Tessa Blanchard Claims She’s Grown As A Person

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Tessa Blanchard spoke in an interview with McGuire on Wrestling (via Wrestling Inc about how she’s changed as a person from her past behavior 

In the past, Blanchard has been accused of bullying and racial slur. She also ended her tenure in Impact Wrestling and WOW on bad terms. 


She said: “It’s a constant process, right? I’m not who I was a year ago, ten years ago, it’s a constant process, but we have to be aware of it or else we get caught up in the business and the comments and all that B.S.,” Blanchard said. “We’re in this constant phase of growth. I’m proud of myself, I’m proud of a lot of my friends. I’m glad for where I am, I’m glad to be on this tour and to just have fun in wrestling again because fun has been sucked out of so much of it, at least in my opinion.“

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