The BIG MYTH about AEW being the Dwelling of Real Wrestling

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The BIG MYTH about AEW being the Dwelling of Real Wrestling
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0: 00 Jake Hager’s Purple Hat and AEW Sports activities Entertainment
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2: 24 AEW Top Stars The Acclaimed, Jade Cargill and MJF are Sports activities Entertainers
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AEW: The Dwelling of Real Wrestling. N—a, Bulls—t.

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AEW would similar to you to maintain that it be all about effective wrestling, and that the promotion is anti-leisure. However the soiled truth is AEW is intensely intelligent. Ironically sufficient, all colossal pro wrestling, it its most attention-grabbing form, can’t exist with out some stage of leisure, whether or no longer or no longer it be a storyline, a gimmick or this hat that Jake Hager has gotten over esteem gangbusters.

By Jake Hager’s hat, AEW has inadvertently proved the cost of sports activities leisure to any wrestling promotion, no matter how a lot they cuck for the male-dominated hardcore followers that takes themselves too seriously. Peek at this one, he is genuinely having dinner with his wife and not utilizing a shirt and a crimson hat in these streets. What popped you additional, that image or a smartly-completed hammerlock?

AEW gifts the Jericho Appreciation Society as heels, thanks to how a lot they fancy sports activities leisure. Meanwhile, the Blackpool Combat Membership are provided as babyfaces, due to they exemplify effective wrestling in its most severe, joyless form. If the JAS is set relaxing catchphrases and crowd-handsome gimmicks that bag over, the BCC is set overly severe technical effective wrestling covered in blood, due to that is the vogue you are going to grow your girl viewers. Put out of your mind ladies and casuals, the chief of the BCC William Regal left all of the promotion no longer to mention BCC.

However despite AEW’s simplest efforts to level to a legend of Pro Wrestling Correct, Sports activities Entertainment inappropriate, its have fanbase sided with Sports activities Entertainment by intention of Jericho Appreciation Society. Followers proceed to sigh Chris Jericho’s theme tune during his entrance. That is never any longer pro wrestling, that’s sports activities leisure. Chris Jericho has gotten another catchphrase over by calling his contemporary ROH World Title bustle “The Ocho.” That is never any longer pro wrestling, that’s sports activities leisure. Hell, Claudio Castagnoli regained the ROH Championship with one in every of the most Sports activities Exciting moves of the up-to-the-minute skills, the Cesaro Swing. While counting alongside, even the hardcore ROH fanbase chanted “Ocho” when it got to the eight revolution. Does that sound esteem effective wrestling, or sports activities leisure? One in all AEW’s prime draws on television is Jade Cargill, who’s de facto the Dusky lovechild of Goldberg and Chyna, two of the top possible sports activities entertainers who ever lived.

AEW’s most over act is The Acclaimed. The Acclaimed is the furthest thing from pure effective wrestling. It incorporates 1998 D-Expertise X, + 2005 John Cena, throw in a little scissoring and a superstar is born. Hell AEW’s have world champion is MJF. His entire gimmick is being a sports activities entertainer in AEW who needs to transfer to WWE and barely wrestles. That is literally his persona. On practical, MJF wrestles once month-to-month. In 2022, MJF wrestled 7 fits all year. That is lower than Jericho’s world title reigns, and MJF their world champion! Gather it the vogue you’d even be living, King, but fabricate no longer dispute me s—t about AEW’s fancy of effective wrestling.

Jake Hager’s crimson hat is purported to be an emblem of the cheesy WWE sports activities leisure that appeals to families, and ladies and teens, Yuck! WWE made billions of bucks by constructing this stamp, due to that company is plump of a bunch of mainstream company sellouts who fabricate no longer cherish the handsome artwork of pure effective wrestling.

However even in AEW, a safespace for subredditors, Jake Hager’s hat has gotten over. An apt AEW Twitter fable tweeted that the hat used to be All Elite, and it got over 7,000 likes. That is greater than double the amount of likes for this post about pure wrestler Wheeler Yuta becoming the ROH Pure Champion. You realize what I’d esteem factual about now? I’d esteem so that you just can bag tested. For anything else. This day’s sponsor has tests for every little thing so LetsGetChecked.

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The BIG MYTH about AEW being the Dwelling of Real Wrestling

The BIG MYTH about AEW being the Home of Professional Wrestling
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