The Dream Is Over: Does Brock Lesnar’s Return Guarantee The End Of Kofi Kingston’s Reign As WWE Champion?

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The Dream Is Over: Does Brock Lesnar’s Return Guarantee The End Of Kofi Kingston’s Reign As WWE Champion?Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston has had the biggest dream run of his career in 2019. From not even being close to World title contention, an untimely injury would change things for The New Day member drastically, sending him on an unexpected journey culminating with a World Championship win at WrestleMania 35.

Many expected that the reign would be a short one—simply a token run to reward fans who had been behind him for so long. However, to many people’s surprise, Kingston has been constantly presented as a strong, fighting champion and hasn’t been pinned or submitted in a singles match since then and his WWE title reign is also more than Batista and Roman Reigns‘ tenures put together.

It has been quite a rewarding run for Kofi Kingston, who also got to close off his long-standing rivalry with Randy Orton. However, his next challenger proves to be the toughest one yet – Brock Lesnar.

For the first time in more than 15 years, ‘The Beast Incarnate’ will be wrestling on free television. He’ll be competing for the WWE title on SmackDown’s FOX premiere and here is why he will most likely be the man to end the dream reign of ‘The Dreadlock Dynamo’ Kofi Kingston.

#5.) Kofi Kingston’s run has been longer than expected

As mentioned, Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship reign has lasted a lot longer than what everybody anticipated. A half-year run as World Champion in his very first title reign is not bad by any stretch of imagination and fans don’t really have much to complain about if or when he does drop the title to Brock Lesnar.

Now that WWE has given the fans what they wanted, they will see no reason to have him beat Lesnar when it’s a big moment.

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