Tessa Blanchard Reportedly Had Consistent Attitude Problems In WOW

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Tessa Blanchard Reportedly Had Consistent Attitude Problems In WOW

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The controversy surrounding Tessa Blanchard does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon as there is more information out regarding some of her history thanks to Fightful.

Latest reports on Tessa indicate that she had consistent attitude issues during the first two seasons of WOW Women of Wrestling. Numerous people within WOW that wished to remain anonymous stated that Blanchard was argumentative and regularly would talk down to people in the company. One on occasion, she made one of the trainer’s begin to cry in front of everyone else by telling the trainer she did not belong there.

One of the roster members who wanted to remain anonymous said that David McClane asked people to not discuss the topic. Blanchard reportedly had a verbal confrontation with a ‘top WOW name’ in front of other superstars which resulted in numerous weeks of escalated tension.

Blanchard continued to gain influence in the company and required certain things to be approved by her. When she became the head trainer in season 2, she was even more strict about decisions. It is also reported that multiple members of the roster who are longtime members of the promotion think that they lost their pushes once Blanchard showed up and instituted changes.

It was also noted that ever since Blanchard joined IMPACT, she changed her ways for the better and most of her attitude issues disappeared. Blanchard is still under scrutiny for reportedly using a racial slur in Japan back in 2017.

Tessa Blanchard has not commented on the allegations yet regarding her attitude issues in WOW despite Fightful reaching out to her. What do you think of the latest allegations made against Tessa? Let us know in the comments below.

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— Fightful Wrestling (@FightfulWrestle) January 19, 2020

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