The Bella Twins Both Pregnant, Due Dates Only A Week And A Half Apart

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The Bella Twins Both Pregnant, Due Dates Only A Week And A Half Apart

The Bella Twins

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

People Magazine revealed this morning that both Bella Twins are pregnant, and they’re only two weeks a part.

Brie shared in how her and Daniel Bryan weren’t planning to have another baby after their two-year old daughter Birdie, but that soon changed:

“My husband and I were trying for seven or eight months, but then I felt in my heart it was a sign from God, like, ‘You guys are good with one,’ so we stopped trying,” says Brie. “When we were in France meeting Artem’s family, I felt a little off. I was irritated and uncomfortable in my body. When we got home, I took a test two days before Thanksgiving, and when I saw the positive sign, I was like, ‘Oh, s—!’ “

Nikki might have to chalk up the discovery of her pregnancy due to some twin magic:

“I was in yoga, and I kept getting this feeling that you need to take a pregnancy test, but I wasn’t even late yet,” says Nikki, who got engaged during a romantic trip to France in November. “And so I’m like, ‘Why do I keep having this feeling? Am I getting twin vibes from her? Because she just told me she’s pregnant?’ “

Nikki Bella is engaged to former Dancing With The Stars coach Artem Chigvintsev and despite getting the z’twin vibes” didn’t tell him the news until she got confirmation.

In the piece Nikki also comments how she was concerned of never having a child after her separation with John Cena:

“So when I thought it was going to be taken, for me, it was really difficult. I was just like, gosh, I can’t imagine life without being a mom and experiencing the miracle of life and raising a child. I’m just so family-oriented that I couldn’t imagine not having that family life.”

We at WrestleZone would like to extend our congratulations to both Bellas and their families on the exciting news!

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