him and he threw him on the bottom .

And went all over what seize you so [ __ ] long to interrupt my stuff and i'm going please tranquil down rapid we're in ohio or one thing all sudden love 10 police command up and in command that they're good standing around us and i says he don't be in contact .

English and in command that they let us run i said he don't be in contact english so he secure let me secure him out of right here they didn't are attempting to arrest him [ __ ] this field nonetheless my tales of sublime had been enormous i mean love for sure no longer the right time to occasion with the sublime became as soon as .

In the resort room due to while you're around a bunch of folks it gets angry oh essentially what a bar is [ __ ] this [ __ ] nonetheless folks would ache him they'd they would ache him they wouldn't ache us folks don't sign is that cosgo cosgrove victoria purple .

Modified into a legit shaw of iran's bodyguard he became as soon as an olympic wrestling champion for her iran he [ __ ] this man became as soon as a legit killing immoral ass nonetheless the nicest man ever yeah i've viewed him secure guys three four hundred kilos he'd secure down the ring would provide folks .

Ten thousand dollars to secure within the ring and flip him over and i've viewed four or 5 hundred pound guys attempting to flip this man away 260 kilos tried to flip him over and in command that they couldn't lift out it he good made embarrassment good embarrassing yeah he became as soon as .

There's this man he reminds me of danny hodge due to it's the same manner you'd be around danny hodge and seize a come all over at to flip him he would good flip his wrist love this and grasp you and rapid you run oh and he had love oh and the sheik became as soon as love that needed to strike hiya that's that's the .

Complete thing of wrestling that's love ought to you bought that bare grip me and greg both know know danny hodge we knew the man yeah that's good the man from the 60s i’d seek information from him good please from the 60s command me how stable you are so i ought to good squeeze danny hodge could well possibly spoil a pair of .

[ __ ] uh he could well possibly snap a pair of pliers man that's how stable his grip became as soon as i've viewed him lift out that every one magnificent nonetheless we bought a form of right legit stressful guys within the are right legit high guys as a mark team you guys had been selling out .

Areas and headlining one in all these examples for sure likely one in all essentially the most famed ones is wrestlemania 2. you guys headline your card and the rosemont horizon lift out you guys like any recollections about this three areas in a single for the time being no it became as soon as good ride and .

Uh we had been the predominant enchantment they’d some extra or much less a chicago bears football fight royal form thing where they’d some chicago bears and some folks that don't generally struggle had been on this uh fight royals so that became as soon as the diversified main occasion .

Then there became as soon as armando which meant one thing and then they’d l.a and then they’d the illinois and long island he began out in long island with piper and mr t i mediate and switched over to us and then it went to hogan and king kong bundy or one thing in l.a so .

It's on the satellite tv for pc or on the tv no we had been in l.a no we had been in chicago in that manner wrestlemania too we're in l.a bro chicago no l.a i like you at the rosemont horizon nonetheless you wrestlemania too sure due to it became as soon as uh long island l.a .

And it's good l.a that became as soon as hogan's deal hogan became as soon as in opposition to uh yeah now became as soon as this a astronomical deal for you guys while you chanced on that you would be i mean due to you had been already doing astronomical industry up up to now and drawing all over and then to be featured on love one in all the spot .

The 2d annual of this thing i mean became as soon as this a astronomical deal to you guys or is this one more command no it became as soon as a astronomical deal i good belief all correct issues come to an end it wasn't long after that they spoil up us up we didn't prefer to head that manner .

Nonetheless we we we had been magnificent there at the plateau at our high thing and then then they beat us nonetheless it wasn't wasn't a immoral and we came help all over and sold out as as uh going after our possess belts as soon as more as the challengers we sold out .

In each place the field they ran that one more 300 and sixty five days so all in all we had three years of bulldogs you will likely be in a position to have the selection to't that's and then sooner than he grew to alter into the barber it became as soon as love it became as soon as [ __ ] gangbusters yeah you guys did so many main reveals too there became as soon as one more one i main to deliver you did in august of 86 you guys did the .

Colossal occasion in toronto ontario 74 000 folks i knew you had been gonna deliver that and i didn't even sign that what a astronomical thing that became as soon as and then we bought available within the market they’d us below the dugout we came out it became as soon as enormous out of doorways and uh i became as soon as oh my god so did did it commence showing up on .

Shows yeah and we obtained thru we beat them oh yeah i mediate so yeah they had been they had been what they had been they had been they didn't they didn't are attempting to promote they had been stressful to work with yeah they didn't are attempting to promote you so it became as soon as extra or much less a fight when i watched greg i said i'm going to protect out .

Whatever greg whatever greg does that's what i'm gonna lift out and i saw him fight that's it that i'm combating yeah and in command that they had been out you had the fun they had been out man when it came to combating with the dream team buddy we had been good too too freaking stressful no i .

Ended up [ __ ] potato and we weren't what the [ __ ] we had been too stable in two in form there became as soon as no manner they would well beat us shall we shall we abolish them i don't know what if there could well furthermore be a [ __ ] or no longer [ __ ] hear to me i'm the [ __ ] heel available within the market i'm gonna seize .

Over otherwise you are trying to [ __ ] fight me didn't fight me nonetheless you're going to hear and we're going to form it flip magnificent and i needed to protect out that loads nonetheless i these [ __ ] jumped off the end of the total one in all them would protect me the diversified man would bounce off of my .

Throat so i place their [ __ ] over you don't place our [ __ ] over too so that's where it comes nonetheless they you bought to give it to him these had been little guys nonetheless they had been had the astronomical ah they weren't that little became as soon as this the canada thing that they had been .

There they didn't are attempting to place you guys over became as soon because it or is there smartly right here's the object we we repeatedly place them up they never are attempting to command it became as soon as their field in command that they repeatedly main us they main us in l.a too they repeatedly main us to place them over in canada yeah we didn't secure to struggle .

Them loads within the states nonetheless in canada they repeatedly main us to protect out a pick on for them lift out the favourite popular popular what we had the belts a form of instances they didn't are attempting to plunge the belts yeah no we had the proof and we’d we'd form them come all over correct .

Yeah for a immediate time they had been good it became as soon as love we chanced on them within the canine [ __ ] there's an conventional there's one more there's an conventional announcing how became as soon as that man the workers became as soon as love pulling teeth these guys had been love pulling your possess [ __ ] teeth attempting to form .

Him lift out nonetheless the heel is conscious of what to protect out these guys don't know what to protect out they don't they good mediate the total little one face and life thinks about is getting his [ __ ] over that's what we imagine getting them over and nonetheless having the flexibility to secure out with the belts .

We form them come all over correct and we sneak out and we like the belts so it's a complete diversified mindset a [ __ ] little one face does no longer [ __ ] know the intention it became as soon as yeah getting it's all going to be all them rather then for hogan hogan realized he bought a cell .

yeah it be crucial to secure out of the match with some while you're while you're a immoral man while you're a heel it be crucial to secure out with some warmth it be crucial to secure the folks prefer to be pissed at you to be angry at you be lift out it be crucial to secure out of there with where folks .

They are trying to understand you secure your ass beat what they're scared otherwise you [ __ ] you failed nonetheless you will likely be in a position to have the selection to't secure out of there they quiet respect you settle it up nonetheless they want the [ __ ] did they engage they want yeah yeah they are trying to understand you secure your ass beat .

Nonetheless that that's the total deal you favor while you engage and i lost i i i keep in mind watching a form of my father's suits and sooner than the dream team came along and i’d come all over and i’d he would secure out of there and he had been beaten .

Doubtlessly four or 5 instances in a match he'd mediate he'd lost and he'd secure out with the belt so it's good you sneak out of there with it and you could well possibly possibly have the selection to place the little one which makes the little one face ecstatic and he gets to beat you up for 35 minutes in a 36 minute match he took the total [ __ ] match and you .

Ride out and he's ecstatic nonetheless that's all they seize command of inserting themselves over so i if truth be told don't love little one fish the right instances we ever had had been especially in these 86 85 86 87 days sooner than we had the belts with the belts even after the belts .

Being heels working wild doing whatever we would favor liked and folks cheered us better than they did the qualified guys we saw extra fights within the crowd i've never viewed fights within the crowd any of the unique standard day stuff even even after we had been wrestling the bulldogs after we wrestled .

It became as soon as backward and ahead half the folks had been for us there became as soon as a bulldozer so many folks rather then for canada yelling for us that the the followers would essentially commence combating amongst themselves that members would cheer for the immoral guys and nonetheless .

That became as soon as the pattern within the 80s that's when it trended that manner and all the issues we bought mtv we bought vh1 furthermore we took over the the area hollywood came holly grew to alter into frigid in hollywood to be wrestling due to each person main to be in wrestling in hollywood .

You made the rock and roll wrestling connection and then the hollywood connection and wrestlemania one with all these stars there liberace and then he had uh yeah so cindy lopez all you the total musicians esteem this i know each person from recently the total bands all of us .

Performed the same arenas evening after evening that every one the astronomical bands zz high they'd be on one side of the coliseum guys that man yeah each person nonetheless it became as soon as frigid rubbing shoulders with zz high and aerosmith sharing the same .

Buffet leonard that became as soon as fine days the wrestling rock and roll connection i i mediate became as soon as very a lot plus a hollywood connection essentially made wrestling frigid you didn't prefer to deliver oh no i don't see wrestling yet and these closet wrestling followers they within the end came out of the closet we .

Relish it i went to wall road one time sooner than is manner sooner than 2001 when they they blew up the dual towers nonetheless i went down there due to i bought audited and nonetheless all the issues came out correct so then i went down .

And rapid i'm love on a platform where the elevators come out and there's a platform you seize the escalator down to the predominant lobby and there's i relate to god there became as soon as wall-to-wall folks in fits and in command that they had been yelling for me they run hammer hammer i run is this are .

You kidding me these guys chanced on out i became as soon as within the constructing they had been i became as soon as 1986 or so that's when it became as soon as essentially i mean it's enormous now nonetheless that's after we had been scorching in long island in long island metropolis brother we come out of the backyard one evening after defending the belts .

Excellent the belts and waited an hour and a half except after the command became as soon as to are attempting to disappear and it became as soon as almost 2 000 folks out of doorways waiting i repeatedly took my possess automobile we nearly bought we nearly bought they let me abolish her let me park and the police did they let .

Me park underneath and so we within the end good came out and i jumped the curb he went down the sidewalk for 2 blocks on the sidewalk to secure away from a thousand folks throwing rocks and batteries and ice nonetheless it became as soon as my automobile it wasn't a condo automobile it became as soon as essentially my automobile .

Nonetheless correct conventional days man and we run down to the tip and trip in and seize the yeah place the automobile within the elevator recently you said brush it became as soon as spurious folks smack you within the face disappear it leaving wasn't spurious good attempting to i keep in mind the first time .

Piper became as soon as over within the automobile with us and he didn't know oh my god i forgot about that i forgot about that yeah piper became as soon as within the help seat with us one time magnificent right here interview about piper he's coming up on a and he's quite obvious coming up forgot about this .

Nonetheless furthermore there's 500 folks around the nook i bought to uncover you a piper legend he first came in and he good flew in from oregon he wasn't essentially spot in there yet to secure the astronomical push he went out along with his along with his uh bagpipes and freddie blassie stuffed his pipes .

With bog paper so when he went available within the market so i'm love i'm standing next to the typical man vince no longer junior nonetheless then peeking out the nook watching i are attempting to understand him play his earn fights and he's hit me he's hitting him secure it and he threw him down he came help and when he had the match anyway we came help and blassie had stuffed .

Bathroom paper and all these gimmicks and all these little horns or pipes terrible terrible days piper quiet came help and he blew some pipes later the heart 80s after wrestlemania obtained i knew that uh it became as soon as good going to secure bigger and better and better and then we're flying .

In europe and we're flying whether the tower yeah and high guys you could well possibly possibly send to any territory or any country on this planet and in command that they will furthermore be a plan and you had all of these guys in a single field at one time no it became as soon as a enormous time you knew it became as soon as correct steamroll .

And every wrestlemania became as soon as bigger love we'd run to wrestlemania after chicago and that one wrestlemania three 100 000 folks there and that became as soon as love bam they broke uh the pope's narrative in there the catholic pope paul had a narrative in there and we broke that .

So what the hell and that's a field where they detroit lions performed it nonetheless they never saw yeah they never sold it out and so we broke that narrative and it says 96 000 folks coming to understand wrestling plus it became as soon as on .

Pay-per-count on going all over with a complete bunch of millions of folks so that's that's why that became as soon as the heyday the 80s became as soon as the heyday i don't know what they name it now that's when it broke thru broke thru all the issues lift out you keep in mind bob euchre that oh yeah .

Yeah he reinterviews he became as soon as hilarious my supreme memory of hammer is repeatedly that movie main league yeah due to charlie sheen the fellows oh he became as soon as nonetheless he became as soon as working around the dressing room and he became as soon as good love right here is the finest thing i will't imagine it this 300 and sixty five days .

Guys four 5 six yeah andre the massive seven foot four 680 pound man bobby hooker looks to be like love you keep in mind the interview he did with him yeah where andre grabbed him good he's love right here is the finest thing i've ever viewed in my life [ __ ] baseball that's what he saved announcing he .

Valid saved announcing all day [ __ ] baseball yeah right here is fun right here is sport he became as soon as hilarious he would he essentially lived up to my expectations and additional he he became as soon as good he became as soon as repeatedly my popular he became as soon as good a humorous he became as soon as a humorous man correct man and he became as soon as good he had he had so powerful fun .

That day he good he became as soon as leaping up and down the total day so i good i bought to meet bob euger sooner than that sooner than wrestlemania 3. uh bobby heanen and him had been correct chums so we went to a baseball game together and he introduced us up there and announces .

That uh greg valentine bobby you like got been with us too nonetheless we bought to head spot up within the booth with him what a enormous oh yeah what a enormous man he became as soon as and then later on he grew to alter into he became as soon as at wrestlemania three so that became as soon as fine what a humorous man just a few humorous man he's .

Hilarious hilarious i mean the front web voice of the tabloids became as soon as for mary tyler moore i want i could well had been in esteem with me i became as soon as sitting at ringside come all over the beefcake it became as soon as i want i could well like met leslie neal's bare gun man oh my god police squad and .

All that nonetheless i tousled i met oj right here is sooner than the assassinate thing nonetheless he he he worked out with us at gold's gymnasium likely shook his hand and all the issues and he became as soon as with that man that became as soon as within the whatever his title became as soon as his hang-around guard that became as soon as within the magnificent bronco that that's who became as soon as with him yeah .

Limited trick a little tidbit in there became as soon as this extra or much less the head for the dream team i mean right here is the tip too right here is the astronomical they didn't uncover us loads they didn't uncover us essentially they didn't uncover us the relaxation there you going love that and you neither one we they and in command that they're .

Breaking this up for they're no longer telling us why they uncover us what's happening what's going down they had been good taking half in it by ear he slash someone's hair adrian all sudden someone says hiya let's lift out a toss one thing on the wall what sticks oh .

Barber's caught on the wall that's having bruised the barbie nonetheless it worked out correct pat patterson's likely his he became as soon as a [ __ ] genius and god relaxation his soul too so him and vince became as soon as good continuously going backward and ahead and whoever all over else nonetheless it .

Labored out yeah that's k it became as soon as a rib on me yeah and it wasn't correct for the dream team you understand it sucked for greg for a little whereas he bought caught with i bought began no deliver and god rushed his soul he's one more man he bought assassinate in his possess dwelling and and uh .

And smartly lift out i didn't have to secure oh my god lift out you are trying to secure caught there he had a tainted temper and he became as soon as no longer he became as soon as no longer correct within the mark team with me i i he saved going one manner and i it became as soon as love crisscross and then i run and then every morning it beat on the steerage wheel due to you couldn't gain .

The airport and love oh my god i gotta secure away from this man so within the end i good bought on an airplane and flew dwelling i stop they handed me a a a white coat and a pair of scissors goes now you're the barber and i looked it within the face i don't know .

I prefer i had the represent i could well possibly command you the first represent the air snapped to me carrying that white coat and you could well possibly possibly have the selection to ought to you come all over into my face you essentially come all over at my eyes that's a correct thing you will likely be in a position to have the selection to uncover that i’m pissed off what though that's an iconic represent .

Pissed off and that became as soon as correct and i almost stop that day i i almost stop he grew to alter into one in all essentially the most up up to now little one players that's correct nonetheless it became as soon as supreme due to we we like a gathering of the minds and and issues where it bought worked out and in a technique i pulled a rabbit out of my .

Ass cuckoo with this barber due to no person's ever accomplished the relaxation love that within the wrestling industry there's so many someone place someone to sleep and slash each particular person you've closed that you struggle you place them to sleep and you carve their .

Hair and i'm talking about each person each person each person the fellows are the fellows pat patterson and i slash pat patterson's right here in montreal sold out my little one command place him to sleep and slash his hair mr t is a referee that's enormous sure cherished it yeah .

Nicely he he's the one who essentially created that oh he did he said i ought to be the barber i don't know i mediate it became as soon as a rip every football anxiety sleep whatever place a assume in front of their face i will come all over at all that nonetheless they they came up with the sight the classic thought of .

Making me the barber became as soon as up to me to pick out out easy techniques to protect out that to now change into that personality to creep in and and change into this and and i came up with a the astronomical shears thing nonetheless i came up with that and i wrapped the handles with some .

Hedge clippers and ran out to the ring with them and the field went bananas and that became as soon as they didn't seize you didn't wouldn't form a constructing to advise me to know that that i became as soon as on the magnificent observe and and it became as soon as good the extra the crazier the extra goofy and plain i bought out within the ring with the .

Barbershop the extra the folks cherished it no it became as soon as correct and right here’s a form of you inserting into it it became as soon as so correct i i became as soon as jealous nonetheless i became as soon as ecstatic for him nonetheless i became as soon as good it's i felt immoral for greg though we had this kind of enormous [ __ ] partnership he has a enormous .

Partnership that he bought that he bought they yanked us other than every diversified and then he bought he bought what [ __ ] he bought i stop and then they called me and called me and in command that they introduced me help and i bought to work in opposition to him and uh and then i stopped up doing the object with .

Ronnie garvin it's all worked out nonetheless all magnificent at the least i stick up for myself correct i i want me and dino would favor worked due to they had been going to give the belts to me and all nonetheless no person ever tells you i’d like place up with that if i'm gonna know i'm gonna secure the funds they had been gonna .

Procure the unique dream team in command that they had been gonna secure the belts that's what we had been called the unique dream team and uh nonetheless i didn't love it they main us to grasp the bulldog and then and then use this uh thing where we come available within the market's it's one in all the issues that looks love a canine automobile nonetheless there's no canine .

Nonetheless what that likely would favor bought a form of heat i became as soon as too i [ __ ] it up i could well like made it with deal nonetheless i [ __ ] it up it sounds love that became as soon as the perspective that they extra or much less gave uh the islanders haku and china went ahead and did they stole the bulldog as an various .

Yeah so that could well had been me and dinos and we likely would favor bought the belts so i [ __ ] it up whatever i stopped up coming help with ronnie garvin no yeah i became as soon as going to protect out one thing with dom morocco with the shin guard thing yeah i place astronomical saw billy graham and a .

Figure four and oakland up right here on television and i became as soon as taken off from morocco and then we went to uh we went to uh europe together and he freaked out and in command that they fired him and so i had nowhere to head i freaked out wasn't we've been over in europe for a whereas .

And within the end uh it began out that all of us each person they stopped at some pharmacy and in command that they bought they bought that liquid quantity or so i wasn't on that tour yeah and we had a two-decker bus and in command that they're drinking the liquid valium and we're traveling a long way and wide france yeah .

And and in command that they're up within the end and in command that they're peeing down the spiral staircase and there's females from canal on the bus and in command that they're watching the height and trickle down so we ended up going to sardinia and we're available within the market and slash blackwinkle told each person .

And he says morocco and this and that you guys are oh he's stews down yeah and and and so morocco came off and came up on the platform we had been down there having a gathering of mess corridor out within the heart of sardinia we good bought there and he rips his shirt off love hogan he .

Says [ __ ] you you pecker checker due to help within the day he would he would be an agent he needed to understand you pee out of your your gash for a drug take a look at magnificent so he grew to alter into the pecker checker arnold college and i i love it due to fellows had been .

Gimmick and utilizing visine bottles to provide protection to the pit protect neat piss and borrow from their lady friend in a technique they'd secure it and beat the take a look at nonetheless slash baca became as soon as a pecker checker he needed to come all over at your deal i gotta come all over the pee popping out of your weenie so he's a pecker checker .

And rocky gets up and rips his shirt off you [ __ ] pecker checker [ __ ] slash pacquiao so all the issues calmed down after that nonetheless then after we bought help to the U.S. of americaa. the bulldogs are fired and uh who else is fired i became as soon as the right man i .

Mild had a job they’d fired me i had no thought it makes sense though time-luminous i will't keep in mind how the bulldogs smartly one in all the bulldogs bought attacked by rujo sneak attack bought his teeth knocked out yeah we had been i became as soon as there so nonetheless you come all over what took field yeah .

I saw it afterwards and he spot him up i good left left the mess holder and so he finally ends up going to europe i didn't mediate they would find yourself going good lets him lift out that complete thing and not utilizing a front teeth and all the issues and he's depressing and wait in command that they secure help in fires and he fires .

Morocco so i became as soon as likely the right man that had a job accomplished oh my god there became as soon as some little one face that had a job loads a form of stuff in europe anyway that's where the veronica gargan thing came for me which introduced me help within the spotlight .

And i cherished it the british bulldogs he said they had been extra or much less inexperienced too and you guys began did you secure pleasure from the suits that you had you guys had cage suits you sold out all over i mean did you want working with little one boy and dynamite i cherished all of it i esteem it the predominant thing is .

Making a living regularly they would secure a little out of hand and and uh nonetheless you understand it all worked out i it potatoed me up and taken him help him too he they realized to respect him too they tried to gobble him up he wasn't going to face for it so it ended up coming together where we're .

K guys we are in a position to't essentially beat every diversified up we're both in regards to the same strength let's work it out and form some [ __ ] money yeah then i knew dynamite from 1980 in japan right here is we're he's someone 1985 1986. .

So i knew his style his wrestling style his wrestling style became as soon as eastern style wouldn't american style at all little one boy who's now extra or much less working british style which isn't essentially american style both and you bought these two who they're both younger and they're all jacked and stuff and .

I mean they would well mow you down ought to you allow them to nonetheless we weren't about to secure mowed down by any individual i don't know i don't care who it’s i don't care how astronomical they had been we had been good as ambitious as any individual within the freaking industry it didn't topic nonetheless .

That mutual respect took field that's what it methodology and and we we had collisions within the ring that could well possibly abolish folks the predominant thing about it the folks believed it they believed hiya these guys essentially abominate every diversified these guys are essentially going out yeah .

The issues within the rain it's good i portray it to a wrestling fan i run smartly uh love ought to you secure captivated going thru a movie so you're sitting magnificent up front you're watching this movie you neglect in regards to the total world going .

On at the help of you you good specialize in that and you and you understand it's i mean you mediate it's for right for a whereas magnificent it's the same manner with us you you will likely be in a position to have the selection to't secure away and spot the dream team and the bulldogs and you mediate it's for right and and i repeatedly deliver folks i uncover folks it became as soon as .

90 p.c right the ending would change around whatever promoter would mess with it nonetheless 90 of the [ __ ] match especially in opposition to those guys navy in opposition to teal and you good protect happening guys [ __ ] it became as soon as right i needed to form a come all over they would well work with diversified teams .

Don't secure me tainted nonetheless none of the suits none of the suits with diversified teams had been remotely as correct as the match as smartly no longer enormous she could well possibly vocal the the suits with diversified teams regularly had been so horribly immoral that they they had been .

Freaking out and then when they realized that being granted they’d to love the chemistry to work with them they would struggle in opposition to a coronary heart foundation we couldn't like as correct as suits due to those guys they're all related anyway nonetheless and the honor you understand it's all .

British right here each person said we had been blonde and shaded-headed the beefcake man and the hammer man so it worked showbiz little one you mentioned the islanders earlier what became as soon as your relationship with haku and and tama i i esteem both of these guys and .

One time what became as soon because it one time i'm attempting to slash haku right stressful due to that became as soon as my thing he chopped me so [ __ ] stressful i believed i had a coronary heart attack and i couldn't breathe i tagged out and i'll never .

Walk into a carve fest in opposition to him as soon as more he's the style of [ __ ] nonetheless we love both these guys we we bought a form of we needed to grasp just a few bumps and and in command that they hurt us a little bit nonetheless it became as soon as all correct i come all over the islanders love oh my god when i broke into the industry within the late 70s that .

Samoan the samoans had been the fellows that mentored me health that helped advantage came out and looked looked out looked out after me these guys when guys would talk could well possibly make essentially the most of me and [ __ ] love that they had been they stepped up i said no no no no did they advise you to .

Drop tool holes you could well possibly possibly seize them down and in command that they helped you and in command that they due to it became as soon because it became as soon as as i i spent likely at the least seven years bouncing from every territory within the country .

there became as soon as within the early years secure my ass pounded by folks and and be supreme due to i didn't know any higher and as soon as some correct chums took took me apart and started to give me a little directions on easy techniques to grasp care of myself then all that stopped and then .

It became as soon as a complete diversified generation is for me due to i mean these folks i believed oh you gotta while you while you're a younger man coming up you gotta lift out whatever they uncover you you gotta you understand it's a haze a hazing almost regularly deliver jesus hates you and stuff and for regularly .

For loads of years in prefer to an oscar he is conscious of i wrestled in opposition to whereas he went down right here a bunch of instances nonetheless he'd find yourself getting all [ __ ] up time or two within the ring and he wouldn't are attempting to promote me and and he hurt me and chopped me within the face and [ __ ] so we're out of doorways .

One time wrestling are combating in norfolk i ought to deliver combating avenue hampton roads one in all these areas we're essentially combating hitting every diversified and so i good hauled up and it good came abruptly i don't mediate i'm a stressful man i'm no longer i'm no longer love that .

[ __ ] fool a burn gun i good are attempting to furthermore form money so i good hauled off and hit wahoo as stressful as i could well possibly nonetheless it good came from nowhere i didn't belief it and i knocked him down on one knee and i run [ __ ] i could well possibly [ __ ] hit and i didn't even know i could well possibly hear it and then later on that evening .

He saved he comes up to julie my wife he says you bought one hell of a man and he saved on going so he cherished the reality that i caught up for myself that's what it takes he caught up for himself smartly wahoo and i felt the same thing i i've wrestled wahoo too .

And then due to my relationship with greg and and the total thing i already had a extra or much less almost love a constructed-in thing wahoo love he he became as soon as with me he became as soon as [ __ ] love a evening off yeah he became as soon because it became as soon as very good due to he greg and i had a relationship and i .

Knew that him and greg had some battles and i mean fights nonetheless i mediate i mediate it's due to you used to struggle my dad loads john johnson yeah so he's he's taking half in frail nfl he became as soon as almost the same became as soon as johnny valentine so he's beating me up .

And within the end i nailed him oh nonetheless that's and that's what he he understood that brother that that's that's what he said so he repeatedly he would seek information from folks folks to seek information from him the comedian conservations uh and i i he would deliver that .

I i’d uncover each person that wahoo said that and i’d deliver this i mediate i'm getting grew to alter into around magnificent right here i’d deliver that he made me stressful due to he beat me and made me stressful he beat me so powerful i within the end grew to alter into stressful hit me all over the fence good [ __ ] this .

Damn it oh yeah and then then i if truth be told bought respect and from it from then on if the man became as soon as giving me an argument within the ring i knew i had that punch it could well well work you understand it worked and the observe gets around love oh that's magnificent whereas we're accomplished you higher watch out i .

Even like folks scared to struggle me little conventional me you understand it's good one which became as soon as extra or much less moving nonetheless you had a sequence with the cam and connection rick martel and tom zanck and then the following evening oh yeah forgot about these guys they had been a enormous team .

Yeah you wrestled them and then and then they grew to alter into strike force actually the diversified evening cherished it the relaxation tito became as soon as in and the diversified man uh enormous performer i will't imagine he handed away i [ __ ] this man became as soon as astronomical within the ring .

And the diversified man sooner than he uh sooner than he grew to alter into the model rick rick my fellow he became as soon as enormous to struggle in opposition to so you understand it became as soon as all correct i mediate that became as soon as they had been all as soon as can m connection wasn't it wasn't it rick martel first and and and uh and tito and then .

Martell grew to alter into to be the model and then tom zinc moved in it could well had been no i mediate i mediate he's magnificent about that and then zeke moved in with tito for the can-am connection thing thing yeah and then rick martial within the end bought angry and stop thru his what a dumbass the kid he .

Had a correct come all over they would favor gave him the relaxation he freaked out with him he couldn't seize it yeah he and he stop all he needed to protect out became as soon as good protect his head about him for [ __ ] 5 minutes a form of folks don't know easy techniques to tackle success .

And they good don't know easy techniques to tackle it yeah there's extra extra extra guys like fallen no longer in failure nonetheless in success due to when they bought a success they didn't what to protect out themselves and if they tumble below uh folks's uh below immoral .

Cases folks deliver oh hiya lift out this next thing they're playing or they're next thing they're doing medication or the relaxation they're doing alcohol they're doing they're doing due to they’ve efficiently bought money they can lift out all furthermore you will likely be in a position to have the selection to continually gain a .

Pal that'll seize you to head like a drink or seize you to casino to gamble or seize you down to the local field and secure some dope and and secure excessive these chums are plenty while you bought money nonetheless while you don't like money you don't gain there's no person no person hanging around to grasp you anyplace .

And then that's that's that's the largest deliver with success tumble from grace is you will likely be in a position to have the selection to't tumble for your self you could well possibly possibly can't retain that's where you bought to connect money and uh count your don't count your chickens materials nonetheless you you bought to retain .

That and protect a financial savings memoir that's the right thing that keeps you going due to you're repeatedly gonna this the industry at the least with brutus and myself we've repeatedly we've had low ties and then we bounced magnificent help and him good going within the corridor of fame and it's helped me too .

Him going within the corridor of issues helped me i went in 10 years within the past so it's 15 years within the past oh k yeah 2004 so so it's uh he ought to had been in an extended sooner than possibly i went in too soon i don't know nonetheless it became as soon because it's all that you may want to be in there .

Yeah nonetheless now k snappy oh yeah i'm gonna give a creep right here i know where you're going k dream team for a corridor of fame k you bought kid rock you bought some right clouds in there nonetheless let's discuss inserting the head quality mark team one in all the right .

Ever ever within the industry within the history of that and we're no longer blowing our possess horns or we're i stammer it's good it's good a rapidly it's correct it's a reality jack it's a project it wants to be that corridor of fame both next 300 and sixty five days or the 300 and sixty five days after that or at any time when nonetheless soon .

And and in command that they ought to place the bulldogs in too though both of them the object is no person realizes they don't like a clue the extra or much less money that became as soon as coming in within the within the years within the 80s in these mid to late 80s years when greg and i are both rock .

Me and lee there became as soon as some every command they weren’t no longer selling out one command nonetheless selling out two or three two or three each day we had a a team a b team in a metropolis we'd run to toronto and run to ottawa that evening and promote both of them now yeah the 40 40 000 venues .

40 000 folks between the two forty fifty thousand sky dome issues and and the merchandise and the money that they had been clearing became as soon as this became as soon as insane you're making so powerful money that's the heyday i don't care about at the moment time the heyday became as soon as 80s and each person will .

Truly uncover you that and and we're lucky passable to be right here to be in contact about it due to 80s would develop almost no person's left infants is hard come all over at our album quilt greg pulled out the wrestling alpha quilt the diversified day and i began taking a come all over at when i oh my god .

Yeah half of the man no longer better than half of the fellows on the album are all gone god bless them there's supreme just a few of us even left which could well possibly possibly be on there yeah so nonetheless we're getting we're gonna dream team's gonna be on television coming up uh and then magnificent after that likely sooner than that the diversified a e thing .

Modified into called hidden treasures and we're going around they filmed him at boston and me and him tampa me and unique orleans unique orleans baton rouge i mean we've bought baton rouge nonetheless lockport and then we did this thing out right here we good accomplished a astronomical thing .

Right here in las vegas where uh we had a double bridal ceremony we moved our valves up tampa with a british bulldogs uh son harry smith sure yeah and david boy's wife diana and his daughter uh georgia yeah who i know since you had been infants i know these kids since they had been .

Infants in recently i used to protect with davey boy's family in calgary despite the incontrovertible reality that all every time i became as soon as there and uh in greg too we would deliver with hearts that piece of the coronary heart the total thing that's the right thing you .

Know we we had been love piece of their family we we stayed with with at brett's home brett's home or david bush south or at stu's home we had been there for dinners and stuff love that it's love yeah i broke into the corporations .

With stuart in calgary so i knew brett when he became as soon as 16 years conventional and i knew i knew diane became as soon as sitting at ringside i bought my likelihood to secure i broke into the industry in 1970 and then after that it became as soon as i became as soon as lucky on the style down went to detroit and .

Curved up with aptitude within the mid-atlantic the remaining is history nonetheless i bought to commence at the coronary heart dungeon in family dungeon the dungeon he had 12 kids and 13 cats or became as soon because it the diversified manner around now it became as soon as 12 kids 12 kids and 13 cats and these areas looked love herman .

Monsters up on the hill by itself relate to god he looked love herman monster when he became as soon as strolling around he picked me up the airport and i never met him sooner than and he's going he bought astronomical fingers and he became as soon as barefoot and he became as soon as love it became as soon as snowing out of doorways .

Yeah no he hit me up there on the uh out of doorways there oh my god he had a astronomical fleetwood and he picked me up and it's good me and him and the fleetwood and he backed up to safeway retailer or one thing they unloaded a bunch of rotten vegetables .

The help of his cleaver and then we went to his home and he dumped them within the magnificent by the dungeon where we had been being him wrestled barefoot and the total kids came down and in command that they had been eating uh rotten fruit i became as soon as all magnificent there became as soon as this right here is known due to .

I made it legendary nonetheless uh every time help within the day stu would be on the cell phone stu hart he became as soon as a promoter he'd be on the cell phone for a truly long time and the cat would be roaming around he had he had 13 nonetheless he had this one cat that .

Could possibly possibly be going around and he'd pat him and all the issues love that he had a pencil and then finally he would favor the pencil he'd play with the cat's balls and then he'd find yourself taking half in along with his ass with the eraser piece of the pencil and then and then within the end he'd hang up the cell phone .

And he'd run away and you understand it did whatever and rapid the cell phone would ring as soon as more and the cat would beat him to the cell phone due to he main some extra of that correct success with it the eraser repeatedly balls in his ass hiya i'll good disappear it there i became as soon as gonna uncover one more legend nonetheless that's .

Silly i don't know if it's correct or no longer love uh he he would uh traipse eggs and he'd picked the cat [ __ ] up with the spatula throw it off to the side and run secure the eggs with the egg i good heard i don't mediate that essentially took field .

Nonetheless the object in regards to the cat became as soon as for right he cherished i said why is the cat sitting on the cell phone now he's trying ahead to the ring we bought along enormous nonetheless we didn't essentially like any suits with the harford nation did we what i mediate it became as soon as being .

Honky that dude yeah me and him didn't like that i esteem the wrestlemanias me and honky i tousled in opposition to the coronary heart foundation yeah i mediate a couple instances in in just a few smaller towns and stuff so it became as soon as monkey bought me i didn't .

So i never essentially i never bought to struggle brad i'm sorry it became as soon as me and it became as soon as rhythm and blues that's magnificent yeah yeah yeah they're very impressive yeah i good we never worked with them them too nonetheless we did struggle uh a form of them i good bought perplexed uh so it became as soon as me and .

Honky that wrestled in at wrestlemania wrestlemania 5 yeah yeah that's magnificent yeah did you guys secure that we did four and 5 at trump final evening smartly i don't mediate we had been called rhythm of blues yet nonetheless we had been gone honky and four and dibiase in 5 did you ever mediate he'd be wrestling in front of .

A future president at ringside twice in his possess venue oh i bought the photos yeah i bought i'm the right wrestler i want ever yeah and if i want wwe in two years that he had the wrestlemania at the trump plaza that he sat at ringside .

At some stage in my match and became as soon as photographed no diversified suits no no person else i saw that supreme me i bought to meet him backstage nonetheless he called me over and he stayed away from him due to when a man treats you with respect obvious yeah you understand it reveals reveals you respect .

you guys you fancy that and that's one thing you don't neglect about hiya shane vince's yeah he did a form of correct issues magnificent he clothesline supreme too i mediate it wasn't someone yeah so he's gonna seize your glasses off we're taking the glasses off .

The final two seconds right here we lift out like eyeballs yeah yeah nonetheless i love to love that roy orbison elvis presley smartly i couldn't enable you to grasp the total thunder i needed to place on my glasses too oh you you come all over correct that beep cake thing your normal gimmick you wore the glasses .

Repeatedly yeah yeah and then when i became as soon as in rhythm and blues i had the glasses can't rustle them out of it thank you so powerful for being with us right here on title match network and we essentially protect up for uh doing one thing with you guys as soon as more soon dream team corridor of fame dream team .

Hall of fame sure irregular team corridor of fame dream trade or good want your to remind these guys emails messages cell phone calls letters dirty undies we had been in two wrestlemanias k so that deserves a name magnificent there they had been in two .

Wrestlemanias number two and number three they prefer to be within the corridor of fame right here is my my office right here in las vegas bought some stuff hung up sketch of greg the hammer valentine i don't know nonetheless it's come off some video game .

Me and jimmy hart and right here's my legit wrestling corridor of fame stuff legit wrestling illustrated california alley membership out right here corridor of fame of the U.S. of americaa. right here is where i went to uh afghanistan and jimmy hart i became as soon as with jimmy harvey over for 3 weeks i became as soon as scared to loss of life the combating became as soon as quiet happening .

So they gave me the red coronary heart so yeah i figured my corridor of fame plaque right here's my unique pick magnificent right here this good came out it's fine uh right here is new huh yeah that they've supreme been out that due to of quilt they .

Had been they had been going to come help out final 300 and sixty five days nonetheless now they're good popping out nonetheless they're quiet stressful to gain right here is big right here is your conventional hasbro pick yeah yeah and over right here .

A couple hasbro's right here is the very first my very first one the ljn lgm and right here is uh what's it called um they're out they're out right here in california uh jack jack pacific this one this became as soon as a enormous grey one one in all my favorites and then for sure the hasbro this one .

With the object it goes love possibly used to it didn't lift out it anymore this man wants to advise his face love i used to protect out all day and right here's a smaller version um just a few of my journal covers johnny valentine my dad there's a mid-atlantic heavyweight belt up there that's the normal .

Uh this right here is one in all my popular uh covers due to i it says greg valentin is the magnificent wwf champion due to he held the buildup and me and tito being wrecked the valentine's ground awards boys me out right here in vegas there's the intercontinental heavyweight .

Metropolis that's a replica nonetheless it's a correct correct form and dear replica and uh my wife said that to me i esteem you valentine one more one in all my quilt images i had a form of quilt images the pc pc took correct care of me i esteem this office help right here i didn't .

Even are attempting to protect out this my wife she main me to love a nice office and it's it's getting nicer and uh i'm i'm soon i'm gonna be doing a podcast out right here so right here is all nice spot up for that and i've bought to i lift out a form of zoom calls i did a form of uh uh cameos and .

I’m in a position to't wait to are attempting are attempting i bought a form of conventional tales i haven't wrote written a book yet i bought it all ready to head nonetheless i'm thinking i'll lift out the podcast first or even concurrently and place the book out due to i bought a form of correct tales a form of humorous stuff i'm a comedian too so .

Me and hockey me and honky did some comedy reveals about three of them and finally i are attempting to protect out some extra both by myself or with brutus um i mediate brutus is a hell of a humorous man so jacob snake's accomplished a form of that stuff right here's my sunbed folks deliver that i .

Spray my tan on nope i good laying right here it's an very good my wife made our seaside room we lived forever in florida so we sold a little little bit of florida with us come over right here and secure right here is uh our bridal ceremony 25 years within the past and uh and there's julie's father and .

Bruce wife and there's myself and there's bruce beepkeek he became as soon as my supreme man johnny inexperienced one in all the local chums and my wife astronomical time jet skier a enormous shot yeah thank you i are attempting to command you one thing extra i don't know ought to you bought it .

This thing magnificent right here right here is an conventional houston due to you've been from houston sure sure right here is uh sam musa coliseum johnny valentine in opposition to uh austin uh uconn eric what let me come all over you come right here i will't deliver her buddy austin k whatever they had been .

In the predominant occasion valentine from sam houston coliseum 19 they're on 67. paul bosch became as soon as the promoter the legendary houston promoter yeah channel 11 he became as soon as on so yeah positively enormous god caller he would essentially pay you what you're value he'll come up with a correct payday .

And my dad johnny valentine made a form of money and he returned
I be angry for legit wrestling grappler, due to they are the incredible!!

The Dream Team: Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake – Stout Shoot Interview

The Dream Team: Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake - Full Shoot Interview