Tetsuya Naito Addresses Kenta’s Attack, Losing His Moment, LIJ’s Future

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Tetsuya Naito Addresses Kenta’s Attack, Losing His Moment, LIJ’s Future

Tetsuya Naito

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

New Japan Pro-Wrestling superstar Tetsuya Naito recently sat down with the company to discuss a handful of topics, including the attack from Kenta, losing his moment, and LIJ’s future.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On Kenta’s attack:

You have to give him credit for turning the focus to himself. I said this at the press conference, but as a wrestler, I have to respect what he was able to do, completely wrecking the ending to that weekend. Look, there were probably a ton of guys in the back who were cursing me out behind my back after I won. Plenty of people who would want to do what KENTA did, but he was the one that ran out and did it. Esepcially after he lost the NEVER Championship, just jumping me like that took a lot of balls.

On losing his moment:

For me, as a wrestler, I can just say ‘ah, OK, I’ll get my moment next year instead’. But to the fans in that building that night, they might not know if they can come next year. I’ve spoken before about the importance of now, of showing who I am right at this moment. To the fans who understand that, what KENTA did was [unforgivable]. n wrestling it’s all or nothing. Indifference is the worst reaction that can be; he might have been booed by over 30,000 people, but KENTA made that happen. He did get those fans in chorus, against him.

On LIJ’s future:

Me and Hiromu are lighting the fire. That’s what we have going on here. In 2020, already, I’ve won double gold in the main event of the Tokyo Dome, and Hiromu’s come back, won the belt, beaten Liger, and has all the charisma in the world. That gets you thinking about what might happen within LIJ as the year goes on.

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