The Collective Issues Statement After Multiple Positive COVID-19 Tests

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The Collective Issues Statement After Multiple Positive COVID-19 Tests

GCW The Collective

The Collective issued the following statement following a number of positive COVID-19 tests after their weekend slate of events in Indiana.

Thank you to all the fans that attended #TheCollective in Indianapolis! On behalf of the 8 participating promotions, we thank you for your energy and enthusiasm at a time when we all needed this feeling of normalcy.

Not only did you attend but you followed guidelines and were respectful and mindful of the safety of not just yourselves, but also of those around you and for that we are grateful.

With that being said, over the last 24+ hours, we have learned of a handful of positive COVID tests from those who attended The Collective. We have been in contact with some of them and will continue to be and offer our support as they navigate through the coming days and weeks.

We encourage everyone who attended the events in any capacity to get a test as soon as possible and notify those they may have interacted with of their situation.

GCW hosted the three-day wrestling event The Collective at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. News of the potential effect of the coronavirus first broke after St. Louis Anarchy canceled their October 16 event after they learned a performer that was at The Collective had tested positive. Since then, at least three known participants (Dan The Dad, AC Mack, Cabana Man Dan) have confirmed publicly that they tested positive for COVID-19. Since then, Ring Of Honor also pulled talent who were at The Collective from its current set of television tapings.

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Thank You to everyone that attended #TheCollective!

Please read the important notes below!


— TheCollective2020 (@collective2020) October 15, 2020