The Curious Case of Terry Taylor’s Lack of Success, According to Ted DiBiase Sr.

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WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. can’t understand why Terry Taylor never got a major push in a promotion despite his talent in the ring.

During a recent edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” podcast, the Million Dollar Man spoke highly of Taylor, who now works as a trainer for WWE. He said,


“Terry Taylor is a great guy. Even now, he’s one of the guys, one of the trainers down at [the WWE Performance Center]…because he knows the wrestling business. But he’s one guy that had a lot of talent that never got a push. I don’t understand that.

“He could’ve been a great babyface. I don’t know.”

This isn’t the first time DiBiase Sr. has praised Taylor’s work. In September of this year, the Hall of Famer shared his view that Taylor should have gone further in wrestling.

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WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. recently expressed his confusion over why Terry Taylor, a talented wrestler, never received a major push in the wrestling industry. DiBiase, known as the Million Dollar Man, spoke highly of Taylor on his podcast, “Everybody’s Got A Pod,” where he discussed Taylor’s current role as a trainer for WWE.

DiBiase praised Taylor’s knowledge of the wrestling business and described him as a great guy. However, he expressed his disappointment that Taylor never received the recognition he deserved during his wrestling career. DiBiase mentioned that Taylor had a lot of talent and could have been a great babyface (a heroic character), but for some reason, he never received the push he deserved.

This is not the first time DiBiase has spoken highly of Taylor. In September of this year, he shared his belief that Taylor should have had a more successful career in wrestling. It seems that DiBiase holds Taylor in high regard and believes that his talent should have been acknowledged and utilized more effectively.

Terry Taylor currently works as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center, where he imparts his knowledge and experience to aspiring wrestlers. Despite not achieving the level of success that DiBiase believes he deserved as an in-ring performer, Taylor continues to contribute to the wrestling industry by training the next generation of superstars.

It is not uncommon for talented wrestlers to go unnoticed or underutilized in the wrestling business. Many factors can contribute to this, including backstage politics, creative decisions, and timing. While it may be disappointing for fans and fellow wrestlers like DiBiase to see someone with immense talent not receive the recognition they deserve, it is important to remember that success in wrestling is not solely determined by in-ring ability.

In conclusion, Ted DiBiase Sr. expressed his confusion and disappointment over Terry Taylor’s lack of a major push in the wrestling industry despite his talent. DiBiase believes that Taylor could have been a great babyface and deserved more recognition during his career. However, Taylor has found a new role as a trainer for WWE, where he continues to contribute to the wrestling industry by sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring wrestlers.