The Crucial Role of Vic Joseph in Booker T’s Success as an NXT Commentator

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Booker T wouldn’t have gone far as an NXT commentator if not for the efforts of Vic Joseph, according to the two-time WWE Hall of Famer himself.

On a recent edition of “The Kurt Angle Show” podcast, Booker T spoke about his role with the gold brand and how Joseph has helped him at the commentary table. He said,


“When you do it for two hours straight or three hours straight, it can get pretty serious, because you can’t stop on yourself, you’ve got to have everything in order. For me, it’s been a process. I’m finally really beginning to be comfortable now in NXT but I got Vic Joseph who I’m working with and he’s a huge help, man. I really think I wouldn’t be as far as I am without Vic Joseph being that quarterback out there. He’s setting me up perfectly.

“I do a lot of studying now. I write more than I have ever written in my life. I’ve got this thing called a ‘reMarkable’, it’s a little tablet, and all I’m doing is writing. I’ll write, for instance, whatever I want to say just to make sure I presented properly when I say it, make sure I accent everything i’m talking about, the exclaimation points end everything what I’m doing this, because even when you’re doing commentary, it’s a show. I like making people laugh. I might throw a ‘Shucky Ducky quack quack’ in there just to get people going, but for me, it’s been a process, but I love it. I love right now. Seriously, I really love where I’m at.”

Booker joined WWE NXT as a commentator in October 2022. He has previously commentated for both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown.

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Booker T Credits Vic Joseph for His Success as an NXT Commentator

Since joining WWE NXT as a commentator in October 2022, Booker T has been making waves with his insightful and entertaining commentary. However, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer recently revealed that he owes much of his success in this role to his colleague, Vic Joseph.

During an episode of “The Kurt Angle Show” podcast, Booker T expressed his gratitude towards Joseph for helping him excel at the commentary table. He acknowledged the challenges of commentating for hours on end and emphasized the importance of having everything in order. According to Booker T, Vic Joseph has played a crucial role in setting him up perfectly and making him feel comfortable in his new role.

Booker T also shared that he has been putting in a lot of effort to improve his commentary skills. He has been studying extensively and writing more than ever before. To ensure that he presents himself properly, Booker T uses a tablet called “reMarkable” to write down his thoughts and ideas. He pays attention to accentuating his words and adding exclamation points when necessary. Even though commentary is a serious job, Booker T enjoys injecting humor into his commentary to entertain the audience. He mentioned that he might throw in his famous catchphrase, “Shucky Ducky quack quack,” to get people excited.

Booker T’s journey as an NXT commentator has been a process, but he genuinely loves where he is right now. His passion for the job shines through, and he appreciates the support and guidance provided by Vic Joseph.

Before joining NXT, Booker T had experience commentating for both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown. His addition to the NXT commentary team has brought a fresh perspective and added excitement to the broadcasts.

As fans, we can look forward to more entertaining and insightful commentary from Booker T alongside Vic Joseph. Their chemistry and collaboration have proven to be a winning combination, enhancing the overall viewing experience for WWE NXT fans.

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